A Special Love

Baby: ‘Elson, lower your pants and don’t say a word.’

He knew where they were headed for once he was made to lie on his bed, not allowed to touch her anywhere. His underwear disappeared in a flash and the tall erection stood eye to eye with his girlfriend.

For once, she put the lube on his dick head and smeared them all over sensually, without so much a rush to jump into anything. Her active, nimble fingers covered every area including his sensitive balls, and there was no lack of gasps and groans from him.

She held his dick like a gearstick and placed her thumb over his pee hole, nails slowly pointing into where he felt most vulnerable at. There was no mercy given when she vibrated her finger pointing down his dick, blasting muffled moans into the air as he struggled with the uncontrollable tremors.

Part one of the torture came to an end after he gave in, begging for mercy and apologising for all he had not done. Well, he wasn’t allowed to do anything anyway. The huge relief came once she left go of his dick, swapping with her mouth that descended swiftly down his shaft. His lungs’ worth of air expelled into the room as she stayed down, clouding his senses with the immediate deep throat.

Elson (groaning): ‘Gawwwwwddddd.. ‘

He sounded most agonising at that point but it only spurred Baby on, repeating it a few times before he yanked her hand away. Unable to utilise her two limbs, she bobbed her head handsfree up and down his dick, sucking all his energy out with fast, deep strokes. Elson only had a brief moment of rest before being sent back to his desperate groans again, to her relentless sucking.

Elson (panting): ‘What are you doing to me?’

She finally lifted her head away and revealed the swollen red piece of cock she mustered. Never had he seen that size on him, besides the bloodshot colour it was in. Baby seamlessly got the condom from their play pouch and rolled it on, unafraid to get any pre-cum on the exterior. It is forever sexy to watch his girl cap him on, reminding him of her emphasis on the use of protection.

Baby squatted slowly over his dick and planted her knees firmly into the bed, tying her hair into a ponytail he had longed for. The momentary weakness he spotted on her face when she sat down threw him off his feet, for he knew she was feeling as horny as he was. She started by rocking her hips back and forth on his groin, scooping his dick around in her vagina walls that was both soft and warm.

Her back-front movements gradually changed to a grinding one, riding him by sliding her hips up and down his groin. The immediate scene of him fucking her in missionary came to wake his senses, replicating every deep slams he made by making even bigger ‘slides’ on top. His moans escaped freely as she went faster, making cute squeals as she felt his manhood caressing from within.

The rubbing fingers on her own clit added tightness around his shaft, choking it to get more blood into it to fill her up indirectly. There was no sanity left in Elson when she began riding really fast, jerking her pussy in the direction of his face.

Elson (groaning): ‘Are you.. going to.. keep going till I cummmmm.. ?’
Baby (moaning): ‘UH.. HUH!’
Elson (groaning): ‘Cause I’m cumming soon! Baby!’

She suddenly slid backwards down his thighs and leaned towards his dick. The condom came off like an ejection seat and her mouth took over the job straight. Her head slammed hard on his groin until he was shaking non-stop again, clutching her wrists hard as his cock grew thicker.

Elson: ‘ARGHHH!!!’

Her throat had wrapped around his dick head in an overwhelming warmth that caused his load to blast into her mouth. She kept moving up and down to get every drop out of him, cramping up his abs to the powerful jets of cum pouring into her mouth.

After a minute plus, his head dropped onto the pillow, arms falling away in an indescribable tireness. When her lips left his cock, she climbed to the side near the edge of the bed to show him his cum. Swirling in her jaws, she was smiling when she swallowed them down. Falling onto the same pillow, she cuddled him and ‘walked’ her fingers to his dick.

Feeling her gentle hand massaging his expended rod, his hard on returned to him before he realised.

Baby (whispering): ‘Again?’
Elson: ‘I wanna do you doggy this time!’

She automatically went on her fours with her feet wide apart, and he parked his meat right deep into her. Now hard and rubberised, he gripped her waist firmly in preparation for his revenge.

Elson: ‘Ready?’
Baby: ‘Mmm~ *pause* ..AHHH!’

One powerful stroke, in repeat mode. Guess whose mind was raped this time?

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