Short and Sweet

Celestine was on her way home when I decided to attack her. My hood was low enough to cover my face and I had a piece of cloth with chloroform on it. I made my move from behind one of the pillars under her block and kept the cloth until her strength faded. The fight she gave was hardly any difficulty given my training at the gym. Once she was weakened, I dragged her body into the lift which was the older types with no window panels on them. I had set up and arsenal of constraints at the top most level which only had a roof access door.

As expected, the stairs were the hardest to climb with a ‘dead’ body over my shoulders but I managed. I placed her against the handrail at the side and tied her two hands as far apart as possible. She might just free herself if she could reach her wrist. The bottle of popper I had did woke her up but her strength did not return. The rush of blood into her cheeks showed that the popper worked well. Her eyes was opened just as I put my leather mask on.

The short dress she wore made it easier to get what I wanted. I pulled her panties off and lowered the side without the shoulder strap. It was an off-shoulder dress on one side. Although I did reveal her boobs, it was just one side since the other side was too much of a hassle to undo. Unless I cut her dress. Well, her strapless bra was pulled off easily and I made sure I hurled it far.

The way I tied her was on the railings which was only on one side of the stairs, so I was sure it was uncomfortable, but it wasn’t my concern since what follows might be more uncomfortable. I pulled my black shorts down with my spandex briefs and held it in front of her. Well, there was the fear she might bite me, unless I made her breathless that she could not close her mouth at all. I pulled her lower jaws down and stuck my dick in. Her teeth scraped the top and bottom and it did hurt a little, but as soon as I started ramming her head against the wall, she opened her mouth wider and the deeper my dick was into her, it felt better.

There no way she could move further back than the wall, so I took my time to choke her and made sure she knew what was happening. She should probably figure out her priority was to make me cum. Nonetheless, it took her awhile before she understood that and closed her lips around my skin, sucking me with a hard vacuum. There was no way I was going to end this way. So I pulled away from her and opened her legs.

Me: ‘You can close your legs, and I will use the strap to force it open. You choose k?’

She obediently nodded and left her legs where I spread them. I took a bullet vibrator and placed it on her clit, and did not shift it until her body trembled and her two legs narrowed against her choice. One orgasm was more than enough for her, since she was not supposed to be enjoying it. I guessed it was necessary to get her wet enough. Pulling her body onto one of the steps to face me, her arms twisted into an awkward position but I was ‘nice’ enough to ease the pain as much as I could, without changing the position too much.

I opened her legs again and placed my knees one step lower. My dick met her pussy and I pushed it hard into her. She wasn’t as tight as I wanted, but there was not much other choices. So I squatted and went into a little ‘push-up’ position beside her arms and I began fucking her officially. Celestine moaned as I went faster and she even squeezed her pussy, not sure if she did that to make me, or herself, to feel higher. I kept going in and out of her without a condom and she got tighter.

This kind of sex turned me on very much and I could not control myself at all. Time to change position. I undid one of her hands and turned her to face the railing, before tying the straps back again. I used the bottle of popper and made sure she breathed in enough to stand. I supported her hips and helped her to stand with both her feet on a single step. With her hands wide apart, she held onto the railings for support. I went behind her and found a height perfect to penetrate her without squatting or making her bend her knees.

I aimed at her pussy and shoved it in only to get a loud moan from her. She knew what she did and did not moan after I continued to thrust in and out. Indeed, she was much tighter in this position and I was in seventh heaven. My mind was literally blank and I only knew I kept going without rest. I knew who she was, and she knew who I was too. But it’s the thrill that made this much more exciting, and pleasurable.

She orgasmed after a while and she kept her pussy tight by squeezing. I could totally feel the contractions moving from her opening towards her womb, as though she was milking me. I went at my full speed and finally spat my cum into her in about seven squirts. She was simply too good for me to just pull out and end the session. I stayed inside her until the sensitivity went down and resumed fucking her. The cum I left in her was dripped out of her cunt as I slowly increased my speed to give her another orgasm. That was all she would get. Three orgasms in return for my crime of lust.

I wore my shorts back after wiping my dick on her ass cheeks and I pulled her dress straight before I undid both the restraints. I picked up her panties and took a whiff of her fragrant womanly scent and flung it down the building. Her bra met the same fate too. I placed whatever belonged to her as neatly as possible beside and let her sniff the popper again.

I stayed for a while to watch her lift her bruised hand onto the railing and pick herself up. The job was done and I picked up my bag before making my way out of that block. She should be alright. Right?

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as much as i’m not into rape… reading about her getting the big O is turning me on…

i’m still thinking about the petite little filipino gal i brought back from the bar last night… i would totally bring her back again for a good tongue lashing if i didn’t have to pay the bar to bring her out :{

p/s i’m not in SG :P

Haha! What an open life you have. Seemed fun too. I’m sure you found other girls to bring back?

well… there are others, but it’s treading the dangerous line between bringing back a bar girl and actually liking them so i steer clear

Huh. It cannot be so uncontrollable right? Are you worried about them liking you or you to them? I am sure can control de.

it works both ways, not that it’s uncontrollable but if you happen to click, there could be mutual attraction and it’s not good for both the gal and myself

if you really wanna know more, drop me an email and i’ll reply to you there as to how it really works in the clubs, it’s not really pretty

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