‘So what do I do now?’

‘Hold it lightly and move up and down.’

Natalie kept her teeth on her lips as she wrapped her fingers around my cock, head going over the tip to drop some saliva over the throbbing piece of meat. For a 16 year old, she had no experience with a cock much less how to give a handjob. Slowly dragging her fingers along the thick shaft, her untrained hands were clenching so lightly that made me so sensitive.

The smile on her face broke the awkwardness once I began moaning, arching my body up and down to her every move. She quickly learnt that rubbing the head with her thumb could really drive me crazy and she just unleashed it all out on me, pushing me to the edge till I begged for her to stop.

‘Going crazy huh?’

She showed a grin to my quick nod, moving even faster to get me groaning for my life. She had changed her strokes to longer ones that went across the full length, touching the base and then going back to the top. Different pressure was attempted at my expense which I gladly accepted, though I was getting light-headed from her deadly handjob.

‘Stop stop! I can’t take it anymore.’

Natalie let go off my cock unwillingly and allowed me to lay her on the bed, stripping her shorts off her flawless feet. She had complete trust in me to let me lie on top of her, dick far enough to tell her I wasn’t going to claim her virginity any time soon.

Very gently, I kissed down her body to her groin and covered my mouth over her pussy. My tongue appeared to have touched her sweet spot when she moaned for the first time in her life, sounding so kitten-like and soft, in response to my every flick I made on her clit. Hearing how turned on she was, I kept my mouth busy licking up all her juices, sucking on her clit occasionally to push her over the edge.

After five minutes of pussy-licking, she suddenly grabbed my hair and forced me down on her, holding me still as an orgasm approached. Two small jets of juices splashed into my mouth before I could stiffened my lower lips, to collect the stream into my jaw as she squirmed and struggled to cope with the intense climax. Nevertheless, the mind-blowing ordeal was over as abruptly as it began and she was left panting for her breaths.

‘It’s so good. You’re really good!’

I collapsed next to her and let her turn to me on her sides, continuing jerking my cock that was twitching on its own. A few moments later, she was up and seated between my legs, bending her back so low for her mouth to go over my little head.

‘Hey! You sure?!’


Her lips adjusted around the hood and she bobbed her head up and down, sucking and gagging a little while I returned to my state of spasm. To have her mouth working together with her pumping hand, I was easily brought to my most vulnerable moment.

‘I’m gonna cum!’


Just as she lifted her head away, I pulled her back down and thrust my cock into her mouth. She quickly sealed the sides and let me cum into her, while tickling the tip with her tongue to really get me crazy. My hips just kept buckling under the pleasure until everything was out, including my soul that she was busy wiping off her mouth.

‘You swallowed it?’

‘Am I not supposed to?’

She lunged forward into my chest and we cuddled while recovering from our orgasms, before falling asleep in each others’ arms. Breathing in her scent with each breath, I dozed off before she did. Just moments after I went into deep sleep, a soft surface touched my dick and rubbed on him till it grew back large.

Opening my weary eyes, that hyped up girl was grinding me with her wet pussy and slid herself right over it once it reached the ideal hardness.

‘Fuck! Take it out!’


She snuggled into my arms for her sleep while I felt my cock throbbing wildly inside her. I was as hard as it was to fall asleep in that position, but we did wake up to a wild, sexy morning.

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