Rape Report

Part 1 | Part 2

Pain shot through my spine when he slammed me against the wall, right in the open area of where I usually walked to the market. Never did I expect to be the victim of rape here, a country known for it’s safe and clean streets. The straps of my bra top snapped against my shoulders when he ripped them off, hands groping my boobs painfully as if he never touched one before. I was so disgusted by his oily hand over my mouth, restricting my screams with his thumbs and index easily pinching my nose to suffocate me.

His mouth landed on my nipples next and those gritty teeth nibbled on them mercilessly. It hurt like hell when he bit the flesh surrounding them, fearing that he might just bite a chunk off with his strength. Since my top was already gone, my FBT shorts were next. He pushed them down my thighs and forced his hand between my legs, sliding those rough fingers along my vagina.

I could tell that he had lost his mind when he pushed my shoulders down, making me squat with my legs open. What happened next needed no guesses. His fingers rammed right into my hole and sent me screaming into his hand. They were big, thick and long. So long that I was sure something tore inside me. As he fingered me relentlessly, my body started leaking fluids, giving him the most contradicting idea that I wanted it.

The faster he went, the less I could see, or fight. I couldn’t believe my own mouth when moans came out, complimenting the fierce thrusts of his hand. Once he got me wet, he stopped – to take his cock out before my eyes. The thick veins, dark pink, and sheer length made me dash from the sides in the most stupidest manner.

He grabbed my ankles and dragged me back to him, scraping the skin on my legs where my shorts weren’t covering. It only took him two seconds to carry me onto his body, both arms under each of my legs to spread me real wide. Knocking me for the second time against the wall, he had me completely pinned as he angled his hips into me.

His dick simply split my head open when he rammed it inside, stretching me in every directions. I could totally feel my vagina thinning out to his size, exposing every sensitive areas to the veins brushing against it. There was no way to hold onto myself anymore and he conquered me with his vicious slamming, and gouging, freeing my moans from my lungs.

The whispers he made, commenting on my tightness and figure, I only felt wetter upon hearing them. His strong arms gave me the safest feel, without any fears of falling. His pelvic bone just kept hitting me non-stop with pleasure. My arms slowly tightened around his neck as his dick felt ‘larger’, knowing that my orgasm was just seconds away.

As soon as I squealed into his ear, he dropped to his knees in an agonising groan, barely moving but wanted so badly to. ‘I’m cumming!’, he blared in the silent night and he straightened his body (knees on grass), flattening me on the wall vertically like a frog. I tried to push him away but there was no gap for me to extend my arms at all.

Feeling his bulge expand, tears couldn’t come out in time for his load that pumped right into me. The single orgasm unloaded five to six rounds inside, causing a glowing warm scene to appear in my mind. He shifted backwards and placed me on the grass gently, before running away while pulling his pants up.

Crawling behind a wall nearby away from the street lamps, I dug huge globs of cum onto the grass and looked helplessly at what I could reach. My shorts, torn spag top, went on my bruised body and I wobbled back home.

Even though no one saw my return, I was disturbed by my momentary enjoyment during the rape. What the fuck was I thinking? If only I had anything on him..

Part 1 | Part 2

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