Inner Absence

(She whispered) ‘I’m not wearing a bra underneath.’

Risa whispered the words of a slut before she skipped to the ledge of the rooftop garden, overseeing the misty fog shrouding most of the city. I could never imagined her going braless under that crop top, though she kept the thin cardigan on most of the time. Her skinny jeans and heels complimented her classiness despite wearing that alluring top, boosting my confidence for the whole dinner.

I went up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, feeling that softness of her flesh under the freckled complexion. She just drew deep breaths to expand her chest, partly opening the gap under her bralet for me to feel. Well, what do I do with the urge to go under her top? The smoothest breasts greeted me in the twilight as I slipped my hands over them, giving them a squeeze that got her moaning instantly.

‘Be gentle with them.’

The perky nipples brushed across my palms for me to tease, only to cause her ass to grind on my groin when I rolled those nipples between my fingers. Our bodies never left each other throughout, sensing all the fidgeting from each other while we engaged in ‘PDA’.

Slowly, as the mood grew more sensual, she caught one of my hand and guided it into her jeans, where a shaved pussy excited my dick even more. I couldn’t waste anymore time and just pushed my hand low, going between that wet slit to spread some moisture to her dry clit.

Risa groaned louder for me as my fingers sped up on her pussy, which also wasn’t obstructed by any panties. Her hand rubbing my hard on was the only relief from our public fun, but it was good enough to keep my up and high.

(She moaned) ‘I think I’m cumming soon.’

‘Then cum for me.’

I poked a finger into her pussy and her legs clamped on my hand, almost squatting down when the orgasm hit her, leaking juices over my fingers while she shivered in a relaxed, pleasurable shiver, somewhat ‘pee’-like. I was smiling behind her for the whole time, and could tell how much she enjoyed the finale of our romantic dinner night.

When she finally exhausted herself, I helped her to the seats behind us and kept her in my arms, grateful for her appearance in my life after all that have happened.

(She asked) ‘Do you want me to help you?’

‘No. It’s okay. You’ve helped me a lot today.’

We stayed in each others’ arms for a while more, before we went home for a good night of sleep. A gem, would be what I’ll want everybody to know her as.

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