There It Flows

‘So here?’

‘Yeah. Is it private enough?’

We reached the top floor of a block we had never been to and she stood against the wall, waiting for my camera to start rolling. An ‘OK’ sign from me got a nod of her head and she began sliding down against the wall, till she was seated on the concrete floor.

Her fingers wriggled into the small opening of her romper to her pussy, that was already warm and puffy from the walk to that secluded corner. Rubbing on that perfect mould of hers, her sweet moans escaped her lips continuously. I could see her face turning red, eyes slowly closing as she lost herself to her fingers.

As a dark patch formed on her pink panties, her fingers slipped into her panties against my advice not to. Her pace working on the skin-close underwear soon picked up pace, vibrating till she began to stick her fingers inside.

‘Gosh.. ‘

Her orgasmic expression sadly wasn’t captured in the ‘below-waist’ frame I settled for. Squishing noises started to get picked up together with strands of stickiness coming out with her darting fingers, going deeper and deeper from what I could see.

‘Hey.. can I just fuck this and ask you to help?’

‘You already fucked this.’

I dropped my phone on my bag and sat next to her, letting her hug my arm between her boobs and legs. My fingers automatically went to her pussy and she pulled her panties aside, for me to slide it right in. The moment I felt her tightness around my middle finger, her thighs clamped shut on my hand. I forcefully shoved my finger back in and just probed her till she shivered.

‘I’m cumming!’

She suddenly yanked her panties to the side and tried to squat, dragging me to the same position beside her. Within seconds, a small stream of juices hit the floor and she tilted back and forth out of balance. I managed to keep her still and complete her orgasm with much tiredness.

After a minute or two of rest, we changed our seats to the stairs a few flights down, for her to get all touchy over me to give me my turn. For that, we didn’t do any exotic positions and just sat side-by-side, while she gave me a handjob to finish it on the floor in front of us.

My own relief aside, she was all soft and weak after the orgasm she never thought possible out in the public. And also, the goal of making her next video was gone just because she asked for me for help.

Oh well.

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