Bonus Fuck

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Brenda (shouting): ‘Kor! My friend is staying over tonight!’

Jason (shouting): ‘Okay!’

The house was empty after their parents left for a vacation, leaving the house to their care and probably neglect. Jason had been in his room enjoying the few gigabytes of porn he downloaded prior to their departure and had cummed once since morning. In the comfort of his house, he usually wore a t-shirt and boxers and went around in them, since his sister was used to how slacked he dressed. For that period of time their parents had left, she too, began walking around the house, either in her bra and shorts, or a top and panties. That alone almost drove Jason wild and close to doing what he must not.

Feeling hungry, he went to the kitchen and just as he walked past his sister’s room, the slimmer figure of her friend, Angel, caught his eyes and a rare reaction to greet flooded his mind.

Jason: ‘Hi! You’re the Angel my sister always talked about? You’re like the only best friend she had.’

Laughing heartily, she waved and was ready to share with Brenda what he told her. Jason went to the kitchen where his sister was, wearing her class t-shirt and a pair of cotton Doraemon panties she had worn for the longest time. He took his instant meal from 7-11 and threw it into the microwave, while his sister was just done cooking the bowl of instant noodles for her friend.

She left him to his things and went back to her room, closing the doors and shutting the free show he could have gotten. The two girls spent most of the afternoon laughing and trying on clothes, shouting and screaming so loudly that Jason could make out what they were doing. There was no way he could let his opportunity to know her friend slip away.

Jason picked up his phone and called his usual supplier of sex toys, where he got most of his Tenga products from and quickly made a deal for sleeping pills. The supplier was also nice enough to help him buy a bottle of Pokka Ice Coffee and handed it to him nearby.

Nightfall quickly came and he took a few gulps of the bottled drink before pouring the crushed pill into it. He courteously knocked on their door and handed the bottle of half-drunk coffee to her, and another bottle of green tea to her friend, since he did not know what she liked.

It did not take long for the effects to kick in and Angel came out of her room quietly, not wanting to wake her friend up. Jason had been waiting in the living room with a fresh change of clothes and boxers, ready to make his plan work.

Jason: ‘Hey. Where’s my sister?’
Angel: ‘She has fallen asleep.’
Jason: ‘Alright.’

She joined him on the couch and sat at the far end of him, accidentally exposing her panties under her short skirt as she placed both her feet on the sofa. Jason kept his eyes on her and finally gathered enough courage, to crawl towards her and went straight for her face. Feeling assured of his endeavour, Angel showed no signs to want to get out of the situation and he kissed her, gently on the lips.

As though he had just unlocked the devil in her, her tongue wriggled its way into his mouth and his rod hardened even more with her advances. She straightened her legs between his and slid lower, resting her head on the armrest. They kissed for a while, but something in them was demanding more. Angel held his waist and reluctantly removed her lips from his.

Angel: ‘Can you move your waist up to my neck?’

He waded clumsily with one knee on the sofa and one feet on the floor, until he was where she wanted him to be. Her innocent lips parted and met his head, and his dick disappeared after that, feeling her hardworking mouth working on the full length of his dick, sucking and teasing every part her tongue could reach. His hips unknowingly began moving on its own and was thrusting into her mouth, deep enough to gag her, but shallow enough not to choke her.

Jason had his fun and it was essential to return the favour. He moved back to her legs and made sure both her feet was comfortably in front of his dick and how he should proceed suddenly seemed unsure. What if she was a virgin? What if she did not want sex?

Angel reached for his dick between her legs and tugged it lightly towards her pussy. He let her guide, pushing the panties aside with his dick and himself inwards slowly, until the two of them was firmly connected. He was well-trained from the amount of porn he watched, and Angel had long surrendered her body to him. WIth his arms holding her legs 90 degrees of her body, his dick moved quicker and she covered her mouth to prevent herself from moaning too wildly, thinking Brenda could have known.

Jason bent his body forward and stuck his tongue into her mouth, and the moans she was trying to suppress was finally freed. Her breathing kept them from kissing too long and her moans was echoing around the house, screaming whenever she had an orgasm, and softened when the climax was over.

Jason did not stop but kept going, pleasuring his sister’s friend, welcoming her to his house in his own way. His load came without warning and he abruptly pulled himself out of her, just in the nick of time to spray onto her tummy under her skirt, and the amount was so much that it was flowing down the sides of her hips, making her skirt sticky. Angel’s exhaustion kept her from moving anymore and he did the rest of the work to clean her up, and adjusting her clothes back.

He then carried her back to his sister’s room and placed her gently on the bed, before tucking the both of them in. For his sister, he went over to her side and pried her jaws open, and used her mouth to clean whatever cum caught along his shaft. That was as close to incest as he could get.

After that ‘workout’, he did not watch anymore porn and immediately went to sleep. But just as he was falling asleep, his door creaked opened..

Part 1 | Part 2

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