Dark Grey Area

Me: ‘Bubbles?’

The secondary three student had changed from her dress into a small white spaghetti top and a pleated grey skirt, leaving a tiny gap at her waist to hint her unbelievably tiny hips. I had wore a formal white and black attire, to give the ‘teacher’ look before we went for tuition.

Settling for an empty table in a void deck, she handed an exercise book to me. Two blue notes was firmly clipped between two pages, and kept the whole book as agreed.

Me: ‘Did you pass the class test?’
Bubbles: ‘Uh huh. 78 out of 100.’
Me: ‘Whew. I thought the toys would distract you too much.’
Bubbles: ‘I already told you they won’t right? So any rewards for me?’
Me: ‘Let’s go up and I’ll tell you.’

We already knew the bigger plan for that evening, that was to live out the one fantasy that would put a connection into our relationship. What could be a better plan for us to play ‘teacher-and-student’ right? As we climbed the stairs to a quieter floor, I did not wait too long for awkwardness before I cornered her on a wall.

Tilting her chin up, I smeared my lips on her apple-flavoured lip balm, and fell into her alluring tongue teases quickly. Our mouths never left each other for more than two seconds everytime we need to take a deep breath, maintaining our distance for me to slip my hands under her top. Just like she said, the B cups felt firm in my palms, and the soft squeezes kept her moaning.

Me (whispering): ‘I can tell you’re super excited.’
Bubbles (whispering): ‘can you not?!’

I unbuckled my belt and let my dick spring out into her hand, feeling the most tender fingers exploring the curves of that man rod. She was making me squirm by rubbing her fingertips against every area, especially on the tiny valley behind the dick head.

Bubbles: ‘It feels sensitive here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. As sensitive as.. here.’

Moving up her skirt, the thongs went to her knees and slid sensually across her thighs to where she was most uptight about – her pussy. Making a few long strokes along the multiple folds of flesh, I curled my middle finger under her clit and vibrated, till her legs were wobbling.

Bubbles (moaning): ‘Oh god.. it feels so good to have someone else touching it.’
Me (panting): ‘It’s no different here.’

We moved to a spacious area at the bottom of the flight and got her to sit three steps above. Completely stripping her undies off, I found a comfortable spot to sit between her legs. This part, was what she had been wishing to happen since she discovered pleasure.

My mouth went to her pussy and I landed the first swipe of my tongue, brushing along her slit to her clit. Splitting her labia wider, it was as good as kissing her lips, but way wetter. I slanted my head sideways and pecked on the swollen nub, slowly going into a frantic make out session with the twitching oyster.

Moving like a snake, I slithered everywhere I could reach, and her hands in my scalp guided me around. Her breasts continued to receive my attention in my hand, increasing her volume as her chest rose faster.

Bubbles (whispering): ‘I wish you could fuck me hard right now.’

I knew my limits with a girl her age and kept working my tongue, sucking her clit so hard it got even bigger. Her hands pushed my head harder into her groin as a shiver built up, giving me little air until she came with a small stream leaking out of her. After another few minutes of gentle licking, there wasn’t much wetness left, since I had licked up most of her juices. The exasperated look on her face was priceless for someone whom just received her first oral treat.

Me: ‘Now, the toys.’

I opened the pouch containing her latest buys to retrieve the silver dildo. A single slide across her pussy lubricated the toy and I guided it slowly into her. Sitting right next to her, she reached for my cock and used it as a stress toy while the dildo disappeared into her.

The moment I started thrusting, her hand moved at the same speed and we were moaning sensually into each others’ ears. Her hips gyrated erratically on the step as I picked up speed, pumping it as fast as I could through her narrowing hole. More resistance came from inside her as she clenched my dick to an ache, but I did not have to endure long after she came all over my hand.

Droplets landed on the step under us and she snuggled safely into my chest. The best part left her breathless and too weak to do anything. We stayed in that position for some time until I felt my dick move again, this time, to a more erotic stimulation with different strength.

Bubbles (whispering): ‘Teacher’s turn.’

We used the included lubricant to ease the strokes, and she got the hang of it pretty fast. In no time, I became the one hugging her and shaking uncontrollably, sighing the word ‘fuck’ repeatedly. She had been using my physical response to adjust her speed, but I knew it was injustice to just describe the whole sensation as ‘mindblowing’.

When I found my composure again (after she got tired), I took control of her pace on my dick. Pumping at a rhythm along a designated length, I could feel the urge accumulating in my balls. She followed my tempo and found a comfortable angle, giving me her last burst of energy to get me off.

Me (whispering loudly): ‘shooting now!’

She pointed my dick away from us and froze to the first big throb of my muscles, launching the white fluid into the distance. The confused girl let me hold her hand and jerked when I needed it, until the eight or nine bursts were over.

Bubbles: ‘Wow.’

She unhooked her fingers one by one in order not to come in contact with my cum, but brushed the last drop on the tip with her index. Feeling the stickiness on her fingertips, I guess she was in ‘science’ mood then.

While she had little to wear back, I took my time to make sure everything was back in place. Her panties was squeezed into a bundle and kept in her bag, carefully stowed away along with her new toys.

Me: ‘Did Bubbles like the reward?’
Bubbles: ‘A lot! You?’
Me: ‘A lot more.’

On our way down, she double checked the items I promised and took a selfie without me.

Bubbles: ‘Teacher, will you eat me out again? I don’t think I want to find someone else at this moment.’
Me: ‘Sure Bubbles. Day after tomorrow?’
Bubbles: ‘Deal!’

She playfully pushed her panties into my bag before we left, with a weird-to-others but satisfied sense of achievement. Study hard Bubbles! And you’ll get your rewards – or punishment if you failed.

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