Bigger Picture

Awkwardly walking to the house described by Jodie, the rawness on the pair of leather briefs she bought for him scrapped Sean across the sensitive foreskin. Upon entering, Jodie was seen sitting on the couch in a white, see-through dress, waiting for his arrival. For one, it was his stupidity that got him to where he was that day, sending lewd messages to the 15 year old girl. So there was no complains when she demanded to see him again.

‘If you don’t come, I’ll report you to the police’, was what she sent that made him panicked. Back in the living room, she tried to be his ‘friend’ by sitting next to him, removing his pants while she stripped down to her lingerie. Like she mentioned, her cute bra with red laces at the edge matched her panties, both thin and silky to his touch.

‘You can do what you said you wanted to’, she whispered seductively into his ears but the sight of a webcam hanging on the TV bothered him. Jodie hesitantly wrapped her fingers around his dick to get his attention, and he responded by sliding his up her legs. Pressing into her panties, a little moisture greeted him while he struggled to contain his moans.

Rubbing faster on her clit, her untrained hand was making him groan sensually. ‘You are not going to report me right?’, he asked with a slight tremble. ‘Not if you make me happy’, she replied with an eerie grin into his ears. Sean did not spent too much time outside her undies and went to her clit soon, teasing that wet hole of hers that got her panties soaking wet.

‘Am I doing it right?’, her eyes never left his face when she showed her concern, watching his nodding head with gasps in between. He began to slide his fingers lower down her slit, coming into contact with where she felt her pussy twitched. He kept quiet when he placed a small drop of lubricant over his dick, to aid her strokes that were getting faster.

Her short squeals started to surface as he went deeper into her, dipping the sauce that coated thickly around his finger. Jodie was getting weaker as he slipped around her insides, curling his fingertip at where she hinted him to do. Her grip loosened around his cock as soon as he hit her right spot, and her arms fell to the sides to her extended moans.

Sean immediately moved off the couch to get a better angle, pumping his forearm deeper into her. Wriggling those thick fingers around, Jodie was at almost full volume in her futile purrs. She grabbed his wrist tight as her vagina closed in on him, moaning in the sexiest tone he ever heard, ‘Sean.. I’m going to cum.. keep going.. ‘.

He climbed over her lap and dug her real violently, until a gush of juices poured over his palm and immobilised his hand with her tightness. Her bloodshot eyes stared at him seductively while she recovered from the orgasm, even guiding his thumb to massage her clit.

‘Good?’, the slight breathlessness caught up with him and she gave him a confident nod. ‘Lick them up?’, her biting lips won his heart to get a good licking and he got her flopping on the seat with his squishy oral skills. There was no pressure to last long as she kept her hands off him, letting him ‘drink’ from any angle he wanted.

After five minutes, Jodie’s mind was at its calmest state and his mouth was all wet with her juices. ‘Let me play with Little Sean now’, the pat on the couch was her next command and he laid on the armrest, legs opened in her direction. Jodie poured more lube into her palm before returning his favour (for her orgasm), pumping his cock at different speeds to see his reaction.

The grown man was squirming all over the place in her playfulness, but surprisingly harder than the last time they met. The tiny shiver in his thighs soon got stronger as she rubbed the tip, bringing him nearer to climax in seconds.

‘Arghh.. I’m going to shoot!’, she dodged his catch on her working hand and pinned him down while continuing the handjob. Sean’s hips arched upwards as the first ever firework show launched before Jodie’s eyes, falling over her hand and his belly in huge quanity. She could make out how sensitive he was by his requests to slow down and she gave in to his wishes, ending the non-penetrative foreplay with a sigh from his happy ending.

Playing with his sticky cum, her curiosity amused Sean who was eager to clean her up. They washed each other in the shower and returned to the living room smelling fresh.

‘This is for you’, her grateful tone came with a panties stretched out in the air, a gift for him to remember her by. He kept her present neatly in his bag before they cuddled for a while. A part of him was disappointed with her methods to ‘acquire’ him, but another part was willing to blackmailed. ‘Do you want to meet tomorrow? I’m not working’, she folded his underwear as she said ‘4pm’, keeping his last minute present for herself.


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