A Gasp

Baby: ‘I wanna see it grow smaller.’

Me: ‘Okay. Don’t disturb it ah. Don’t breath air over it if you can.’

Her head then went to my tummy and lay there while I relaxed and unknowingly fall into a state of semi-conscious. She was watching my dick right there, and I had no idea how ‘small’ I went, since her head was blocking. But it was nice to get a rest after foreplay before sex.

Suddenly, she lifted her head, went south and took whatever size left into her mouth, chilling my head with numbing and high sensations, making me groan and moan in ecstasy. That was also where this title comes into play. Like her, I never failed to gasp in surprise. Her tongue was working with all of it, warm, wet, tight, teasing and constant. Her head was moving up and down, with breaks every few seconds with her tongue on my little head, twirling in circles, making it super sensitive before sucking it of life.

As she kept going, my balls were going to explode and having no other place to unload, I gave her the signal and she went down on me, collecting whatever I gave in her mouth. She licked up the last few drops drooling out of my pee hole and went on a zen mode to swallow. Of course it was with difficulty, but generally, it was just salty.

Baby: ‘I like how it grew bigger in my mouth.’

My dick would be shrinking and innocently resting, for any surprise attacks (again?).

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