It was easy sneaking out of the girls’ sleeping quarters after midnight as the whole day was spent on really draining activities organised by Charmaine’s Girl Guides group. As expected, the guys’ room was still brightly lit and laughters were coming out of it. After she had showered earlier, all she wore was a long tank top shirt with a set of silky black panties. It was just uneasy for her to sleep without her usual doses of orgasms. Walking towards the darker row of classrooms, she went into a male toilet and sat herself in one of the cubicles, too lazy to lock the door.

Coincidentally, one of the guys from the NCC group was smoking in the other end of the unused classroom and managed to see her walking sexily in that tight dress of hers, disappearing into the toilets. James threw his cigarette butt on the floor and walked silently to where she was, listening hard the moment he stepped inside. Right at the last cubicle, he could heard the wet slurping sounds and the unmistakable breathing of Charmaine. At that time, they did not know each other, but things would soon be different.

James: ‘Hello?’

Immediately, whatever sounds Charmaine was making stopped and the door clicked to a lock down.

James: ‘Don’t worry. I am James from NCC. Was just doing my prowling.’

The toilet door clicked again and it opened. He made his way in and saw that she was sitting normally over the bowl, but with her shirt pulled tightly to cover her privates. Stepping further in, he closed the door behind him and went closer, until his knees were touching the bowl. Squatting down, he picked her up from her armpits and lifted her to stand, before pulling her body close to his and hugging it tightly.

Being that close to the opposite sex, she could feel his bulge was rubbing against one of her thighs. Deep inside, she was disappointed from the interruption, but sort of anticipating what he would be doing to her. After a long while, he took a step back and pulled her shirt up, until it was free from her body. The scent was so sweet and powerful to James, making him more excited at the random luck he stumbled on. Her braless tits popped out in front of his eyes and he immediately placed his mouth over one of the nipples, sucking and nibbling on it.

It was the first time Charmaine had a mouth over her nipples, and it definitely felt better than tuning it herself. Her head fell backwards and James knew how much she was enjoying it. It was his first time sucking on one too. As he did his work on both sides, Charmaine’s hands had roamed down to his bulge and started to undo his pants. Since it was just a pair of berms, she untied it and pulled it slightly lower before it fell onto the ground.

His dick bounced out from his underwear and she held it firmly in her hand, unsure of what to do next. Knowing that her disappearance might get discovered, there was not much time on hand to experiment. James used one of his hands to guide her up and down his shaft, stroking it till pre-cum was accumulating on the tip.

James: ‘You want to give it a taste?’

Charmaine nodded shyly and sat back down on the toilet seat that was lowered. Looking at the throbbing piece of pink hot flesh in her hand, she took a minute to prepare herself before her mouth went over the top. Giving it a hard suck, she made a pop sound and the rush of cold air pleased James very much. His hands went to the back of her head and gave a push, letting her take his penis all the way until her lips touched the base.

Inhaling sharply, she knew she was doing it right and so, her head was pushed towards him while she slurped on her new toy. As a beginner, she did great and almost got him to cum, but not before he pulled out of her mouth. The urge dwindled down and he was relieved the fun had not ended.

James: ‘Can you stand up and face the wall?’

She knew what was about to happen, that a real life dick would be going inside of her. The desire to give sex a try was simply too strong to deny. She stood up after he made some space and bent her body over the toilet cover. James pulled her panties down all the way to her ankles and she removed one of her legs out of the holes of the underwear. Spreading her legs wider, she was anticipating the entry to be a normal fingering start. But boy she was wrong.

The moment his deep went past her pussy lips, her opening was expanding to the limit and the rest of his cock just slide easily into her wet hole. James knew she could be in pain, so he gave light thrusts as the length disappeared. In no time, he was fully devoured in her love hole and Charmaine almost cried out for him to start banging her.

Strokes after strokes, she was barely coping with the bombardment of pleasure going through her body and mind, and James was doing about the same too. Being the young fifteen year olds, they just had their first sex and it was just overpowering. He kept his grip firmly on her waist as he shoved his cock in over and over again, letting the high flow through both their bodies. With his increasing speed, Charmaine had received her first sexual orgasm and it was just one word to her – addictive.

James being a first timer, did not bother to maintain his speed or tempo, but just rammed hard into her soaked pussy, forcing some of her juices out onto the floor. After a good ten minutes, she was slowly using more of the toilet to support her weak body and he was getting more and more tired from the excitement.

Charmaine: ‘Are you cumming soon?’
James: ‘Yeah. But where do I shoot?’

She slowed him down by placing her hand backwards on his groin, and allowed him to pull out while squeezing him tightly. She sat back on the toilet and took his dick into her mouth, and placed his hands on her head. He shifted his hands to her cheeks and held her in place while he moved his hips at her, pushing the full distance down her throat. Although she was choking, her hands were at his butt pushing him into her mouth until he let go of her cheeks and pushed the back of her head hard.

The strong force of his ejaculation had caught her off guard but there was no way he was releasing his grip. She had no choice but to keep swallowing as his cum poured down her throat, gag reflex too numbed to react. It took him about twenty seconds to finish and when he finally let go, Charmaine coughed really hard but had a smile on her face.

Needless to say, James was confused at her expression but the climax he just experienced was just priceless. He helped put her panties and shirt back on, before giving her a hand up and kissed. The softest warm, wet lips was so tempting that they had problems separating themselves. Charmaine went to the mirror after he left to stand guard at the door and tidied herself before walking out behind him.

Charmaine: ‘Will you be staying for both nights?’
James: ‘I would love to. Why don’t we meet here again? During the prize giving ceremony?’

What a perfect getaway. They knew they could be excused and no one would bother them as they did what they just did, fucking each other in another few positions she wanted to try.

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