Photoshoot Gone Wrong

Me: ‘Hi Mandy! I’m Ben. Jason spoke a lot about you and we’re finally doing the photoshoot.’

Mandy was a shy girl and although Jason had told me a lot about her, it wasn’t as personal as having her right before me. As discussed, she came in a fairly casual outfit of a maxi dress, with a tank top design for her shoulders. Standing at 165cm, her 34B boobs were a handful to hold – that’s if I had the chance. I took the unglamorous plastic bag containing a few sets of clothes for the shoot and brought them into the hotel room. Sad to say, all I could afford at that time was a few hours at one of the commonly known ‘sleazy’ hotels.

She placed her handbag down and went into the bathroom with a set of clothes, also to put on some light make up for the shoot at the same time. After five minutes, she came out of the toilet in a tube bra with a gold plated zip between her cups, and a pair of skirt with the strings of her G-string exposed above her hips. Once she got on the bed that I arranged with the bedsheets placed strategically, I handed her a set of blindfold made of sheer scarf materials so I would not capture her face.

She tied it quickly and laid on the bed sideways, getting into a perfect pose for the first picture of the day. I fired up my camera and hopped around her, snapping at angles that would not make the lack of face a loss to the images. After a few photos, her skirt came off in a striptease speed, allowing my camera to capture the process of her skirt disappearing. Throughout the whole shoot, I had to keep talking so as not to make the situation awkward and so ‘business-like’. Also being an amateur, her perception of sexy poses were helpful to making the best out of the time we spent.

As the long periods of ‘freezing’ in certain positions started to tire her out, I went to my bag to take out a few props that we did not talk about. The pinky length lime green vibrator appeared and laid motionless on the bed before her.

Me: ‘Mind if I get a few pictures of you posing with the toy? It would add some colours and also to help boost my sales.’

She took it and checked the device like a cat encountering a wool ball for the first time. It had a twist-to-activate mechanism and she took a while to find it. Well, she did not have to really use it for the photos. Turning it off in an embarrassed look, she looked at me for prompts on where to place it. So, I climbed back on the bed, and placed the toy in her hand, before moving her hand between her legs.

Me: ‘Lie back, look relaxed. As though you’re using it.’

The shutter sounds fired non-stop as she moved it slowly up her body, to her chest. Then with her other hand, the zip was tugged and I had to admit it was one of the most beautiful shot I had taken. A few other toys were also modelled with and when I was finally out of memory space, it was time to transfer and process some of it.

Me: ‘I’m going to transfer some of the photos out. You can take a break.’

I had my back turned towards her and while clicking away, a soft buzzing sound came about. As a guy, I should be playing dumb, and I did! But it was just so difficult to do that when alone with a girl this attractive and daring. With the file transfer going so slowly, I had nothing to do but remain tormented by the sound of the vibrator working behind me.

Finally, I decided that was it. I reached into my bag and pulled out some straps, got up and threw it onto the bed. I jumped on top of her and I was so lucky to have missed her knee that was getting in position to.. knee my vital organ. I pinned both her hands above her head with one hand and separated the straps with my other. In a struggle, it took me some time to sort out the extra piece of cloth I packed, to mute her, secure both her hands on each corner of the headboard, and then her legs to the bottom corners.

Breathless and sweaty, I took my seat on the only chair in the room facing her and watched her struggle to break free. I knew my straps would hold up. So I took my time, to remove my tight jeans, and pulled my shirt off. Sitting next to her confused body and staring eyes, I slowly unzipped her bra and her pair of soft boobs fell to the sides. Carefully, I held one of them in my hands and gave it a squeeze, massage style. Of course, after I saw her killer eyes, I decided to put the blindfold back on so it would be less menacing for me.

Her facial expression had changed to a frown and it was creating some mixed feelings inside of her. I brought my bag to the bed and took out a pair of nipple clamps, clipping it onto both her nipples that were still soft. It would even get more sore if they had ‘accidentally’ hardened. Her skirt was long out of the way, and those knots at the side of her G-strings made things much simpler. A gentle tug and it fell apart like diapers. I shifted the leg restraints to her knees to hold them further apart, so I could fit something inside of her as well.

The long forgotten labia clips came into the picture and the noobish me took some time to peel her pussy lips apart, and raised her clit high enough to fit the clip over a few of her soft wet folds. Wet – why would she be wet in such a situation? I could only smile at her and worsen the fear she was going through. I had no intentions to rape or do anything invasive, but just to expose her kinky side that was suppressed by her boyfriend who only hurt her with his 9 inches.

The toy that I picked was the slim long one that I had excess stock of, and it went into her so smoothly. Instead of trying to hold her legs from closing, the straps had worked the other way, restricting her from spreading her legs too wide. I moved my position to her hips and faced her pussy, beginning the series of high speed thrust into her with the toy. After all, I still respected Jason who introduced her to me. But it was all for photography sake.

My DSLR was not the king of the show, but it was the compact camera that was sitting at the edge of the table, pointed directly at her. The toy began jamming itself into her sensitive slit and her body responded well, arching and struggling left and right to cope with the unwanted orgasms. With no KPI to the number of orgasms I had to deliver, my hands just kept working, rotating when I felt tired to my other hand. The subtle stream of juices that flowed out of her pussy, was a totally different sight to what was happening. It just dripped steadily onto the bed while her clit was getting swollen.

My fingers had moved up to her clit and I was moving as fast as the toy that was going in and out of her. At one point, her body suddenly went motionless but after checking for her pulse, I took a break to reposition the compact camera on my tripod. The continuous movement of the dildo woke her up after some time and it was then I realised her hands had broken free. With just my underwear on, the buckle securing her legs were unclipped and I was pulled to the bed.

Mandy: ‘FUCK YOU BEN!’

The next thing I knew, she was on top of me and now I realised why exercising was so important. She reached into my underwear and gave my dick a strong squeeze, that almost sent me crying. My testicles were next to go through the pain and I was almost giving up. But instead of dressing up and making her escape, I felt my dick diving up her pussy and she just gave the tightest grip with her muscles.

Bouncing herself up and down like a girl on a bull, I was expecting my dick to break from the roughness. Mandy kept riding non-stop until I was begging for her to stop. She simply ignored me and kept going, pushing me to the limits of my endurance. With my last bit of energy, I jerked my hips upwards and threw her off balance, taking the chance to flip her on the bed and raised her legs up high.

I shoved my dick right back into her and took my revenge. Pumping furiously, I was trying to process how she broke herself free. The slight distraction allowed me to recover from the soreness and when I finally found myself, my dick had said enough. A final thrust into her and my load blew like a handgun, firing all six round deep into her and staying inside after I was done.

Now, how would I be getting out of this situation? I could see that she was totally exhausted and there was little chance of her fighting back. I let myself out of her slowly and she continued to remain panting on the bed. She pulled me down beside her and held my shrinking penis between her fingers, rolling it to let the excess cum drip on my body.

Mandy: ‘So, have you been planning for that?’
Me: ‘No. But you’re just so.. tempting?’
Mandy: ‘I take that as a compliment. And just so you know, it’s a lot you shot inside me.’

I gave her a weak nod and we dozed off for a short while. I woke up before her and packed all my stuff, before wiping her down with the towels provided, and helped her to wear the maxi dress back. This time, she went braless and panty-less, but it was the least of her concern.

Mandy: ‘So when will be the next photoshoot?’

Me: ‘Huh? Umm.. I let you know again?’

Not sure if it was an escape for her, away from her boyfriend, or was it really for the photoshoot. Still, I was happy that I had moved a little closer to monetizing the site I had been working on for a long time. And also to Jason who had made this possible.

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