Blissful Husband

To avoid waking her husband, Winfred, up, Kylee moved slowly to his morning wood that was standing up right among the messy bedsheets. Licking her lips, she was ready to wake her dutiful husband up in the sexiest manner any guys could imagine. Starting off with a kiss, she let her saliva leak out of her pouted lips down his shaft and went on to take his dick as her lips parted. Sliding down in one stroke, the warmth at the base of his dick woke him up and he was greeted with the sight of his wife sucking on his rod, bouncing her head up and down to get blood flowing to every part of his body.

Winfred: ‘Babe, I’m awake now.’

She ended the short blowjob by pulling away slowly, keeping her tongue pasted on the base of his shaft as it slid out of her mouth. He walked into the shower and she followed closely behind, impatient to wash her husband clean for work. Winfred started the tap and aimed the nozzle of warm water at their bodies while she collected the body foam from the bottle. Rubbing her hands together to lather the soap, she spread them over his body while he did the task to clean her up as well. Trailing her hands down his muscular body, she couldn’t wait to land her hands on the stiff cock that was looking at her.

Carefully, she wrapped her foamy fingers around his dick and began jerking, watching Winfred’s face closely to see how much he was enjoying it. The silent gasps of his mouth was making her smile and she proceed to rinse the soap off his body, especially the part she got all her orgasms from.

Squatting in front of his feet, she held his thighs for balance and took his dick into her mouth once again, thrusting her face towards his groin. The bulky man just held onto the walls as his mind went blank from the pleasurable oral sex. The hardworking lady went non-stop to take his dick deep down her throat, and he was about to cum if she continued.

Winfred: ‘You can stop now. Let’s have breakfast.’

She went into the kitchen to prepare his first meal of the day and he got dressed, taking ten minutes before his socks went over his feet. Walking into his naked wife lying on the wooden dining table, she quickly picked up the toast, sausages and poured the scrambled eggs onto her stomach, prepared to let her husband eat them off her.

Winfred unzipped his pants to whip his cock out and stuck it into her wet pussy (since the moment she woke up to suck him awake) and bent over to eat the food without the use of any utensils. Half eating and half fucking, he devoured the food quickly before pushing all the plates aside, for her to bend over for him.

He plunged his cock right into her before she got on the table and continued ramming while she picked up the leftover sausages he could not finish. Jerking the table non-stop, her body slid against the smooth surface, forcing her to put one of her legs on the table top.

Winfred: ‘I can feel you cumming soon.’

Kylee: ‘Oh yes, fuck me harder.’

And so he went, going so fast till the table was shifted out of place. The overwhelming pressure on his dick triggered his load after a few minutes and he cummed right into her, filling her womb up with the milky warm juice she could not get enough of. As soon as he was done, he stepped away from her to get some air over his hot rod.

Instead, she backed her body at the same time and fell together onto the chair, where his dick went right back into her vagina.

Winfred: ‘I have to go to work now.’

Kylee: ‘I know. Let me clean you up.’

She went under the table to lick any fluids up from his dick and helped him zip his pants. Giving each other a tight hug, they made out for a few seconds before she ran to the cabinet where he kept her chastity belt. Once he collected the keys from her, he left the house to a waving girl who was naked and standing at the doorstep.

Just like how the previous story went, would you guys want such a wife? Ladies, how would you treat your hardworking other half knowing he worked hard to feed the family? I hope you guys enjoyed the two opposite parts of the story.

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