Two Boyfriends

The first time Nicholas saw Jacie was when his brother, Christ, brought her home for the night. Nicholas was in the living room, watching a movie connected to his iPad on the flatscreen, just giving her a simple ‘hi‘ to break the ice. They then proceeded into Christ’s room and the new night noises came about. With the volume on the TV turned down, he could make out how she described her guy’s dick and the details of it going in, throbbing inside her, touching her deepest spot, groin rubbing on her clit, plus the continuous moans and frequent groans. Nicholas could not help but wished his hard on was taken care of as well, yet he did not give in to the audio aid.

Finally, just as his movie were about to end at half past one in the morning, his brother’s room went silent and the door opened. Dressed in just a white blouse, her panties were exposed under the shirt, revealing a little red lace. She looked at Nicholas as she made her way into the kitchen, taking a drink from the fridge. It wasn’t just any drink, it was a bottle of beer. She popped the lid and sat on the old and sinking couch beside him, staring at the end of the movie, going into the credits.

Jacie: ‘Hi. I’m Jacie, what’s your name?’

Nicholas: ‘I’m Nicholas, you can call me Nick though. Tired?’

Jacie: ‘Just a little. I felt like I haven’t had enough. Haha.’

A guilty laugh came out of her and it was like a semi-hint that he could do something. But there was just no way he would touch his brother’s girl.

Nicholas: ‘Haha. Go wake him up for more?’

Jacie: ‘Nah. He took some.. pills to last longer and now, he’s as good as dead.’

Nicholas: ‘Pills?’

Jacie: ‘Yeah! Viagra or something like that. Apparently it did not delay him for too long.’

She looked around at the house and when her eyes landed on his body, she saw the hard on. It was just right there, poking at the thin fabric of the stripped boxers. It was considered decent, since he had a shirt on as well. Jacie almost gave in to her plan to lose her balance reaching for a cushion on the other end of the sofa, across him, but she was not that desperate – yet.

Jacie: ‘So, as his brother.. you ever brought any girls home?’

Nicholas: ‘Nope. Single up till now.’

Jacie: ‘Ouch. Haha. So I guess you make great use of your hands?’

Nicholas: ‘Yeah. My left.’

Jacie: ‘Oh! Same! I am left handed too! Hehe. Ask you ah.. how long do you normally last before you cum?’

Nicholas: ‘Depends ba. If I am tired, it will take about fifteen minutes, if I am not, about ten?’

Jacie: ‘Ooo. Okay.’

They sat still on the couch while he turned the channels back on. He was about to leave that awkward situation before she opened her mouth to ask him an unexpected question, and quite a good one too.

Jacie: ‘Can I see if you are as big as him?’

He relaxed his body back on the couch and before he could pull his boxers down, her hands had reached for it and the little distance downwards finally let his little brother catch a breath of cold air.

Jacie: ‘Heh. It is not as big.. but it smells nice! Nicer than your brother’s.’

Eh?‘ was all he could answer before her nose went close to give it a sniff. Her hand had held onto the base of his shaft and pointed it towards her, and after that breath she took, her mouth just went over it, going all the way down. Nicholas exhaled a deep breath and let her continue with the immoral blowjob. Her head just kept going up and down, making no noise or attempts to keep her saliva contained. He could feel her saliva coating his dick and dripping all over his balls.

Jacie: ‘You can hold my head if you want.’

He did exactly just that and pushed her a little harder, making sure her lips touched base and going a little further down her throat. Just as she was sucking him off, his hand pulled her shirt up and went over her soft breast, giving it a light squeeze and alternated with giving soft pinches on her nipples. It had turned her on and her moans were just slightly audible with the cock she was feeding on.

After a while, her mouth left his dick and the long strand of saliva showed how wet he had been made. Obviously, returning the favour was a dangerous offer. Unsure of what to do next, his hand continued to work on her boobs after she rested her body on the sofa, hoping for more to happen. Seeing how relaxed she was, and the pair of breasts with tan lines, Nicholas moved his mouth over one of the nipples and sucked gently on it, giving her more attention that her boyfriend had. Just as her fingers reached into her panties to give it a good rub, Nicholas stopped what he was doing and decided it was too risky.

Jacie: ‘You are done?’

Nicholas: ‘I guess so. I mean, you’re my brother’s girlfriend. It wouldn’t sound right in anyway.’

Jacie: ‘Hmm.. You want to go to the kitchen?’

Now, that’s new. And possible too. He turned off the TV and activated the TipOff app by Okamoto to aim it at his brother’s room, linked to his second phone. By then, she had removed her panties and stuffed it between the cracks of the sofa. They hurried into the dark kitchen and she just hopped on the dining table and immediately opened her legs for Nic’s mouth. He dived in for his midnight snack and sucked her clit hard, tonguing it up and down and clamping it with his lips for an extra kick. Her hands were all over his head guiding him to the desired areas. His mouth was basically dripping with her juices as he did his job.

After a few minutes of cunnilingus, she pushed him backwards and placed both her feet on the table, inviting him for some deep penetration. Nic let his dick peep out of the opening of his boxers and poked right in, going all the way and transversed into thrusting his hips deep into his virgin fuck. As she had positioned her pussy a little out from the edges of the table, he was ramming it without fear of hitting himself. Just as he gave one of his strongest thrust, her arms went around his neck and her legs pulled him close to her, while she shivered with a tightening grip around his cock.

He lifted her up and away, placing her in front of the kitchen counter right next to the sink. She knew what to do and rested her boobs on the cold surface, supporting herself with her arms. He peeled her ass slightly wider and rammed his dick in, proceeding with the non-stop pounding that was so silent due to the fact that they were banging against a solid counter. In and out his dick went, coated with her juices each time and spilling some onto the floor.

While she came for the second time with him, his turn to cum was about time as well. Although he did not make her orgasm as many times, the two instances were much more intense that what his brother gave to her. As his hips slapped against her bum, he informed her of his situation and she just kept whispering ‘faster‘.

Nic had no intention to creampie her as it was totally wrong, in case she got pregnant. But she noticed his worries and assured him she was on birth control. On top of that, his brother just came inside her. Now, that really turned Nic a little off, coincidentally extending his cum time. On and on he kept ramming his tool deep into her, as she bit on the sleeves of her shirt. The final waves of thrusts almost knocked her out, shortly after his cum just flooded her pussy like never before.

Sure, Christ did not had sex for a long time, but it was nothing compared to Nicholas who had never cummed with a partner. It took him close to a minute to unload all of his sperms into her, and after he was done, she was covering her pussy with her hands so as not to leak it all over the floor. Jacie ran into the bathroom and he followed, watching her sit on the toilet, and the cum he just gave her poured into the bowl. It had clouded the stagnant water and she was exhausted from the romp.

Still, she did her job cleaning him up by giving the awesome dick a lick and suck. He brought her panties to her and her juices were just dripping through the thin fabric. Giving him a peck, Jacie went back into his brother’s room and Nicholas back to his.

That morning, after his brother left for work, she came into his room in yesterday’s outfit, but without her panties. Needless to say, it was clear that she wanted. That secret relationship had lasted for as long as Christ was with her, and after they broke up, she became a secret that Nicholas kept at all costs. A secret that she still visited him, getting through the window facing the corridor, and fucking each others’ minds out no matter what time it was in the day – to this day.

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