Serene and Wild

‘Hold me and never let go.’

The arms around me clenched tighter as I heard a deep breath from her, inspiring me to do the same, taking in the subtle floral scent from her neck. The days we spent in the dark, intentionally out of contact due to our dependent nature, had now translate into the most heartfelt hug ever, almost never wanting to let go.

‘I missed you.’

‘Same here.’

Our eyes interlocked on each others’ souls as we admired what we had missed. The dreamy black eyes, brownish hair, freckles around her neck, were all so mesmerising. Did she see something similar in me too? Her hands went over mine on her waist and pushed them under her shirt, extremely soft in accordance to the slight translucency. I was made sure to feel her waist, then her ribs leading up to the breasts that were held in the unpadded bra.

‘Touch them too. They missed you more.’

I easily prodded under them and went over the cold nipples, standing erect in my palms that were kneading so thoroughly. Every shift in her feet, every twitch in her muscles, I could sense them all taking control.

We moved to the sofa behind where we were caressing, sitting down first before she climbed over my lap. Our lips neared so slowly in contrast to my eagerness to feel them again, taking my breaths away when she finally touched mine.

‘Keep playing with them.’

Right, I should move along to her nipples now. They were so sensitive to the pinches I was doing to them, rolling them playfully around till she was heaving hot air in my face.

‘Gosh.. ‘

I heard that. And it meant something more than just ‘awesome’. I raised her shirt over her chest, along with that pink bra to suckle on them, licking them so sensually around to get her higher. When her fingers dug into my hair, I knew she wanted more. The whole boob play didn’t last long after she stood up over my legs, stripping her shorts for me. As expected the perfectly shaved pussy went over my mouth and received her treat of tongue action, frantically flicking and slurping all that wetness of her up.

The way she grind, with those groans she made, I was getting too hard for my own good. The beautiful scent from her groin was addictive too, without any odour I expected. Her ass just felt so soft in my squeezing hands, that I couldn’t get enough of.

All of a sudden, she shifted away and went to the floor, undoing my pants in a frenzy. How else could I react, except to let her get me naked? Before she could go down on me, I pulled her to the sofa and threw her over the back (into doggy), dragging her ass out for my pleasure.

The little jiggle of her butt got me crazy and I slammed my cock right into her vagina, splitting those walls apart in one stroke. I grabbed her waist and pumped her so hard, sending echoes around the living room in a high-speed romp.

‘You’re hurting me!’

‘Isn’t that the way you like it?’


I leaned over her back to grab those bouncing boobs and squished them hard, while jerking non-stop on her fine ass. It had reached a length of time she feared I would cum, but there was something else driving me that night. Not of lust, but of empowerment. I knew how much longer I could go.

She was tipping over the sofa when I knocked her up so violently, but she was purring all the time, as if begging me to keep going for eternity. Again, how could I last that long? I was already at my edge humping that gorgeous that fiercely.

‘I’m going to cum!’

‘Figured it’s time too!’

She stuck her ass out for the final onslaught and I pounded her in the longest strokes, drilling deep and at machine gun speed. As I delivered my final blow, she tightened her pussy and got me spilling my load like a rocket taking off, blasting all my bits into her while still thrusting mindlessly.

The instant I pulled out of her, the thick mix of cum and her fluids just dribbled out freely onto the couch. She went on to rub them all over her groin while moaning, still shivering from what I just did to her.

‘You’re fucking awesome tonight.’

‘No less from you.’

The shower following that was filled with dancing as we lathered and washed ourselves to EDM, causing raging hormones to break out and take control again. Well, the rest of the night on the bed, let’s just say we didn’t get much sleep.

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