Blue Morning

Walking his fingers down Jodie’s belly, she stirred awake from her sleep in the darkness of dawn. A deep breath filled her chest up, followed by a smile in Seth’s direction.

Seth (whispering): ‘Good morning baby.’
Jodie: ‘Mmmm.. ‘

She let him pull her legs apart, feeling his fingertips next joined together, running along her dry slit. The tiny bumps across her clit, brushing the insides of the sensitive folds of flesh, sank her chest in yet another deep breath out.

There was no need for her to fantasise about what was happening, for she was sober from his slow and gentle caress. He lifted one of her legs over his back to get under, and between her skinny thighs, where she helped to raise her knees up for him.

Jodie (whispering): ‘Getting your breakfast?’
Seth: ‘Uh huh.’

She felt his fingers stretching her labia open and his warm breath getting closer to her pussy, before the slippery, wet tongue rubbed her clit. She had unknowingly gone into ‘meditation’ from the air she took, only to exhale as slow as he dragged his tongue upwards.

‘Fuckk.. ‘, her soft voice lost the resistance and hinted at his great progress. For one, she couldn’t tell how wet she was with his saliva mixed into her pussy. Her feet went higher as he suckled on her erected clit, yearning for attention yet begging for gentleness at the same time.

His teeth occasionally hit that sore spot, causing jolts of pleasure to arise from the pleasurable reminder. Still, his stiff lips and skilled tongue managed to get enough out of her to quench his thirst, exhausting Jodie before she even got to her day.

There was nothing said when he closed her feet neatly together, rolling her over on her chest on top of her pillow. Sitting on her perky small butt, his strong fingers worked down her back to awaken her lethargic muscles, moving all the way to her lower hips.

Jodie sank deeper into the bed when he rested his chest on top of her, bringing her mind to the hard on between her crack.

Jodie (whispering): ‘Hey?’
Seth: ‘Shhh.. ‘

He blew his words right into her ear turned sideways, and straightened his legs beside hers. His thick, throbbing cock felt hot to her skin, moving under her wet slit and stopped there. Immobilised by his weight, she arched her hips up a little, just enough for him to tuck the tip into her opening.

Very carefully, he dipped his manhood into her vagina, groaning to her tightness just like every morning. His angle from her rear, stroked across her most delicate trail on the underside of her pussy. ‘Ngh!’, she yelped in her gentle voice as he unknowingly shocked her.

Seth spent a few long seconds motionless inside her, squeezing his abs to make his cock twitch for her. Picking his chest up, he held her hips lightly, before sliding his thighs over her bubbly butt cheeks. The continuous penetration started to cloud Jodie’s mind, knocking her back to slumber but unable to sleep from the slow injection of ecstasy.

Her light headedness drifted around the bed, happening like the erratic wavelengths of a heartbeat monitor. The random peaks, the gentle sensations, the fist-tightening moments, all took place in his energetic thrusts into her. Sean sounded especially sexy when he groaned under her control on his dick.

He did not take long before losing a bit of his mind, going faster to increase the frequency of her cute squeals. Her toes aligned to the bed as an orgasm accumulate in her thighs, travelling upwards as he pushed his body further. That size of him, sliding so harshly into the tiny hole, felt so amazing for her developing mind. She almost imagined him to be fucking her whole body with that magic wand of his.

Seth (groaning): ‘JO!’
Jodie (whispering): ‘I’m going to cum too!’

Just as her vagina closed itself around his shaft, he let her push him out but kept moving it under those pink lips. The familiar motion across her clit resumed the stimulation for her orgasm and he just went ever fast. As her arms suddenly tucked into her chest, Sean’s body pinned her flat at the same time as the hot cum that splashed into the tiny crack between her legs.

The heat from his load gave her the last tease on her clit and she came together with him, squeezing her thighs for him to make that final few strokes. ‘Arghh!’, Seth’s voice resonated loudly in her head as he spiralled out of control, wiping his sweaty forehead on her back.

He climbed off her body and brought a towel to her, cleaning her up while she tided her hair from intense session. Returning to their normal routine, Jodie went into the showers and he went to collect his clothes, to wash up after her.

Jodie: ‘I’m going out now.’
Seth: ‘Have a good day baby.. ‘

He caught her rolling her eyes after his sentence and closed the door behind her. First, change the bedsheets, then cook the lunch he will be bringing to her on his way to work.

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