(She asked) ‘Do you want to play tonight?’

‘Huh? Again?’

Carrie and I already had one round at my place before heading out for a movie and dinner. After the hearty meal, we took a walk back to her place to digest, as well as continue with our conversation. There was a quiet spot at one of the community center where we used to ‘play’ at, but ever since her parents learnt of me, we mostly did our activities at home.

‘Just let me make you happy? I know you are tired.’

I gave a smile and sigh at her, turning into the CC where all the doors were locked. The staircase there was only blocked by a metal chain, so we could still sneak into it and sat at where we had not visited in a long long time.

‘Your shorts.’

She grinned eerily as I took off my shorts, sitting back down for her to start with a handjob. It had been forever since she used her spit as a lubricant, sending a whiff of saltiness as she pumped my cock, with one hand under her skirt to masturbate while listening to my moans and groans.

The cheeky look on her face was glowing with playfulness, touching those spots where I would squirm, or tease the sensitive ring that would cause me to breath so deeply. It did not take long for her to remove her panties, before she handed it to me to watch me sniff it. After our first round, I did not expect her to be still so wet, coating the inner side of her panties with a thin layer of juice, which I licked and melted her heart again.

That naughty girl was always wearing tank dresses and skirts, putting my hand between whenever we were seated side by side. How could it not turn me on when she did that? It was so suggestive but we knew we couldn’t do anything most of the time.

‘Cumming yet?’

‘Not so fast right?’

She bit her lips and continued toying with my dick, until I was trembling harder and making girly squeals for her. Her handjob was one of the best as it was her usual means to get me off when she’s in code red, or sore after my ‘abuse’. The cute girl was filled with anticipation as she fingered herself till she came, trying hard to exhaust me completely as well.

‘Hey hey! I’m cumming!’

Her mouth went over the tip in a flash and used her fingers to vibrate along my shaft, till I blew into her lips. I couldn’t help but shiver to her pressing lips on the pee hole.

‘You’re so cute.’

‘Stop it.’

My cum went down her throat before she spoke and we left that place, happy and tempted to relive the old days again. After all, that was where we started our relationship on the fifth date.

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