Blissful Wife

Winfred’s smart watch vibrated at exactly 5.30am, waking him gently from a tiring night he had the previous day. He disappeared under the blanket and placed his chin on his wife’s thighs, waiting for her to open her legs. Kylee gave him what he wanted and he planted his tongue on her slit, sliding up and down to wet the dry pussy that had its folds of meat protruding slightly. His fingers went to part the flaps so he could get to her clit, and worked tirelessly on it to get it erected. The moans from his wife was getting louder and she was moving her hands across her face, to wake her drowsy eyes.

The faithful man kept licking her till he felt her body tremble and a bit of juice came to lubricate his lips. Was his job done?

Kylee: ‘I’m awake.’

He got off the bed by gliding his body downwards and went to the bathroom, rinsing his body and soaping himself while his wife stripped for the morning shower. Once Kylee joined him under the showerhead, two pumps of Dove soap was placed in his hands and he proceeded to lather her up, cleaning from her neck down to her boobs, massaging her breasts by squeezing his hands over them. Next was her belly, and then her pussy, where he ran his fingers along her slit to make sure it was fresh and cleaned of any bodily fluid.

Kylee washed her own hair and let Winfred took care of her body, finally completing the ritual when he flushed the foam off her. He stepped out of the bathroom first to pick up the lingerie that she prepared on the bed and waited for her to exit the bath. Holding her bra ready for her, she slipped a white blouse on and left her bottoms exposed till the moment she had to leave house.

Kylee: ‘I can wear the stockings myself. Go prepare breakfast.’

Winfred: ‘Okay.’

He disappeared into the kitchen as she continued putting her make up at the dressing table, sending whiffs of eggs and bacon to her nose. When she went into the dining table, he was sitting on her seat, naked and legs apart. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary since they had all their windows blocked with curtains, and she would want a good meal to start her day.

Slowly lowering her pussy over his dick, a groan escaped as he went into her, parking at her deepest spot. Kylee munched her breakfast down as he gave her a breast massage to keep her boobs in shape, stopping only when the sausage was gone from the plate.

Kylee: ‘I’m done.’

She went back into the bedroom with him behind and laid on the bed. Winfred handed her a wet tissue and positioned her lipstick next to her head, for her to use after cleaning her mouth. He raised her legs into mid air and kneeled on the bed, right below her pussy. Knowing what he needed to do, he sent his dick into her pussy and began thrusting, to the sounds she was making as pleasure came to sober her up.

While he was pumping away, his wife was busy typing on her phone, readying her schedule for the first day of the week. After five minutes, she called out to him to stop and lie down on the bed. They swapped to the cowgirl position but she had no intention to do the work. Afterall, she was about to go to work and every bit of her energy must be saved.

On top of him, she kept her pussy above his hips and let him thrust upwards to continue satisfying her lust, with his morning wood that was still standing strong. The career woman was still on her phone and she was soon distracted by the orgasm that was coming.

Kylee: ‘I’m going to cum. Go faster.’

Jerking his hips was easy, and he could go faster too. Ramming upwards, her pussy tightened and juices leaked over his pounding dick, until she fell forward, pushing against his chest to prevent dirtying her shirt with his sweat. As usual, she let his dick out and aligned it towards his belly button. She then lifted herself to place her pussy on top of his shaft, sliding gently up and down his manhood. ‘Rose-lip’ as we know it, it was the act of non-penetrative intercourse that made use of the flesh outside of a woman’s genital to rub against a dick until he came.

The area under his shaft was especially sensitive and Winfred did not take long to squirt the streams of streaky cum onto his own body. After he got his treat, Kylee went to put her panties and a short floral shorts on, while he washed himself clean.

Kylee: ‘You know what to do.’

He picked up the chastity penis hood from the dressing table and locked his dick in an awkward curve, handing the keys to his wife.

Kylee: ‘I’ll be back at 6pm.’

Winfred: ‘I’ll be cooking a new dish tonight for the two of us.’

She did not reply his offer and went to the shoerack, letting him hold her heels while she slipped them on. A short kiss was exchanged and she left for work, leaving Winfred to do the dishes and tidy the house.

By now, you guys should have known what lifestyle the couple was having. He was the ‘wife’ and she was the capable breadwinner, who had no qualms about making money for them to spend. All he needed to do was to make sure she was well taken care of, in anyway she wants. Does he feel lucky? I guess he would be feeling whatever you guys would if you were in his shoes.

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