The Mall Afterdark

‘Hey! In here?’

The empty toilets of the mall couldn’t be a better place. My heart was racing when I went into the ladies, joining her in the cubicle before she closed the door. In a swift, I spun her to a wall and slipped my hands under her black tube, to cup those thick bras and squeezing them. I didn’t give her any time to react before going under for her boobs, massaging them soft, mushy lumps in my palms to get her started.

Her hands were all over the place as I continued to fondle her, to a point she climbed on top of the toilet. As the situation got more intense, she turned herself around for me to raise her tube above her chest, revealing her breasts for my mouth to go over. I sucked on them hungrily as her moans began to surface, hand struggling to get my zipper undone.

As soon as my little one was out, her handjob totally caught me off guard in fast strokes, pumping it while I tried to focus on her nipples.

‘Don’t just lick there.’

Jolie seated herself on the cover and pulled her shorts off, exposing that cute, pink underwear for me. I stripped them off her legs and squatted between, tipping her on her ass to bury my face on her crotch. My tongue immediately got to work flicking on her wet slit, excreting liquid that tasted like thick water. My nose that was pinned on her clit managed to drive her crazy enough to hold my head and guide me around, using me like a sex toy that had an automatic tongue.

After a few minutes of thirst-quenching make out, she made me sit on the toilet and stuck her ass out for me. When I saw her silent, anticipating look, I grabbed her waist and pulled her down on my dick, penetrating her as quickly as her body needed to get use to my size.

In a few seconds, her butt was firmly pressed on my lap and her cold hands landed on my thighs, gently pushing herself up and down to fuck my cock rhythmically. The same motion repeated itself over and over, unsure if she was getting any pleasure out of it but I was slowly inching towards my own orgasm.

Her naturally tight pussy had consumed me inside out, along with the soft moans she tried so hard to contain. The least I could do, was to reach for her clit and rub them as fast as I could, while she got tighter and faster.

‘Why are you touching there?!’

Her ass just suddenly froze at my tip and a tiny tremble sent a small stream of juices down my shaft, which I quickly stood up and made full use of it. This time, she was pinned against the door and jerking to my thrusts, ramming that agitated cock so deep into her.

I was losing control of my own tempo as my orgasm gradually built up, to a point I had to pull out or else. Jolie turned around instantly and shoved me on the toilet. Squatting before me, she caught my dick and jerked it really fast, until I was cumming. Not about to let her create a mess (probably for myself to clean), I grabbed her hair and shoved her face over my cock. The reluctance she put up completely formed the tightest seal around my shaft and I blew my load while her head was down.

In that forced CIM position, I let everything go and made sure to fill her mouth up before I let her go. Again, I was pushed away from the toilet and the mix of saliva and cum dribbled into the bowl. Of course, as a gentleman, I held her hair while she spat everything out. As sexy as it looked, she was a little angry when she stood up.

Not waiting for her to scold me, I pulled her in for a kiss and she released her tainted saliva into my mouth, which I swallowed to make up for what I did to her.

The escape was a quick one when the lights in the mall went out, heading for the main road for my cab home. The exhausted girl just lived within walking distance to her part time workplace. Kudos to the $30 ride home.

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