House Pet

Kitty: ‘What do I wear today Master?’
Master: ‘This, and the white shirt.’

Kitty untangled the bondage bra and bikini set into two portion, putting them off in front of her Master she faithfully devoted her life to. Besides their marriage cert, a confidential document signing her obedience and anti-PPO (personal protection order) allowed her to receive all the love from him, without any chances of giving in to his extreme requests.

The cotton straps clamped her D cups into two suggestive buns, while the strap running under her pussy rubbed her clit with every move. As quickly as she got wet, he handed her a pair of nipple stickers to hide her pointy tits, before she wore the white shirt that couldn’t be buttoned to the top.

Master: ‘We’re going to a private party tonight. There will be dancing, and lots of others dressed like you too. So don’t worry about it.’

They made their way to the HDB carpark where pairs of eyes stared at her slutty outfit, turning her on even more with their attention. He stayed close to her all the time, deterring any fishy males from ‘running’ into her. As soon as the car doors slammed shut, she was relieved from the unnerving looks she got.

Master automatically unzipped his pants and took his dick out, before the car moved off to a bungalow. Kitty needed no instructions to start sucking, ignoring all the vehicles that peeped into their car during the ride. Her job was to keep him hard, and pleased no matter when.

Master: ‘Do you want me to cum?’
Kitty: ‘Can I want it?’
Master: ‘Yes you can. For today.’

She bobbed her head even faster in the motionless car in the private carpark, listening to his grunts as he guided her tempo. After five long minutes of oral sex, he rubbed her back sensually to give her a warning. Kitty parked her lips at his tip and jerked his exposed shaft continuously, till his delicious load spilled into her hungry mouth.

Kitty swallowed them the moment he was done and tucked his little one back, safe and comfortably angled right. He led the way to his friend’s place and the other girl in more decent clothing made Kitty stood out.

Master: ‘Eh! I thought you said sexy?’
Friend: ‘Ya lo! Why are you so anti-climax? Go change into the black laced dress.’

Kitty heard Master’s command to join Roxy and they went to get themselves sorted out. A feast of sushi and pizza filled their tummies up well, before the guys sat lazily on the couch. Kitty whispered into Master ears to get a thumbs up from him, and she told Roxy about it.

The girls wasted no time in putting away the stacked boxes before kneeling in front of their men, stripping their pants off followed by the girls’ tops. Master received the second serving of blowjob with his friend, both chatting about their businesses while slurping noises eased the tensed discussion. Kitty was quick to undo her bondage g-straps around her waist (an action approved in case she feels any discomfort in her permitted attire), to run her fingers along her slit to show Master her readiness.

Master: ‘Doggy first. Bro, get your girl in missionary.’

The L-shaped couched provided ample space for their foursome position and the girls made out to the erratic jerks from their men. Master was especially loud that evening from Kitty’s tightness, as well as the extra liquid lubricating his thrusts. His friend was in equal amount of pleasure, humping his girl into loud moans.

Master: ‘Kitty, you’re super tight today huh? Making Master weak?’
Kitty (moaning): ‘No Master.. it is an accident.’
Roxy (moaning): ‘Master.. you’re big tonight.’
Kitty (whispering): ‘Same here.’

The two girls swapped their positions with their respective Masters and Kitty was just as loud, getting hornier as Master grew bigger inside her. The boys soon got tired of working and placed their girls neck-over the edge of the sofa, while their legs hung over the backrest. Kneeling in front of their ladies’ faces, their dicks were spa-treated in their hardworking mouths.

The men didn’t just enjoy themselves one-way, their hands continued to massage the boobs before them, and reaching so far to their pussies to keep them wet.

Friend: ‘Girls, rub yourself till you orgasm.’

The power of the ‘league’ gave the men power to control any girls in their group, but limited to non-contact pleasure without their Masters’ presence. Kitty was enjoying herself through pleasing her Master’s cock, as well as giving herself a good rub.

Master: ‘Okay. Now go over to the back of the sofa for the delivery.’

The girls went behind and bent over their cute asses for them. The Masters took up their positions (exchanging partners), and plunged their raw dicks inside. The difference in characteristics immediately got their attention, but they were somewhat expecting that to happen. Moans still filled up the room in the tag-team competition, though the girls were receiving different cocks thrusting inside them.

Orgasms soon brought the volume up in the living room, and the harder movements from the guys marked the incoming delivery.

Friend: ‘Bro.’

Their dicks swapped holes again and Master went all out on Kitty, pumping her so hard another orgasm just weakened her legs instantly. His load came shortly after and lined her vagina with his man juice, forcing them deeper as his hammering continued. His friend came around the same time too but Roxy had fainted from his violence, but still given her share of cum although unconsciously.

Kitty, who was awake, licked Master dry before she went to put on her clothes, as instructed. Master’s friend carried his girl into the bedroom and walked the couple to their car, giving his best wishes before they drove off.

Kitty: ‘Master. Do you want me to suck?’
Master: ‘Have a good rest. You did well today.’

She caught a nap till they reached home, where they got naked like how they always were in their own house. Master tucked Kitty into bed first to finish up his last bit of work, and woke her up with his gentle massage on her excellent pussy.

Kitty (whispering): ‘Thank you Master.’

He joined her in bed after she came and slept till morning, where her mouth hosted his morning wood as his alarm. She was the only reason he remained fit, so he could cum as much as she needed to be fucked. A good girl married to a faithful husband.

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