With Anqi drunk in Ethan’s room, it was only justifiable to start on his little plan to test her for her limits. She had fell onto her side while watching TV and her panties were exposed under the flaring skirt. She only had a thin white spag covering her top and supporting her boobs were a pair of leopard printed push up bra. She was literally his fuck toy, but up till now, that thought had only remained as his fantasy. Staring at her butt, he knew she was almost out but still awake, scrolling through her FaceBook on her phone.

Ethan: ‘Anqi, you ever used a vibrator?’
Anqi: ‘A vibrator? No? What’s that?’

Ethan sighed and went to his wardrobe to take out a pink toy, with an oval shaped egg connected to a rounded rectangular remote. He handed the egg to her and guided her hand to place it on her panties, right above her pussy. Ethan then turned it on and the vibration shocked her to the point she threw it onto the bed. Smiling in his red face, he took it and placed it directly where her pussy was, allowing the toy to buzz her to wetness. Although she enjoyed the pleasure the toy brought her, she did not take over the toy until Ethan grabbed her hand to use it on herself.

Navigating the egg around her pussy, she found the spot where it was most sensitive and kept it on for some time, before giving a tiny shiver and soaking her panties till the colour of it had darkened. Ethan knew she had learnt how to use it and would keep going for as long as the batteries lasted. Straight away, he went to the study desk to take a bottle of popper and placed it right to her nose, which she inhaled a few deep breaths of it.

Immediately, the toy went over the waistband of her undies and directly onto her clit. How could Ethan let her panties obstruct his view right? So, he tugged the set of black underwear away until he could see that the egg had disappeared into her, while her fingers rubbed vigorously on the clit.

The two of them had been close friends for a long time, and she would often drop by at his place before heading to the private institute that was a stone’s throw away. Some of her clothes had been with him, so it was more of a pitstop for her. Some of the days, she would spend the day sleeping at his house, skipping the day of classes, and then copying Ethan’s notes when he returned home. That was how lazy she was.

No doubt she was a lazy girl, but her smartness made up for it and in exchange, naiveness got the better of her and she still wasn’t very aware of sex and stuff, except for masturbation. This toy that Ethan worked on her, was slowly opening her up, and the toy kept buzzing non-stop. Ethan knew exactly how she remained slim and sexy, by throwing up all the food she ate, and exercising a lot. So, you can only imagine how muscular her limbs were, with a slender tight figure.

After about ten minutes of her cumming non-stop, Ethan got up to remove his pants and underwear, giving her a good look at his horizontal standing manhood. He dragged her across the bed until she was aligned in sleeping position, head resting on the pillow. With the bed slightly higher than normal, it had the perfect height for him to poke his dick into her mouth, and let her suck on it in anyway she wanted. The innocent lips were massaging his cock while her tongue licked everywhere on the meat between her teeth. Never once she let her teeth touched him, and the depth he went was enough to let any one choke, but not Anqi.

She let him mouth fuck her for a few minutes before he pulled out, going to her rear which was still attached to the vibrator. He placed the bottle into her palm and she brought it to her nose, sniffing as fast as she could. He slowly removed the egg that was inside her and let her use it on her clit, before lowering his body further so as to achieve the desired angle. Again taking his time, he pushed his little head into her pussy and one of her legs rose to welcome him in.

Once he was halfway in, he took her hand with the bottle, and drew a few breaths from it, before ramming his dick all the way in and jerking her violently. Anqi felt just a little pain but the pleasure that she received, with the bottle of popper next to her nose, was too overwhelming to reject and she simply allowed him to keep going.

Just like a masturbation addict, there was no blood and her moans gradually got wilder, repeatedly whispering yes yes yes. Ethan knew there was no turning back and so he continued to pump his rod into her delicate folds, turning them red and sore but still needed. As Anqi’s body was still jerking up and down from the force, she had began to turn and faced upwards to the ceiling, where Ethan appeared and his hips banging against her groin.

He took the bottle and placed it away, and then both her hands to her calves.

Ethan: ‘Hold your legs up.’

She listened and with his help, her legs were on his shoulders, dick piercing even deeper into her. The stream of juices that was flowing out of her had lubricated their speed well and she was caught in a chain of orgasms that shook her body non-stop. Looking at how well he was doing, Ethan took the pair of scissors nearby and cut her shirt, and bra away. With the two fleshy lumps shaking in front of him, his hands found where they belonged and kneaded away, flicking her nipples so hard it hurt her a little.

Still, she kept her legs raised and together, while her friend just kept thrusting. The vibrator that was neglected did not rest long either. Anqi found it under her butt and she brought it back to her clit, which made her squeeze even tighter so that Ethan was feeling all of her.

The view from above turned him on so much that he found himself unable to control much longer. He pried her legs open and leaned over her body, kissing her passionately for the first time of their friendship. Finally drained of energy, his head fell next to her and the hot air just made Anqi even crazier.

Ethan (whispering): ‘I am cumming.’
Anqi (whispering): ‘Inside me.’

He picked up his pace and his dick expanded just that bit before it exploded, squirting the thick cum into her that knew no tomorrow. It wasn’t to the extreme of filling her to a leakage, cause he had been pulling out as he sprayed. Finally, his dick popped out from her pussy with a flick across her clit. Immediately, the egg went into her like a plug and Anqi trembled for the last time while her fingertips rubbed on the swollen clit.

Heaving for their breaths, the satisfied look on both their faces told each other more than words could say. With the egg inside Anqi’s pussy and the controller in Ethan’s hands, they did not rest for too long before her mouth went to work again, sucking him to a full length, ready for a second round.

Was it that easy to get laid? Or is Anqi just a little blur to know what just happened?

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