Ipoh Osbourne 2

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The second day came and passed without much signs of Eugene trying to get intimate with her. Maybe he regretted or found out that I knew exactly what was happening. Good thing he stopped, maybe?

Till the night came, with everyone asleep in their own rooms after a heavy meal, Kim’s door creaked open and there he was, in her room again.

Kim: ‘Not sleeping yet?’
Eugene: ‘Can’t sleep. Couldn’t get over the fun we had together. And you’re going back soon. Was hoping to chat a little more. Maybe more about our personal life?’

This time, Kim was in a decent red night dress, though short to her waist, the bottom was the pair of matching boyshorts which she was in, thinking no one would come visit her at these hours. Eugene stood up and sat on her bed, while admiring her long hair, flowing pass the slender shoulders with the womanly collarbones, down to her shapely hips, before exploding into the full butt that his hands were dying to feel.

Kim: ‘Eugene.. Thank you for everything. These two days were the best holiday I went on.’

Holding his hand in gratitude, Kim figured that was as close to voluntary contact she could give, trying to ignore what happened the previous night. Grabbing her soft small hands, the 17 year old overpowered the 13 year old Kim easily and threw her onto the bed, before pulling his shirt off.

Climbing onto the bed, Kim’s attempt to crawl away did not help at all. Yanking her by the legs to him, the tight fitting boyshorts ripped like a lion shredding paper. The firm ass of his cousin was in his hand. Restrainting her body down with his strong arms, his head dived for her pair of breasts exposed by the slip of her shoulder strap. With hardening nipples, Kim blushed in reluctance. The resistance she put up turned Eugene on even more, moving from the boobs, down to her pussy.

Kim never been licked, because her previous exs thought it was dirty. But after feeling her muscular cousin’s whipping tongue, an addiction grew and the desire to not-stop came without warning. Giving in to the powerful cousin, she just laid on the bed with tears flowing freely.

Finally, the moment of truth came. Her legs was spread wide in front of Eugene, held open by his hands on her foot. There was little she could do. Shoving his hard cock inside the well-juiced slit, her pussy squirmed and tightened to the max. It was her first, and boy, he was big. The sensations were too much for Kim’s small and young body, which menstruation had not even began, to handle. Going into a series of blackouts and orgasms, her mind was giving in to whatever rough treatment. I guess that’s what you call ‘losing your mind’. Those thick pumping veins of his dick could be felt along the wall of her vagina, and each stroke would scrap heartlessly onto her g-spot.

If you were Eugene, the sight of her asshole opening and closing would tempt you to give it a thrust too.

Battering the poor girl, Eugene could last for a good long time, trained with all the girls he had bedded. As Kim’s body fell onto the bed exhausted and drained of energy, he was still pounding away with vigour. Till he decided was time to climax, he pulled her hair up and spewed his load of hot cum into her, making the pain on her head enhance the pleasure. Locking her hips tightly onto his, the long shaft kept churning out the white liquid non-stop, till her pussy overflowed with tons of excess. You thought only in hentai would be possible?

Alternate ending

Without unplugging his shrinking dick, Eugene reached into his pouch and pulled a small bottle of what seemed to be aromatic essence. He took a sniff, and within seconds, the nightmare restarted. The limp piece of meat inside her was growing once again.

Eugene (whispering): ‘Ready?’

With a sharp intake of breath, she felt the exit and the revengeful thrusts of his hips once again, driving the addicting rod in and out of her. The night didn’t just end in a round or two, but lasted for as long as she could remember. Drifting in and out of trances, her body was his to play, her mind was his to manipulate.

Of course, which girl wouldn’t be traumatised in a rape case she cannot report? The nightmares that she had frequently was what woke her up in the middle of the night, and the sweet addiction of his mascular dick inside her would be the thought on her mind as she masturbated herself back to sleep.

Sweet addiction huh?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2.1

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