Bonus Fuck 2

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The door creak opened and Jason’s sister, Brenda, entered his room silently, blinding his sleepy eyes with the light from the corridor. She came up to his side and squatted down in front of his face, tapping on his shoulders to wake him up.

Brenda (whispering): ‘Kor.. I know what you did to Angel and I. Wake up.’

He realised he had been exposed and that the sleeping drug did not have any effect on her. He opened his eyes in a lazy manner and suddenly felt her hand on his dick over his briefs, squeezing tightly until it felt hot below. She had silently reached under his blanket in an attempt to shock him. Jason grabbed her hand in a swift move and tried to push her away, causing more pain as he struggled.

Brenda: ‘Why did you fuck Angel? Did she looked good?’
Jason (whispering loudly): ‘Shhh.. We were just having fun.’
Brenda (whispering): ‘Does she look better than me?’
Jason (whispering loudly): ‘As good as you I guess? I mean, you’re my sister!’

Brenda got up on her feet and pulled her shirt over her head to reveal her small set of tiny breasts and proceeded to slide her panties down onto the floor. Sitting stark naked right in front of his face, the scent of his little sister just turned him on in that kind of nudity.

Brenda (whispering): ‘So am I hot enough?’

It was pure jealousy that had overwhelmed his sister, as he had gave in to Angel so easily but not herself.A strong tug of his blanket brought it to the floor and she pounced on top of him, landing her pussy on his stomach.

Jason (whispering): ‘Brend, stop it.’

Brenda cupped her hand over his mouth and wriggled her butt down his body, until her pussy touched the wetting tip of his rod. Pre-cum was already leaking but sadly, he was the only one who knew it was wrong to do this. Her body weight had kept her from behind flipped off his body and when she moved backwards along the length of his dick, he felt his tired rod becoming sensitive. The tightness of his sister had squeezed onto his meat from the tip like a tube of toothpaste going down in the wrong direction.

Nonetheless, it still felt great and so he remained silent, allowing her to just rock her body back and forth over his hips. The sensual juicy sounds from her pussy was in sync with her body, trying to get more of his meat into her without stopping due to size. It was unbelievable to Brenda as the best dick she had felt was actually her own brother’s, fitting  perfectly with a bit of an oversize. Her pussy had wrapped itself like a condom around his dick, stimulating her G-spot as she kept moving.

Soon, she slowed down and Jason knew she was tired since the night was about halfway gone. He guided her body carefully to the side and packed her knees and feet together, turning her into a little ball in doggie. He made his change to his position to kneel outside of her legs, ready to help her end the night, with hypnotic strokes down her back. It did not took too long of a pat and she was about to doze off in the curled up position.

For a surprise, Jason parked his meat outside her park and rubbed a little of his saliva on the tip. Once done, he gave a hard slam into her pussy and she gasped herself awake, followed by groaning in a desperate call for orgasm, he pounded her hard right from the start unlike what he did to Angel. Since Brenda was the one who asked for it and so she would be the one receiving all the love he had.

Brenda’s body got weaker with each strokes and it simply drove him crazy with the shoulder pinning and hair pulling. His dick grew a little in size and it almost made her went crazy as well. Her third orgasm had passed after a few more minutes, sending her into a small convulsion which took some time to go away. The extra sensation in her pussy was turning her into a slut after cumming with her brother’s dick.

Jason (whispering): ‘Brend, I am cumming. Going to pull it out.’

He then pulled it out and landed it on Brenda’s body, aiming at her chest while she continued pumping my rod with her hands. Finally, for an end, she gave his dick a suck like how he used her mouth to clean earlier, but this time doing it until he was turned on again.

Part 1 | Part 2

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Awesome second pat, i guessed that this would happen. I think there could be a third part too! ;)

I think two parts is all I can come up with. Perhaps the upcoming stories will turn you on as good as this story!

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