Gemini Couple

Denny (whispering): ‘There’s no one else?!’
Liying: ‘I think so. The movie started some time already.’

His hand immediately dropped over her denim shorts that was teasing him so much with her butt cheeks, tickling her thighs till her feet went on the seat. She pulled her shorts down just low enough for him to stick his hand between her legs, and felt his eager fingers spreading her pink lips.

Liying (whispering): ‘Hey.. not fair. Take it out too.’

They used one hand each to pry his erection out, which a salty scent filled the air quickly. Liying then took a sip from her cup of Cola before bending over his lap, ‘rinsing’ his cock in a fizzy soda and drinking it down after. Her moans couldn’t stop with his moving fingers, and she was kept so weak she couldn’t rise from her blowjob position. Since he was so good, the loving girlfriend went down on him again, sucking his manhood hard and tall in her mouth.

Denny: ‘I’m especially hard today huh?’
Liying: ‘Mhmm!’

Her lips skidded on his shaft till she was completely breathless, coming to rest with his fingers now piercing into her pussy. Restrained by her shorts, she could only open so wide for him and he simply felt so ‘big’ in the narrow space. They were losing control over their own hormones as they yearned for each other, wishing so hard they could do it right there and then.

Liying (whispering): ‘Condom?’

He whipped the silver foil out of his bag and she capped him on, still thrusting wildly into her overflowing pussy. The instant he was done, she got up and side-stepped to his seat, lowering her ass over his feet shoulder-width apart. The two excited teens spent more than enough time to get his dick into her right hole, trapping him in a pussy he never felt before.

Besides being tight, she was just so seductive in front of him. That sexy slim waist, mounted on a curvy hip recovering from anorexia. What more could he asked for? He slipped his hands under her cropped muscle tee and groped her B cups, both firm and perky in his grip.

Denny (whispering): ‘Lean forward a bit.’

She perched her arms on the empty seat in front and he half-squatted behind her. Engaging gear two thrust at her bouncy ass, her boobs stayed in his palms as he jerked. Liying was extremely wet that moment from the thrill of doing it in the cinema, and couldn’t help feeling extra tight over her boyfriend’s cock. His desperate sounding groans were totally unlike their bedroom sex, as if he was being tortured willingly.

Liying: ‘Fuck.. I’m going to cum!’
Denny: ‘And here I thought I was the only one.’
Liying (moaning): ‘Keep going dear.. pump it all inside me.’

She held on tighter on the edge of the headrest as he rammed faster, barely going deeper blocked by her full moon. Unsatisfied by his depth, he peeled her ass cheeks open to cause a yelp from her, signalling him of his deeper reach.

The last wave of energy unleashed into her pussy in fierce, energetic thrusts, sending her mind into a trance as she held dearly for her life. He soon felt her vagina contracting around his shaft, pushing him over the edge as she stumbled backwards.

Liying: ‘Nnnggghhh!’

His butt slammed onto the seat to her pussy devouring him deeper than ever, triggering his load that pumped agonisingly hard into the condom. Denny was quick to reach for her clit to keep her orgasm going, further milking his cum out of the exhausted dick. Her head dropped onto his shoulders as he massaged that sore clit, taking a few minutes to catch their breaths.

Denny: ‘Come, sit down properly.’

She slipped back down to her space and the condom was dumped into their empty popcorn box. Before he could pack his dick, she stopped him and took another sip from her straw. The same fizzy tingle sparked Christmas lights in his head till he was clean, and then was allowed to put his dick back.

Liying: ‘I don’t know if we will ever do this again. This empty hall.. ‘

Her shorts and bra was back in place, and they finished the movie with naps in between. After a light dinner, they went back to her place in a heated mood to get it on again. What bliss to be attached with a girl whom didn’t mind sex all the time, and a guy who is always hard for her.

Well, their foreplay started long ago in the lift up to her place, making her walk back to her house without a bra.

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