Sit In

Rick went to Nikki’s place per normal and right in the living room, was her sister, Stacie, on the shared desktop doing her stuff. She was in her usual attire, a tank top, probably braless as a pair of navy coloured shorts, legs crossed on the chair while her sister lazed in her room waiting for him. A simple wave of hands greeted her and he went into her room, ready to strip to his underwear to handle the hot weather. That day, he had a plan to give Nikki a treat to BDSM sex with a blindfold just for introduction.

Wasting no time, he handed her a spandex mask that had a hole cut for her ponytail, and her mouth. Since the material was thin, there was extra padding sew under the eyes to prevent any light from entering. Just wearing her newly bought two piece bikini, she pulled the mask over and waited on bed, listening to the soft classical music playing from her laptop. Rick took the rubber dildo and hid it behind him while he went out of the room to the kitchen to give the toy a quick rinse.

Stacie had been watching him since he exited her sister’s room, catching a glimpse of the six inch long transparent toy he held. She left her seat after closing the browser to see if she could join the activities he always had with Nikki. Walking next to him, he was caught off guard when she spoke while the toy was running under the tap.

Stacie: ‘Rick, is it okay if I just watch whatever my sister is doing with you?’

It was a moral decision since they were sisters, and in no way he wanted to hurt their relationship. Probing into the sudden interest, he learnt that she was just curious about what they did that sent her sister moaning and screaming so loudly in her room, something Stacie had no experience in. Giving her precise instructions, Stacie was excited about the invitation to sit in during their session.

He stepped into Nikki’s room first and held the door for her sister to enter, and find a comfortable spot in a corner. He then continued with removing his underwear and let his dick bounce free in the air-conditioned room. Rick brought Nikki’s hands to him while lying on the bed and she just felt around, moving up his legs, dragging her nails along her inner thighs before her hand finally wrapped around his manhood. It was the perfect thickness for her as her thumb and middle finger could touch themselves.

In gentle strokes, her handjob picked up pace and the pre-cum was rubbed over the tip of his dick. After it was glistering with the wet shine, her mouth went down on it and the whole length just disappeared, to Stacie’s surprise. Her sister’s mouth went up and down the rough surface of the upright standing rod, while her hands occasionally gave squeezes to his testicles, sending him twitching and groaning.

Nikki (whispering): ‘Shhh.. my sister might hear you.’
Rick: ‘But you yourself are moaning so loudly when we’re doing it.’
Nikki: ‘It’s different!’

Her mouth went on for a few more deep strokes before she pulled out, fumbling around to get on the pillows. Her body laid comfortably on the soft mattress and Rick crawled between her legs, going down on her with his tongue out. The moment he landed on her clit, her hips rose and her hands just went into his hair to push him harder. With his skills, he knew how much she enjoyed the tiny quick flicks that he would always do for her.

Stacie had moved herself behind him and silently removed her tank top. Her body then pressed onto Rick’s back and hands went around his waist, to his dick so she could give the tool a feel for herself. The warmness and vigour it had was truly astonishing, for a girl who never touched one before. Still wet from her sister’s saliva, she started to stroke him lightly while he increased his speed on Nikki’s pussy.

Nikki: ‘Oh my god! It feels so good. You’re especially energetic today huh?’

Having no space to reply, he just kept going while her sister helped him with her hands. She did not spend too much time behind though, later shifting her position to sit at the base of the bed. Her head would have a perfect view of his dick if she looked upwards, and that was the angle she wanted. Stacie pushed herself against the bed and her head went between Rick’s legs. His dick was pushed down slightly to point at her mouth and he helped by lowering the height of his hips, shoving the meat stick into her mouth.

Sucking on it like a baby, her naive tongue poked into his pee hole and then went around the little head, before letting him thrust his hips downwards, using her mouth at his own pace. With the extra stimulation, his two hands went forth to Nikki’s breasts and massaged them with force. Still unaware of the third party in the room, the blind girl was enjoying how much attention she was getting, treating the extended cunnilingus to her favour.

Nikki finally caved in after some time, begging him to put his dick inside her. Carefully, he let his dick exit Stacie’s sore mouth and went north over Nikki’s body. Ready to penetrate her in missionary, the onlooker had squatted down right behind him to capture the moment her sister’s pussy opened for him. With a great ‘front seat’ view, the whole journey of his shaft going inside was memorable for her.

He held her legs wide apart and began moving his hips to and fro, sinking that thick slab of meat into her tiny hole. Rick could see Stacie standing right beside her sister, watching how his dick rubbed against the opening of a vagina, making her squeal and moan so desperately. Still moving himself, he grabbed the dildo that was forgotten and passed it to Stacie, who quickly sat on a chair against the wall, after her shorts were removed, right next to the bed. One of her legs went onto the bed and the toy was guided in after a few licks were given to lube it up. It disappeared without so much a pause and the pace was picking up very quickly, matching the speed and energy level that her sister was receiving.

Although Nikki was moaning like a crazy woman, he knew Stacie was a much sensible girl and did not make a noise as the slurping sounds kept going at her pussy. At the same speed and length, Nikki was soon tired of the position and requested for a change. As soon as Rick pulled out of her, she turned herself over and perked her ass back, spreading her legs beside his knees. He took his time to give his fingers a lick before pushing them inside, fingering her for as long as her sister took to find a suitable support for the position.

With one knee on the chair, the other rested on the bed and only one hand to hold onto the headboard for support. The other hand had been holding the toy and signalling him that she was ready. Rick took his fingers out for another lick to clean the juices off and pierced his way right up her pussy. Holding in that position for a few seconds, Stacie had sunk the toy inside herself as well and watched him go back and forth, slowly at first, before increasing his strokes.

From how he held her sister’s butt, she noticed that he made a few shallow strokes before giving a strong thrust that sent her upper body slamming onto the bed. Now, she finally understood why her sister was getting so loud and in such agonising tone. It was getting too intense for Stacie to handle as well. As he went faster and faster, Nikki knew he was about to cum and she would be more than willing to get all of his seeds inside her.

Nikki: ‘Boyfie, are you cumming?’
Rick: ‘Yeah!’
Nikki: ‘Shoot it all inside me. I want to feel it.’

Stacie could tell Rick totally let himself go as he just pounded faster than his body could handle, going into awkward alternate strokes at times but with one final strong thrust, he pulled her sister’s waist backwards, sticking it close to his hips, while the ungentlemanly groans broke the chain of quick breathing. Nikki had thrown her head backwards as well, as his cum filled up her pussy with the comfortable load.

He pushed himself out of her and fell onto the bed, with Nikki’s ass still in front of him. Stacie pulled the toy out after getting her orgasm and went to where Rick was, pushing her fingers into her sister to scoop out a bit of cum. She just stuck her finger into her mouth without a thought and swallowed it. Rick’s eyes widened and he pointed at the door. Stacie knew what he meant and took the toy with her, closing the door quietly.

The couple in the room were left to do their own clean up, Nikki making her way to the toilet in the kitchen in just a bikini top and towel around her waist. Her sister was nowhere to be found in the living room. As Rick could have guessed, the toy he handed to her was enjoying itself in her room. Rick went into the toilet for a quick shower with his girlfriend and they returned to cuddling on her bed.

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