Bubbly View

Bubbles (whispering): ‘Daddy! I can’t believe this really happened.’
Me: ‘What? Did I promise you a reward if you did well?’

She climbed over my lap in a bra top from Uniqlo and a grey flare skirt, planting her panties on my bulge. There was no way she could have missed that bump under her skirt and proceeded to grind back and forth, while watching myself contain the deep dark desires. I gently placed my hands around her neck and pulled her in for a kiss, feeling those soft lips on mine.

We had found a nice spot around our house to cuddle, and Bubbles was barely affected by our PDA – since there was no one around. Our passionate kiss only grew wilder as my hands ran up her spaghetti top, fondling her B cups under the padding. A on-off flick of my fingertips on her nipples immediately made her legs close, followed by more wriggling of her waist.

Bubbles: ‘Daddy.. take it out.. ‘

She helped to undo my pants, fishing out my manhood easily in my underwear-less state. My elongated dick was soon under her moist panties, massaged in random strokes in every direction. Moving on to peel one of her shoulder straps down, I pried the cups open to see her beautiful brown nipples, erected from my earlier contact.

The impatient girl pushed my head onto one side as soon as I took my breath, rolling me around to make sure I covered every angle. She always fantasised about having those nipples loved but never told me about it. This time, she was determined to make me pay back for all the times I had ignored them.

Bubbles (moaning): ‘Daddy.. my panties are getting too wet. Can I take them off?’
Me: ‘I’ll have to put him back then.’
Bubbles: ‘Just for a while.’

The zip went over my unforgiving hard on and her movements got more gentle, careful not to hurt him with the metallic teeth. I shifted one hand under her skirt to cover her clit with my thumb, and rubbed her slowly in circular motion. Her enthusiastic body jerked erratically as I vibrated faster, till she threw her arms over my neck in a tight hug.

Bubbles: ‘Daddy~ ‘

An extra bit of juices leaked out of her and my shorts caught some of it. The exhausted girl couldn’t move and I had to carry her to my side, adjusting the complaining cock in my pants at the same time.

Bubbles: ‘What are you doing Daddy?’
Me: ‘Getting ready to eat.’

Her knees split opened wildly under my grip and my mouth slammed onto her groin instantly. Her body fell backwards in shock and I kept moving my slippery tongue around her pussy. Making extra effort on her clit, her hips trembled in a cute manner every time I teased her. The long licks along her slit got her to moan dangerously loud to a point she had to cover her mouth.

Poking rapidly into her entrance, the deadly temptation forced her to pull me in harder. Well, there was no way I could get any deeper could I? I fumbled my pocket for her favourite toy and it pacified her almost immediately. The soft tip of the vibrator pressed onto her clit and my fingers filled her vagina up adequately.

She got immensely wet the moment the two-pronged attack began, shutting her pussy so tight I had trouble forcing my fingers inside. I kept going for as long as I could but an old man only had that much energy. The sensible Bubbles then pulled me away and replaced it with my other hand holding her toy.

Still vibrating, I thrust it as far as it could reach, causing an orgasm to trap the toy motionless. Detecting her climax, I covered my mouth over her pussy and sucked all the juices’ worth out of her. She couldn’t stop shaking till her rising hips fell back onto the step, panting quickly out of breath.

Bubbles (panting): ‘Daddy. Enough enough!’

I placed her feet neatly together and she slid past the step I was on. Finally freeing my cock out of his restrictive cage, she wrapped her boney fingers around him to get his attention. Well, she did know it was all hers to play with. Bubbles took a deep breath before she took the head in, unsure of how to move being her first time.

Me: ‘Just press your lips hard and move up and down, as far as you can reach.’

The faithful daughter did as she was told but got tired even before I found the right pressure. Frankly speaking, there was nothing more I could ask from her. We had came this far and she has been accommodating to say the least. How could I bear to tire her out?

Bubbles: ‘Can I use my panties instead?’
Me: ‘Sure girl.’

She threw the cold and wet panties over the tip, covering the shaft as well. The soft silky texture stretched and relaxed over my erection, blowing my senses all over the place with the high contrast in our texture (between her panties and my cock). I let her work on my shaft tirelessly, knowing well that she needed the practice to be better.

My eyes shut in pleasure and the beautiful thoughts of our blissful lives helped me reach my climax. To see my girl working so hard to please Daddy, there was no words for it.

Me (groaning): ‘Daddy is going to shoot now!’

She went faster till hot cum permeated through her thin panties, puffing it up with my load that didn’t seemed to stop. Gasping for air, I had literally blown my next day’s load out of the overexerted cock. Bubbles was full of concern with she saw how weary I was, but not before she made a few more pumps over my sensitive rod.

I had to hold her hand to stop her from driving me nuts, and she simply tucked my dick in with her panties over the head. I fell into her arms after delivering that shot, feeling her daughterly (if there was such word) brushing my tired face.

Still somewhat awake, I took her toy and plunged it into her pussy again, sending her gripping my arms tightly while she came another two times, both hard and life-draining. When we left that place, none of us could walk properly and barely said anything. As worn out as we were, we had spent our bonding session well.

Bubbles: ‘Daddy. Are you working on Wednesday?’
Me: ‘It should end at 3pm. Why?’
Bubbles: ‘I finish school the same time too.’

We fixed that afternoon for our next session and we went our separate ways home.

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