Ipoh Osbourne

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It was Kim’s first trip with her family to Ipoh, Malaysia to visit their extended families. Though far away from home, they managed to get a decent 3 room junior suite in one of Osbourne’s Service Apartment, big enough to hold the whole group of visitors.

Kim’s cousin, Eugene was there to welcome them and would be one of the family members to bring them around, or least provide entertainment for the two nights they were spending. In a confusing array of seniority, she was asked to address him (Eugene) as kor though she had never seen him before.

The first time Eugene set his eyes on Kim was when she appeared at the apartment he was waiting in, wearing a set of tank top over a singlet with confusing numbers of straps across her shoulders. He could imagine removing them one by one to see her clothes fall off, piece by piece. But still, she’s his cousin. So they were merely thoughts in his young mind.

Nightfall came and again, Kim’s family wanted to go out but she wasn’t so keen. Having ran around for so many hours, a few moments of rest would be helpful, so she decided to stay back, with Eugene who would keep her company. In the comfort of their own accommodations, she just slipped on an oversized singlet without bra and a high cut FBT shorts which clearly was too short for her legs, which was longer than her body. It was exactly why she attracted those jealous female cousins.

Despite having a common pool of genes, she appeared to be the most outstandingly attractive one. Alone surfing YouTube videos, Eugene was meddling with his own stuff on the net in the room across. Stumbling across a hilarious video clip, Kim couldn’t help but exclaim in excitement for Eugene to come over and watch it with her.

Kim (shouting): ‘Kor! Come come! See this video!’

He strudded into her room and stood by while she replayed the three minutes long clip, all the while forgetting he was standing behind her with the breathingtaking view of her rare pink nipples of Asians. Feeling the wake up call in his boxers, the awkwardness made him dodge her sight when she looked at him.

Those ‘cousins’ look was long gone, swapped with a if-only-you-are-not-my-cousin look.

Eugene: ‘Just call me Eugene. Please don’t make me sound that old. I show you some videos too?’

Kim smiled as he got cosy with her on the same chair, pushing each other playfully to get more space for their butt. Not knowing how else to advance, Eugene placed his hand on her thigh and swallowed before popping the most senseless ice breaker.

Eugene: ‘You feel warm?’
Kim: ‘Yeah. A little. Why is the weather so hot at night?’

The heater in the ceiling helped and he was glad to be on the right track, to try getting more of her skin to show. Though his heat was more significant in his pants, the dirty thoughts were more useful to think ‘straight’. Slowly, his hand that was still there started squeezing and moving around with every adjustment he made, still fighting for that extra space.

Kim’s eye had caught the bulge on his boxers and was so close to grabbing it if not for their blood relationship. All she could think about was the instance he lose control and rape her, fulfilling the long ignore fetish of being under empowerment. With such thoughts, her body got warmer and the slight wetness in her shorts shook her up from the fantasy.

Kim: ‘I’m going to lie on the bed for a while.’
Eugene: ‘Can I join you too?’
Kim: ‘Uh-huh.’

They climbed onto the bed and Kim appeared to be motionless and unresponsive as he spoke. Getting the chance to be closer to her, Eugene went close and sniffed her, from her young boobs to her pussy, getting close was good enough then. Suddenly, she raised her legs and the sitting position Eugene was enabled him to look up the openings of her shorts, rewarding him with a beautiful young pussy, sparingly decorated with thin fine hair.


The evil fantasies of his own cousin was winning, and all that was short of was having her in his arms. And so, he gave her a nudge on the legs. Nothing. A nudge on the arm? Nothing too. Entering the hole of the shorts, his fingers came in direct contact with her pussy and by pushing further, his fingernail was ON her clit, which sent a wave of unexpressed pleasure through her.

Kim wasn’t asleep, she could feel everything. And knew it was wrong of him to do it. Such a pervertic cousin? Being blood related, she just wished it was over soon, but with the uncontrollable amount of fluid generated, he might just.. get the wrong idea.

Making his cousin wet wasn’t an accidental find, soon, he shoved his finger in after enough lubrication was provided and started to finger fuck her, that kept her awake and yet not able to moan. Kim was getting hornier. Going as fast as he could, those soaking muscles wrapping tightly around his finger quickly collapsed and he felt a small fit running though her body, shaking for a long while. Then the stream of cum flowed from her slit.

Still weak from the orgasm, the departure of Eugene’s finger still lingered on her mind and unconsciously, her own fingers took the place of his and gave herself another around of mind blank orgasms, knocking her back into sleep.

Should I tell anyone?

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 2.1

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