One Room Two Beds

Michael had a sister that is 3 years his junior, and having watched her grew up, they had each other for as long as they had been living in the three room flat. With one room to their parents, they had to share the last room and the two beds were arranged to face each other, with the middle space as a separator. However, things were changing once he stumbled onto SBF, a forum for a community who shared pictures and videos from around the net, some even posting images of their partners. His views on her sister changed one night when he had turned in earlier but could not fall asleep.

The door opened with a creak and his sister, Steph, tucked herself into bed. As he was facing her direction at first, he could see her eyes lit from the corridor lights and that she was looking at him. Quickly, his eyes shut themselves and he turned normally to face the ceiling. More ruffling from Steph’s side were heard and the next sound he heard was her breathing, that was so audible in the silence of the night. A wet slopping noise came from under her blanket and Michael found himself getting aroused as well.

Imagine a hot sister, 15 years old of age, going about doing her private moments in your presence. His hand went to his hips and into his underwear, stroking himself while listening to her soft moans. To make things more interesting, he breathed harder and quicker, making obvious movements under his blanket. Lifting his eyelids by a little, he saw how she turned herself to face him and had her gaze pointed at his crotch. She did not even notice that he had opened his eyes wide and had been staring at her. In response to the weird happenings in the room, she pulled her blanket away and he could clearly see her hand in her panties, thrusting in and out of her pussy. The angle her hand was in was no doubt accurate.

Taking a leap of faith, he had to say something.

Michael: ‘Mei, you awake?’

She quickly pulled her hand out of her panties and adjusted the blanket over her body.

Steph: ‘Yes?’
Michael: ‘Umm.. can I help you out?’

Seemingly to understand what he meant, she turned her body to face upwards and removed her panties from under the sheets. The blanket was then pushed into the corner against the wall and there was no more movements from her. Michael got off his bed and went to his sister’s, placing one hand on her shirt and the steps of his plans played out in his mind. He laid on her bed next to her and turned towards her, pushing his hand up her shirt and coming into contact with the two lumps on her chest. Still a developing girl, she had a figure that was considered slim and sexy.

With great care, he gave one side a squeeze and she let out a moan in reply. After a few minutes of titty play, his hand moved south and went directly onto her clit, beginning a slow massage on it, going in circles with his fingertips. Her legs opened without any help and he could reach lower between them. Taking his middle finger that was wet with her juices, he let it glide itself in and the long stroke only made his sister squeal so loudly she had to covered her own mouth.

Then slowly, the speed of his fingers going in and out increased and she was clawing him all over his back. As he got to the maximum speed, she just grabbed the end of her pillow and pressed it over her mouth, while screaming and groaning loudly into it. Michael knew he could go all night when his strong forearm, but something was missing. He slowed down and took one of her hands away from the pillow, placing it on his stomach. As expected, she knew what to do and advanced down to his rock hard manhood.

Stroking at the same pace he was going, the slight friction was warm and soothing. In no time, Steph had finally received the third orgasm that threw her into a small fit and her body squirting juices onto her bed. She could not control her body anymore but Michael had been hugging her while she went through that. Finally, her body exhausted itself and she was now tired – or more energised.

She got up in a seating position and let her brother lie on her pillow, a corner slightly damp with her saliva. Sitting close to the wall, she ran her right hand between her legs a few times to get some lubrication. Then, wrapping her fingers around his girth, the sexy forbidden handjob began and it just blew Michael’s mind away. She started by teasing the tip of his dick with her thumb, and just as it got too sensitive for him, a few full-length strokes up and down soothed the ache and she just continued with it. Occasionally poking her nail into his pee hole and then relieving it with the light grip on his dick.

As his watch beeped the hour, it was two in the morning and also time for him to unload. Throughout the ten minutes or so of masturbation by her sister, she was in no rush and took the chance to explore and tease him in every way she could.

Michael: ‘Mei.. Can you help me finish it? It’s getting late le.’
Steph: ‘You sure? Oh ya! You have work tomorrow hor?’

Giving him a cheeky smile, her hand picked up pace and a few drops of saliva from her mouth made things more slippery. She did not rest at any time and just kept moving up and down, finally changing the angle to point his dick at his stomach, which always was a more comfortable position. Pumping her fist faster, his hand suddenly held onto her shoulders and she knew he was about to unload.

Taking a pause, she pointed his dick upwards and placed her mouth just over the mushroom shaped tip, jerking him until he shot her first taste of cum into her mouth. The pulses travelling upwards had intrigued her astonishment thus the jerking did not stop. About eight or nine waves later, his dick was empty and twitched helplessly at her tongue that was going in circles around his pee hole. She lifted her head away and took a moment before swallowing.

Michael: ‘Mei! Why you swallow? You can spit it out ah.’
Steph: ‘Why leh? It tastes alright.’

She cleaned him up with a few strong suck to his dick and then herself with tissues. Michael had returned to his bed and it was then she joined him under the blanket.

Steph: ‘My bed is wet. Hehe.’

Her naked body was especially warm and fragrant, which he hugged tightly on the bed while they fell asleep together.

Incest had been a taboo topic to talk about, less write on. Instinctively, it would be easily agreed that guys were the ones who would bore such sick and perhaps extreme thoughts about their sisters, but that is only true because no girls had expressed themselves on the topic, at least not openly. Who are we to blame the race to be slim in the shortest time, to look the best in all situations? For those girls who had read till this part, have you ever fantasised about the males in your family? Be it father or brother? Give me a little indication that such ladies exist by leaving a comment.

Cousins are not counted FYI.

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