Baby: ‘I feel like peeing..’

Me: ‘Huh? Try to let it out?’

Baby: ‘I’m trying.’

It wasn’t just ‘push and it’s in’. The toy I use on her was first, a sleek dildo, not very scary, just thin and long. She enjoys it when it goes super fast in and out of her, knowing my right hand would make her go all wild and uncontrollable. Her hands would be everywhere, grabbing onto my blanket and pulling as much as she needed to cover herself. For she knew what was coming next. It was a sensation of coldness, icy feeling. Paired with a sense of breathlessness she even had to stop me once in a while to catch air.

It’s normal for girl to have the urge to pee, and for my baby, her clit gets super sensitive when touched and she would burst out laughing. More of a tickle than the usual simulation for other girls. Usually my finger(s) would be inside her, gliding across her G-spot without rest, giving her the chills and ‘pee’ feeling which cannot be released.

This time, I took my glass dildo which was about two and a half times wider than the usual toy, and prepared some lubricant for her. Applying a thin layer of KY gel over it, I pushed it easily into her, since I was already finger fucking and dildo-ling her. Because of the weight of the glass, it really did slide into her before it stopped with a quarter length of it sticking out of her beautifully shaven pussy, with a scent of after-shower freshness.

Baby: ‘Ouch ouch.’

I pulled the majority of the length out and slowly went in and out to loosen the walls a little for my little one (compared to the glassware). She finally managed to take it inside her fully and even enjoying it before another halt came. Huge toys aren’t necessarily good, since it’s probably plastic or silicon, and in my case, glass, and it does not have any feeling to tell you if it hit her pelvic bones. Due to the flesh over the bones, there is no sound and only the girl can tell you. So, take note guys.

Baby: ‘How deep did it go?’

Me: ‘You take it out and see for yourself?’

She fearfully reached between her thighs while lying down and pulling the toy upwards, making the journey out seemingly never ending.


Baby: ‘It’s so long! Please don’t put that inside me again.’

Me: ‘No more. It’s my turn now.’

Baby: ‘Be gentle k?’

Our past attempts always hurt. Although we only had been trying, our progress were there. First, it would be my finger pushing its way open. Then to dive deep into the depth, into the unknowns, feeling and knowing how the inside feels like. Finally, to use toys and widen and loosened the tender flesh around to accommodate my dick. Knowing the glass toy did the job of spreading it deep and loosened, I held her legs as close to her shoulders and lowered my hips into her pussy.

The tip, the head, the shaft and when the balls and butt were about to meet, she needed a little more time. I started moving my hips up and down, driving deeper and deeper, until the slapping sounds began. The creaking of the decade old bed frame, ruffling of blankets, hurried breaths, silenced moans and groans. That was it. We were having sex. Of course, safe sex. I’m just going to skip ‘where and when’ did I put it on.

My hips just moved themselves while her slit took all of the pounding, graceful, yet forceful. Eager to get in, but had to pull it out like a rubber band gathering energy for a launch. We went missionary for about five or six minutes, before I had the urge to do doggy-style. After all, we must definitely go through it right? To know if we like it.

I turned her over on her fours and adjusted with her position till it was right there, I sat back a little and aimed my dick for her hole, getting back up to ram the cock into her. It felt different for the both of us, she was still grabbing the sheets, but I was grabbing her waist, bringing her closer to me as my hips repel her firm ass. This attraction and repelling motion took us into the heavens and I just had to keep going.

The whole scene of my shaft pumping, drawing the cum out from my testicles and firing it into our insurance. Just 0.03mm difference but life saving. My dick was still big in her, but softening and shrinking. It was quite a sight as I usually gets soft quickly after cumming. But not with my baby.

We lay around for a while before she whispered a phrase into my ears, starting my engines.

Baby: ‘Your kisses turns me on. I’m horny again.’

Me: ‘Haha. You’re turning me on too. But you’re tired right?’

Baby: ‘Put on another one?’

I took one from my drawer and slipped it on.

Me: ‘Put on le. Come?’

Baby: ‘I’m tired..’

*Baby lazing around in bed, refusing to get up.*

I lay beside her and slowly, the condom shriveled as my little brother became little. Thinking she’s super tired and needed rest, I was prepared to let her.

Me: ‘I’m going to remove this k?’

Baby: ‘No wait.’

She opened her legs and I went for missionary again, pumping her as quickly and somehow, my coordination was a little off, at the part where we need to focus on our hips. Still she initiated to doggy and we did it for about four to five minutes, before she got too sensitive and sore. Falling to her sides, almost knocked out from the tiredness.

Me: ‘Aiyo! You’re tired lah!’

I was lying beside her when she rolled over.

Baby: ‘I want to see you cum inside the condom.’

Me: ‘Haha. You’re so tired. How to help me?’

Her hand came over and presented the most awesome handjob, of course, which tire out quickly from the constant speed and grip, delivering the most ‘filling’ ejaculation ever, emptying my balls into the rubber. Did you guys like the blowjob surprise before this entry?

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