Fling’s Work

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Nicole did not have much activities during her holiday and had been more active in an app, that allowed strangers to chat. As usual, the influx of chat requests spammed her phone and she grew very selective, ignoring those asking the standard issue questions. Among the handful that passed her selection, the number finally reduced to that one person, who had spoke to her with respect.

There was a special attraction with Chris, that even the kinky questions did not appear to be so perverse when he had to ask. The two of chatted for at least two days before he asked if she would ever meet him. Why not? Nicole had no bad feelings towards Chris and knew how he would respect her. So, in a very short discussion, they had planned to meet at a shopping mall for her safety’s sake. Nicole knew that he would probably be hinting at some form of intimate contact, but would still like to find out for herself what kind of guy he was.

They met at the designated spot and went for a meal at McDonald’s. Throughout the walk around the mall, they did not hold hands as it was quite a blur about their relationship then but it did not matter. It was after an hour while they sat on a bench in the open air garden that he popped the question.

Chris: ‘I am going to the toilet. You want to come with me?’
Nicole: ‘Umm.. okay.’

She got up and followed him, until they reached the door of the handicapped toilet. He then opened the door for her, and took a quick look around before going into it as well. The two of them did not express any awkwardness cause he had taken the initiative. Nicole backed away as Chris walked over to her, until her back was against the wall. Leaning onto her, he tilted her chin upwards and his soft lips sealed over hers, giving her lips a little motion before his tongue started to probe between, till her tongue came out to greet him.

Their kissing got wilder as their hands roamed each others’ body, feeling for all the curves and bulge under the clothes they wore. Nicole was feeling hotter by the second, totally under his control as his hands stopped on her waist over the silk slip that she had put on. As sleazy as it might look, it was a beautiful black mini dress in Chris’ eyes and he pulled it off easily over her head. Looking down on her body, she had a strapless black bra, which he unclipped easily, and a smooth, bare bottom.

Chris: ‘Someone is naughty huh?’

Nicole gave him a shrug and he led her by her hand to the toilet bowl.

Chris: ‘Come. Sit on it.’

She did as he asked and his hands spread her knees apart without much resistance. His head then went down on her and the sexy kiss he gave on her pussy before he began, made her felt much more relaxed. His palm had rested under her thighs and his thumbs peeled her labia apart, making way for his tongue that was only interested at the pink little gem under a hood. Nicole felt a chill up her spine and her legs opened even wider for him.

The continuous flicking of his tongue drove her crazy and the small squirt of juice accurately landed in his mouth, which he hungrily slurped it up. After that, she helped him up and reached for his belt to the bulge under those shorts. Calmly, he held her hands and shook his head.

Chris: ‘I don’t want you to do that for me. I don’t need it.’

He went down on one of his knees and gave those wet fingers a lick, before placing it at her pussy opening and asking for permission. She just held his hand with the two outstretched fingers, pulling it towards herself and Chris knew immediately what to do. Starting out slow, he watched Nicole’s expression change from an excited one to an enjoyable one, eyes closed, mouth wide open breathing deeply, hand reaching down her stomach towards her clit to increase the potency, and her legs that were twitching as he bent his fingers in different directions.

Chris: ‘You like it?’
Nicole: ‘Oh yes! Go faster.’

He listened obediently and pierced into her even quicker, creating the slurping noises that could be heard clearly in the cubicle. Her moans got louder as well, but Chris would slow down whenever she did so, and would go faster as her volume went down. In the heated masturbathon, Nicole’s body was reacting well to the introduction of another person’s fingers, that knew no tiredness. Chris knew from pornography that women would usually stop masturbation when they climaxed, but it wasn’t what they really wanted.

Nicole found a way to overcome that, and he wanted to give her an unforgettable evening as well. As his fingers rammed deeper, the gradual tightness contracted around them and he knew she was about to climax. Pumping his arm even faster, her finger also rubbed on her clit at the same pace, murmuring phrases in a trance-like expression. In less than a minute later, her pussy just closed themselves onto Chris’ fingers and her other hand went to his hand to stop him. But against her natural response, Chris knew exactly what to do and overpowered her hand on his, resuming the merciless fingering into her squirming pussy.

A long set of pulses across her body sent Nicole into a convulsion and he just kept going for as long as he could. With her fingers off her clit, he took over immediately and the flooding of pleasure into her mind had knocked her out, but the orgasms through her body still continued. He had been watching closely as her eyes shut themselves and her arms lose strength to hold herself up. His hand finally got off her clit and supported her head, while his other hand was still digging at her.

Chris: ‘Wake up little princess.’

A peck followed suit and her eyes opened grudgingly. Her hands just reached down to her pussy and pushed his hand away, going into another short round of fit from the sensitivity. He carried her up and placed himself on the toilet seat, cradling her in his arms, holding onto her until she recovered her strength and wore her bra back.

They sat at the bench for a few more minutes before she decided she had to leave. After all, the guilt that ran through her mind was still salvageable, having not done anything too extreme with the guy she barely knew. He did not contact her until she did, and the regret was gone after more talking, and the kinky conversations that they had was tempting her to meet him up again, possibly for something bigger.

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