Birthday Present

Me (SMS): Happy Birthday Clarissa!

Clarissa (SMS): Thanks! Will you stay back after the party?

Me (SMS): Hello crazy. Your parents are there.

Clarissa (SMS): I told them a close friend would be staying over. They wouldn’t bother me on my birthday.

Me (SMS): Can we see how it goes and decide later?

Clarissa (SMS): No! I want my present. :p

I made my way to Clarissa’s party held at her place, a new condominium, with lots of greens and water features. As it was held at her place, she managed to entertain all the cliques by bringing them together (except her parents’ side). Simple board games, truth or dare, card games, with a fair bit of drinking here and there. Despite her legal age to drink, her whole family doesn’t touch alcohol but for this occasion, they would just let her have her way.

The party ended at around 10pm, which most of her classmates needed to get back home to study for the upcoming papers. The happiness on her face showed a mix of events – her birthday, the joy of celebration with her friends (and family?), the excitement of presents received, and me, the big present hiding in her room’s toilet.

Clarissa: ‘Mummy, I’m going to my room to open the presents. Don’t come knocking ah!’

She closed the door lightly and welcomed me with hugs and kisses. Sliding the shoulder straps off, her beautiful floral dress landed lightly onto the wooden floor. Exhibiting the encasement of a white tube and translucent yellow briefs around her Barbie figure. My hands couldn’t help but caress the smoothness of it.

Clarissa: ‘Irresistible huh? So are you!’

She slipped her fingers down the sides of my jeans and boxers, sliding them down my legs. As she did that, her tongue went under my dick and took it whole into her mouth. It wasn’t done in a hurry, and it definitely didn’t felt like she was making me high. This little girl was enjoying herself, watching me twitch and squeezing pre-cum into her mouth. She then moved back to the bed and bent over the edge, like a little princess who couldn’t wait to play with her new teddy.

Eager to please, I squatted a little lower and sent the package in, between her forever-tight pussy. The suction was so great that I realised my dick was unappeasable, diving in thrusts after thrusts, trying its best to reach for the light at the end of the tunnel. As her pussy wet the sheets, our waists were drenched with perspiration, with droplets flowing down her thighs. The slamming got so hard at one point her bed was moving, but it was quite a good excuse to have a little change in stance.

We moved without disconnecting to the cane chair and I perched one of her legs on it. Lifting one of mine on it as well, I made sure it went in deeper inside and also made sure she was having problems balancing from the weak legs I was giving her. So we switched to the standard operating position (SOP) – missionary. Her wide opened legs made us connect even closer, slurping as her pussy took my dick in and out, enjoying the lollipop treat.

It was quite an experience, it wasn’t her tightness nor my excitement that got me cumming. Rather, the ease and smooth access in and out drove me into speeding and going over the limit, spraying hard into her pussy, creaming it to the brim. She didn’t collapse, and still managed to suck me clean before cuddling to sleep, with the both of us still naked. Her toned body was nice to hug, and everytime one of us was awake, we would kiss and do our best initiate sex.

In the end, our night was spent actively and having barely an hour of sleep. Her slit was still covered in semen in the morning, fresh from the pounding fifteen minutes ago. Well, we never had more than an hour of rest in between each rounds.

Happy Birthday Clarissa!

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