Ipoh Osbourne 2.1

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Despite Kim’s body rejection, the idea of just cumming in just one of her holes wasn’t enough. After the third refill into her pussy, this particular round lasted for as long as she could remember. The soreness and pain from her stretched virginity, the countless times orgasms knocked the air out of her and the unforgettable number of times awakened by the deep thrusts from his powerful hips, ramming his full length inside her, almost numbing her g-spot for the x number of times.

As long as she can remember, his hands were on her ass, giving them the squeeze as he pulled out and spreading the two halves apart as he rammed in doggie style. Giving her a hell of a ride. For about five minutes, her blank mind echoed the pleasure in moans and screams, which no one cloud hear. Then she flipped, onto her back and he lifted her knees towards her perky swollen boobs and holding her still without as much a flinch of sweat.

Resuming the hammerage, his stick dived in again for the kill, watching her head turn throw around in shame and embarrassment. Perhaps a better word to use is – shyly? It was such a turn on to be fucking his little cousin. Which clearly had a desire to get raped, proven by the ever-flowing cum juice and intense pressure of her pussy.

Just as Eugene was nearing yet another ejaculation, he moving his body to her mouth, shoving his pee hole into her lips. Still lack of a bit of ‘encouragement’, he pinched her nipples really hard and little Kim started sucking, like a baby. In a flash, the sticky sweet sperms rushed into her mouth and down her throat as he forced more of his shaft into where she blew him with.

Eugene: ‘Argh!!’

Knowing his army went down without any wastage, the satisfactory smile appeared and he needed to have a break, though just a few minutes before the bottle of wonders worked its way up his nose again, waking that little pecker up for the rest of night.

That fateful night had to end one way or another, of course leaving something else in the still-infertile body of Kim. The growing addiction of a dick inside her, throbbing with life and giver of pleasure. Its sole purpose is to satisfy girls right?

Since that Malaysia trip, every waking moment would be filled with horny thoughts, and slumber moments would be of wet dreams. Habits like masturbating herself on this bus, in class, movies, toilet visits, and to sleep had been instilled into her mind. And Kim would never have a day without cumming.

Is Kim real? She’s a reader of my website and an avid follower. Despite the dangers of addiction to masturbation, she had no choice but to give in. Least nightmares of getting raped by ‘fugly and tentaclious’ monster would return and disrupt her sleep.

If you guys think society needed more horny girls, and this story is superb to create a cum-dump, think again. Sure, pleasure is fun. But one generated from fear isn’t.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2.1

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