Ipoh to Singapore

June came and holidays felt the same. Eugene had reached Singapore from Ipoh Malaysia to check up on the family as well as to get a break from his studies. Still unknown to Kim, he would be staying at her place for the night and when he popped up at her place, you guys should see how shocked yet afraid she was.

Kim: ‘Eugene, you’re really here.’

Eugene: ‘Yeah! Happy?’

Giving her a squeeze on her butt, he shifted his backpack into a guest room of Kim’s apartment, located at Pasir Ris area. Guess how she felt. As Kim was the only one on holiday, her parents tasked her to bring him around and of course, to make sure she did everything to make him happy. After all, it was his first time in Singapore. That instruction alone had so many ways to interpret but there was only one objective when ‘happy’ was mentioned.

Kim’s Parents: ‘We’re going out now, take care of Kim for us yeah?’

They bid farewell and left for their work while Eugene was already on his way into her room, left slightly ajar. Feeling a pair of strong palms moving up her legs, and opening them slowly. Then, a warm wet tongue started going up and down on her pantyless pussy and making her moan awake. Quickly pulling her dress down to cover her privates, Eugene paused and smiled.

Eugene: ‘Good morning sweetie.’

Kim was stunned by the treat. Nothing was said, but he was waiting. Not for her reply, but for her hands to go away so he could have his breakfast. Lifting both her hands to the side, his head disappeared under her dress for the second time and continued the cunnilingus, exciting her body with short spasms. After a good ten minutes, his tongue finally stopped and when he appeared in front of her, that tongue was slurping up whatever was smeared around his mouth, taking it down his throat.

Breakfast had been prepared and the both of them went out to fill their stomachs, Eugene’s hands were dirtied with butter and grease from the youtiao, but his toes were wriggling under the table, between Kim’s legs that had cum stained on it too, still moist from her awakening. There wasn’t much she could do, since her job was clear, and there was no escape either. That inner slut in her wanted him to continue what he was doing, and more desirably, to make her do what makes him happy, it didn’t need long though.

Eugene: ‘I’m done. Will you do the dishes with me?’

She nodded and did the dishes, with him behind her, she felt her dress went higher and a hard piece of meat on her ass, rubbing between both her thighs to generously coat her cum over it. When it’s ready, the piece of meat pushed her pussy lips apart and inched bit by bit inside her.

The dishes was almost done, but the fun had just begun. With his full length in her, his hips moved in and out and for the fourth time, Kim’s body weakened from the penetration and she had to hold onto the ledge of the sink to support herself. Moans were escaping uncontrollably, her body was perspiring and the breathing only got faster. Still ramming his rod in her, the tightness was not as good as the first time he raped her in Ipoh, but nonetheless, it did its work.

Feeling the pumps start in his balls, the ‘high’ he felt pushed him faster and stronger, thrusting his cock right into her love hole, beaten up by the non-stop fucking. In less than a minute, the feeling she had yearned for came and it was even better than expected. His warm cum poured into her like a firehose, shooting wildly, while continuing to push his seeds inside her. Just as he was done, the bent rod exited and left the cleaning of the cum-dripped floor to his ‘maid-of-the-day’.

About two hours later, it was time for her to bring him around and of course, he did it with a bottle of magic gel, stiffening his dick with just a few breath of it. If sex in public turns you on, then there would be too many incident that drained her energy many times a day.

The moment they stepped out, every part of the journey, from travelling in buses, cabs, trains, to eating, toilet breaks, were all sexed-up. The wireless vibrator he put in her in the lift down their estate kept her turned on the whole day, a few times even made her so horny that she had asked to be satisfied, with a load of cum in her mouth or pussy. Like a slut, she took every bit of him without resistance and enjoyed the love-making with her cousin.

Maybe, a part of her had already convinced that she was his. And that part was one that received all the love, warm, gooey, white love. Much of the day and night was filled with love, and as she accepted her true self, she embraced the effort he put in her too.

As night falls, her pussy was already too sore to feel anything and boobs bruised and nipples swollen to pain. Though a little aching everywhere, Kim was hoping to have a little romantic love making too. After washing the plates from dinner, Kim went back to her room and changed into a translucent pink night dress, before hugging Eugene from the back in front of the TV. Bending over the sofa low enough, her hands slipped into his boxers and her lips met his, kissing passionately as the volume of the TV lowered.

His hard cock sprang out of the undies and he forcefully yanked the piece of cloth away. Soft yet standing, he knew there was no more sensation below, numbed from the whole day of pro-creating. Going onto her knees, she carefully took it into her mouth and sucked on it lightly, giving him the slightest suction that he could still feel travelling up his spine, to relax his tensed spent muscles. With the rising of his dick, it was merely time that stood between full capability and pain. Everything had to slow down.

With his manhood up and running, Kim kept going with her mouth while her fingers toyed her own clit, massaging away the soreness and numbness, bringing fluid and lust to cover her pussy. Finally, after three long minutes, she was ready. Climbing onto the leather, she knelt across his hips and sat down slowly, at the same time spreading her pussy lips to accommodate his expended rod capable of giving her nuclear explosions in her mind. Eugene wasn’t surprised or whatsoever that Kim wanted more, but the fact that she was so gentle with him made him regretted whatever he did, and this time, she made him feel again, washing his fear of impotency away.

When the last centimetres of that red piece of meat entered, Kim began rocking away on top of Eugene, making sure the full length was ‘felt’ and ‘cleaned’. Squeezing and relaxing, contracting and expanding, her concentration was superb in controlling her vaginal muscles to massage his dick back to life. She did not need his vigour nor command, just his obedience and cooperation.

With no rest in between, his balls were screaming to release and to amp the speed so they could be freed. Holding onto his broad shoulders, Kim’s pussy tightened and she sat firmly on his lap, and surprised him by reaching to his balls and massaging them in a ‘squeezing and relaxing’ strokes.

It was the first, and probably the last time Eugene felt controlled to cum against his body’s wish. Like an exploding bomb, the countdown started in his testicles and immediately exploded through the main tunnel into the world, pumping whatever that’s left into her, while she orgasmed without stimulating her g-spot, but with just her clit. With those PC muscles at their limits, Eugene fainted under the pressure and Kim fell to her sides, too weak to walk.

The following day, everything went back to normal and Eugene left Singapore for home. Like the previous meet in Ipoh, there was no note, no number, nothing. Just the few days of pure, intense and wild..

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