Great Possession

Jason: ‘Baby, you’re going to wear this today.’

He threw the set of a a tiny bralet top and a piece of small black cotton skirt that was so thin that it would be translucent under strong light. Alice had never wore such suggestive clothes before, usually dressed in her dress or shirt and tight denim shorts. Since it was her boyfriend’s birthday, she decided to go with her and put on the revealing two piece outfit.

The bra top was so short that it created a gap under her chest and the skirt was too light to feel secure. But knowing how possessive Jason was, she did not voice her discomfort and went out with him in that. They made their way to the coffee shop under her flat for breakfast and all the guys’ eyes were on her, scanning up and down like a pack of wolves looking at a tasty piece of meat.

Alice (whispering): ‘My skirt is so short!’
Jason: ‘So is your top. Just bear with it today for me k?’

Alice sat down with her legs crossed but could not pull the skirt any lower to cover her upper thighs, revealing that bit of the lacy edges of her black briefs. Jason ordered her favorite egg prata and they ate without much conversation. After he was done eating, he reached into his sling bag and took out a tiny vibrator, not longer than her pinky’s length and passed it to her.

The neighboring tables could totally make out what toy he just handed to her but she had no say to turn it down. Quickly, she took it from him and finished the last piece of prata. After that walking to the unpleasant smelling toilet to ‘install’ that toy. From the moment she stood up, the opposite tables had looked at her skirt and caught the upskirt revealing her laced underwear against her pink slit. Two older guys even walked to the toilet too to see her up close.

Alice went to the squatting cubicle and pulled her briefs down under her skirt, and gave the toy a lick before pushing it inside her sensitive slit. It wasn’t too big for her, so it sat inside her without giving her much trouble moving around. She appeared in front of Jason who was waiting and they made their way to the bus stop to head to Plaza Singapura for a movie. As she got on the bus, the height she had to raise her feet again exposed her underwear to the bus driver and there was nothing she could do to pull her skirt any lower to cover her exposed thighs. Filled with embarrassment, her long hair blocked most of her face for the ride.

Bringing her all the way to the back of the upper deck, he let her sit near the window and holding the remote control in his hand, he turned it on and sent it vibrating. Alice immediately sat up in surprise and controlled her expression so as not to show the passengers around how turned on she was getting.

Jason (whispering): ‘Baby, remove your panties.’
Alice: ‘Huh? Here?’

All he gave was a tilt of his head and she raised her butt to pull that lacy black briefs off. Tucking it into her bag, she was now fully at his control to protect her if anyone tried to take advantage. He pulled one of her thighs open and slipped his fingers under her skirt, stopping on her clit and giving it a slow and rhythmic massage in circles. Alice could only place her head against the glass window with her eyes closed while enjoying the masturbation her boyfriend was doing for her, climaxing after about three minutes of continuous rubbing. After which, he let her touch herself and the delighted expression on her face appeared once she began to finger her pussy. Although the toy was in the way, she was satisfied with just feeling the entrance contract as she thrust.

The long bus ride came to an end and she was feeling less conscious about her dressing, walking hand in arm with her boyfriend straight to the cinemas. Once seated, they waited for the lights to dim before she heard his zip going down and a piece of 6 inch sausage appearing. Alice brought her palm to her mouth and a puddle of saliva aided the handjob to get him started, thereafter, the vibrator buzzed away and her head disappeared below the headrest, going down on him without hesitation. At the far end where they were seated, another guy was also enjoying the same treatment from his partner, giving each other a thumbs up in recognition.

With her head held down by Jason, she could not rest but she wasn’t too tired either. Her mouth was filled with saliva from facing downwards and she knew she was doing a good job with the deep breaths her guy was drawing. Her tongue continued to circle around his tip and lips kept stroking up and down his shaft. About five minutes later, his hands pressed even harder on her head and the streams of cum sprayed into her mouth, generously coating her tongue and when he let her free, she turned his head to her mouth and swallowed with her mouth opened.

The rest of the show went on with him fingering her pussy to a small patch on the seat, vibrator out of the way in her hand. Finally, the lights came back on and they waited till the credits were over before leaving the place. At the stairs to exit, Jason sat her down on one of the steps and instructed her to masturbate in front of him. Knowing that he would take care of her, she opened her panty-less legs and adjusted her skirt just high enough not to stretch the material too much.

