Missing Something

Fiona couldn’t help but feel the straying thoughts of doing something kinky on the bus. After all, it wasn’t everyday that such a long bus ride was required. Having that bit of exhibitionist’s blood in her, it was so tempting to just free her mind and.. get naughty.

Remembering that the upper deck was empty before she sat down, Fiona lifted her tight butt just ever lightly enough to gracefully slide that lacy pink panties off her delicious long legs, and teasingly placed it openly on the seat beside. Given the naturally slender legs, there wasn’t enough space to just raise one leg and begin work, so, she had to angle one of her knees on the backrest of the seat in front, forcing her moist pussy lips to part slightly.

As the shuffle of party music drowned out the ambient noise, her mind began to take over and lust was her master. Initially on her thighs, those soft hands that couldn’t get rough no matter what chores she did, started slipping off her legs and right between her legs, now pantyless. Spreading those yummy honey coated ‘lips’, the cold air was blasting right at it, asking for some caressing to warm it up. And so Fiona listened.

With fading vision, her index finger reached for her clit and instinctively, the slit drooled as though waiting for a long long time for such attention. As she went in circles, her love hole was all relaxed and weakened, ready for her penetration. With care, her middle finger went into the depth and started moving in and out, with speed driven by the overwhelming excitement from the public masturbation. As she tried to reach deeper within, her fingers just weren’t long enough to reach that ‘itch’ which badly needed the ‘scratch’. Well, Fiona wasn’t exactly helpless.

Pulling the slim palm length vibrator out of her bag, she wasted no time to pushing right deep between the pink flesh and began masturbating like how any girls would, with a dildo. Her breath almost couldn’t match her speed and body’s desire for more, but still managed not to moan too loudly in case anyone came up. Just breathing heavily should be normal enough.

As the bus hit the brakes thanks to some slow reacting passengers, the toy went right to her limits and vibrated on her g-spot, usually just receiving contact with every thrusts for she was afraid of losing control. An electrifying orgasm echoed through her small figure and literally made her pussy poured a fine stream of fluid. Not just staining the seats, but her skirt too.

Finally, with just a few more stops to home, her gentle fingers continued between her legs, massaging her sore clit to comfort. Within minutes, she was home and back to her loving family – pantyless.

Of course, the man who was watching her on the same deck hid himself well, so well that she didn’t even suspect him when following her into the lift, even exiting on the same floor to confirm her unit. He didn’t just went off empty handed, the spy camera he bought so expensive had served its sole purpose. Knowing so much about this slutty little exhibitionist, there was so much more to gain for Adam, besides the panties he picked up.

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