Rape Report 2

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I couldn’t believe it when I heard those words coming from behind me, ‘nice to see you again’. He got me at another corner and dragged me by my hair up a flight of stairs, holding my head facing the opposite blocks while a loud zip sound was heard. The new shorts I bought was especially thin and he made a wedgie out of it, pulling it so forcefully up my waist.

‘Stop stop!’, I caught his hand on my back but he twisted away, pinching my neck with great strength that stiffened my spine. I stayed quiet for a while till he flashed a penknife in front of me, bringing it under my shirt to cut those bras apart. His coarse palms kneaded my lumps so hard that they turned sore immediately, further going for my nipples to tune them to an erected state.

Next, I felt a brush of his hand across the wedgie he made, plastering the wet part onto my clit. Fuck! Why was I wet?! He didn’t even bother to remove my shorts and slid his cock up my pussy, prying his way into my body. His hands held my waist firmly in position while he thrust, jerking my body at the potential onlookers from across.

Within minutes, he pulled my ass back two steps and kicked my ankles apart, resuming his vengeful strokes deeper into me. I couldn’t free my fists clenching on the squarish handrails, letting him pound me harder and harder till my knees gave way.

An orgasm caused my toes to cramp up and loud drops of cum hit the floor, bringing his attention to my desires to be fucked this way. ‘Enjoying it huh slut?’, he mumbled those words in the quiet stairwell, as his sweaty hips tapped on my butt cheeks. He wrapped his arm around my belly after I came and tickled my clit further, sending me into a series of moans I never even did for my boyfriend.

His balls were constantly slapping on my puffy ‘lips’, as if tempting me with small bursts of orgasms. The speed he went at my pussy grew more intense once he swapped his grip to my shoulders, one hand holding my hair while the other yanked me over his cock. I couldn’t believe myself when I sensed his cock thickened, and he reached deeper than the last time he raped me.

My head was spinning in cloud nine once he unleashed the real monster inside, caressing my insides with that big, long thing of his. ‘Fuck!’, I accidentally whispered out loud as every muscles tensed up, in preparation for the orgasm that was about to explode.

‘You’re not cumming alone girl’, he tugged my head up as he grunted, holding one of my ass apart to really dig me. I was barely sober when he pumped in hyperspeed, only returning to my senses for the little death on his final stroke that stopped all the way inside me.

His hand on my shoulder kept my pussy sealed over his groin as he trembled, spurting cum in equally huge amounts against my contractions. Somehow milking him, he rammed a few more times to empty every bit, forcing his cum deeper into my vagina at the same time.

I collapsed to the ground once he pulled out of me and left the stairs, while I did what I did the previous time after he creampied me. Except, there was nothing this time. Apart from the thin layer of cum over my fingers, I couldn’t get even a complete drop of him out of my pussy.

The same warmth, that glows, remained buried at a spot I couldn’t reach. Squatting over the drain, none of the pee looked like cum, and no amount of ‘labour’ let anything out. It was just so frustrating!

Walking home braless and in a pair of shorts that had a distinct patch of wetness, I still tried to breath and ‘push’ him out. Argh! I’m really fucked this time.

Part 1 | Part 2

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