Her fingers dipped into her wet hole and they just kept going until she reached an orgasm. Just as she was about to start on the second lap, the door they came out of suddenly opened and a couple barged through, with the girl on the guy’s body and kissing passionately. The situation caused the two girls to stop what they were doing and tided their clothes as though nothing had happened.

The unknown pair walked down to the steps Jason was on and the guy simply asked his girl to sit with Alice.

Man: ‘I think you know what she was doing right? Why not you do the same?’

She looked at Jason shyly and sat herself down, opened her legs to the similar panty-less sight and worked her fingers on the clit. Alice saw what she was doing and somehow, the control of the guy over his girl was so powerful she felt obliged to continue her act too. So Alice sat down and spread her legs, fingers returning to what she was doing.

Jason: ‘Alice, you think you can help your friend over there?’

Immediately, her fingers pulled out and reached straight for the girl’s pussy, sinking them all the way in till she gave off a long moan. Alice did not just put it inside and not move, but was wriggling around her pussy until the tensed body relaxed before she started to finger fuck her. The girl wasn’t insensible either. She reached for Alice’s pussy and fingered her the same, the two of them masturbating at the same pace and moaning at different pitches.

The man stepped in front of his girl pulled his berms down, showing his manhood in front of her. With one hand free, she grabbed it and brought it to her mouth, sucking it till it was all red and hard. He then stuck his hand out for her to hold on to and pulled her to her feet. Alice too, was about done and she got up ready to go with Jason.

Man: ‘You two need a place? My car is nearby.’
Jason: ‘Why not?’

The two couples made their way all the way to the carpark and the seven seater proved more than spacious for whatever the guys were planning. The doors slid opened and the second row of seats were lowered to make two beds for them. Jason got in and the man walked away with his girl, to another corner for their own fun. Surprised at the offer, they had the whole vehicle to themselves and Alice was excited too. She removed her top via a zip at the back of her top, and skirt too, with just a tug. Jason’s pants disappeared in no time and they began kissing in the backseat, frenching each other like hungry lions.

With her pair of boobs freed, he was grabbing them and squeezing them to a sore. Her mouth went down his body for a short blowjob to get him ready and it did not take long at all. Pinning her boyfriend on the backseat, she jumped on his lap and lowered herself down his cock, letting it fill her emptiness to the tip. Once fully parked, she began to hop in small motion, on top of him, letting his cock pump pre-cum into her.

Jason was enjoying how wild she was, but it wasn’t enough for him. Impatience got the better of his little head and he turned her around, to put her on the seat before pumping into her in missionary. In the new position, his balls could reach her butt and was thrusting so deep into her the car could barely contain her screams. She wrapped her legs around him and was trying to pull him closer, but it was as deep as he would reach.

Jason: ‘Baby, I’m cumming!’
Alice: ‘No no! Change change.’

He knew what position she loved, and so he let her get on her fours on the seat. He got up and out of the car, bottomless. The passenger door remained opened as he positioned himself outside the car, behind Alice, pushing her legs together to get a more – compact feel. Squeezing his dick into her tight cunt, he felt the ache from the intense pressure her walls were creating. But nonetheless, his hips were pounding deep into her with the tightness that had numbed him a little. On and on they went, making Alice climax round after round. She knew she was dead tired, but the pleasure she was getting was too good to stop.

With the extended duration before cumming, Jason finally gave way and pulling his girl’s tiny waist backwards, his dick pierced into her deepest spot and the warm goo flooded her pussy. It was such a warming and fulfilling sensation that she just had to squeeze him with all her might not to let him out of her. Still, after about twenty seconds, he got out and let her lick his dick clean of any juices. As Alice dressed herself in the car, he gave a wave to the couple that was smoking in sweat at the far end. They went their separate ways with a handshake and the car disappeared out of the carpark.

Alice having her desires met and urges curbed, the fact that she was still panty-less with a vibrator did not bother her too much and the upskirt views she gave was considered a gift to all the non-participants for her boyfriend’s birthday. The rest of the day at her place was another story as she was fucked around the house naked, in front of windows and even for a few moments at the corridor.

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I was thinking about how some girls would go out of their comfort zone for the guys they loved. And in the moment of heat, some surprises might just come for the both of them.

Did it resemble any experience you had before?

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