Bestiality Warning!

Clara had been a very lucky girl, born into a family of wealth and since her eighteenth birthday, she had been staying in a humble 4 room flat with a maid that did all her bidding, along with a German Shepherd she had raised from young. Of course, a lucky guy named Aaron became her boyfriend and they had been going on dates mostly paid for by her credit cards, that never ran out.

Aaron: ‘Clara, come here.’

She listened obediently and went over to him, removing all her clothes in accompaniment of club music, doing a striptease for her hot boyfriend. In her bra and panties, she crawled over to him on fours and began to strip him of clothes too, finally taking his dick inside her mouth, giving him the ever-sensual blowjob he looked forward to. As she sucked away on his rod, her loyal dog would be standing at a corner, watching them perform sex acts on each other without so much a yelp.

As much as she believed he was the one for her, she wasn’t exactly the one on his mind. That’s the problem with handsome guys, girls are willing to pay for them to stay. It was one of the last few sessions Aaron would have with this bitch before jumping into another relationship. Pumping his dick into her pussy in doggie position, she continued texting on her phone while he grabbed her ass tighter to thrust faster and harder, determined not to spend too much time and get on with the new girl he would be meeting. After ten minutes or so, Clara gave a scream and the jets of cum shot onto her back, and the last thrust into her made him cream his load inside.

Confirming his seeds were safe, Aaron rested for a few minutes before leaving, which she did not question, since he was serious with her from the start, so he left. Within minutes, a text to break up buzzed on her phone, and though she was a little stupid, she wasn’t dumb – or so we thought. Fucking and breaking? She left him alone for a few days before texting him again, demanding a meeting to clarify the matter.

Once Aaron entered her house, she dashed forward in a short seductive dress and started to pull his clothes off, but not before he told Clara.

Aaron: ‘This will be our last.’

Her mouth was already wrapped around his dick and sucking away, milking all the pre-cum out of the rod to hopefully change his mind about leaving. Her fingers went between to finger her dripping wet pussy, thankfully, Aaron was ‘kind’ enough to get her off with his stronger fingers, so she could concentrate on giving him the best head. After a few minutes of going down, she climbed over his body and slipped her pussy over his meat, riding him mindlessly while moaning wildly to put up a good performance to get more points.

It was like a fast-forward for sex, bouncing up and down on his firm abs, her pussy climaxed very quickly and was flinging her hair back and forth in ecstasy, squeezing him tighter after every orgasms. The floor was wet with her juices, and Aaron was scheming with his mind. In a flash of madness, a strong suction suddenly came and extracted all his cum forcefully, making his hips thrust upwards and froze for the longest few seconds of his life, then knocking the wind out of him, dazing him for minutes.

While he was cumming inside her, Clara’s body collapsed on his and trembled in cold sweat while unconscious. The shepherd was standing at the stairs, watching the both of them fuck like.. animals. Aaron carried her up to the room and made a glass of warm milk, drugged with a substance called Piro. It was costly, but the purpose was worth it. Developed as a military drug for compliance, it would enable the subject on the drug to be controlled, while awake, without control to take back their own minds.

Clara emptied the cup and rested while Aaron held her close, ready to give her first command.

Aaron (whispering): ‘Get on your fours on the bed.’

She did as asked and there was no way to resist her mind. Her lips and eyes were hers, but that was all. Fear struck her and the useless pleading did not change Aaron’s heart. To be punished for nothing was the worst kind of treatment ever, and yet feel so helpless about it.

He whistled for her dog and helped him climbed onto her back, guiding his leaking dick into her slot. The dog being an animal, was slightly smaller but it grew the moment it went inside her and instinctively, it began to move in super speed, driving Clara insane with the high energy level. As the two immoral partners satisfied each other, Aaron had already set up his phone to record the video down, ready to post to ZooTube.

A bulge grew larger in Clara’s pussy and once at its biggest size, a huge load of cum shot into her, to a point she begged him to pull away and relieve the pressure in her pussy, done by the overwhelming load of fluid inside her while the bulge on her shepherd’s penis prevented cum from flowing out.

Once he had his video, Aaron packed up and left grinning, leaving the dog to lick its cum that dripped out of her pussy, while she stayed in the position for the next thirty minutes, unable to move from the effects. By licking, her faithful dog gave her another two orgasms before she fell onto the bed, while hugging the poor beast that had no idea what it had done, except to earn Clara’s trust that only her favourite dog will not turn against her, and even proved to be a good sex partner. Hurt by love, her heart closed and never another guy entered.

Nightly, the howls and moans would mix while she allowed it to penetrate her from behind, taking it like a bitch ready to spend the rest of the life with her precious dog. Loyal, faithful, never complaining. And best of all, she’ll never have to worry about pregnancy.

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