Boyfriend’s Bed

Written by J. On behalf of a fifteen year old who knew the difference between sex and love. She was blessed with a loving and understanding boyfriend, which was also her age.

I missed the smell of him, the soft bed sheets, and the comfortable S$3.50 pillow which I can sink my head in, all on his bed. Well, the pillow is just a temporary holding spot until he is back, then my head would be back onto his chest, listening to the quickening heartbeat as I slide my hand across his firm tummy, and pausing at the elastic band of his boxers. I would wait for him, to tilt my head up to his lips, and give me a peck, either on the forehead or lips.

Boyfriend: ‘You’re so naughty.’

My pussy was wet the moment he removed his cotton white Espirit shirt minutes ago, plus his cold thighs made it even more sensitive as I moved my hips up and down gently. I loved grinding my pussy between his legs. Hope the smoothness did get his attention.

Girlfriend: ‘Shhh.. close your eyes..’

He closed his eyes and my hand continued on the journey to the south, until my pinky touched the pre-cum oozing out of his pee hole. My fingers then get brushed along until they had a good grip on his shaft. By then, his boxers had been tugged lower and out of the way, for his well-deserved manhood massage. My palm then begin the gentle, non-skin-tugging handjob, slow, but pushing all his right buttons. Fellow girls, it’s very important to watch his breathing and grasp as it would reflect on how good he is feeling. Know that dryness causes friction too, which doesn’t feel too great if got too warm.

I dragged my heavy head in the direction of the warm lollipop, and went down on him like how a perfect girlfriend should. His saltish pre-cum was bearable and I knew I had to keep going, coating his dick with generous servings of saliva. Deep throating wasn’t too bad with him either, he was neither too long nor short for me, gagging, but not choking. Guess that was how I got more of my oral lubricant onto him. Once nicely coated and dripping, I climbed over his hips and positioned his dick at my opening, which was wet without any contact from him. I didn’t want to remove my thongs though, Lazy girlfriend? Nah, maybe I’m just shy of letting him watch how his dick spread my pussy lips.

It was my first time with him, and he was always the one trying to put it in me while I lie there, waiting for my body to accept him, which failed many times. This time, I think ‘taking’ my own virginity is more acceptable. I relaxed myself on him, and could feel his ‘head’ spreading my hole wider.. and wider. It did hurt a little, but not too bad that I had to jump away. I kept lowering myself till his shaft (which was slimmer than the mushroom) came in time to relieve a little of the pain. At least the head is in, and I’m tired from the slow-mo penetration. Not ready to give up now, I took a breathe and continued consuming him.

My ‘untouched’ tunnel was unexplored, probably because his cock was longer than his fingers, which.. is normal right? His penisĀ priedĀ it open, my body responded in shock, trying to close and force the foreign object out. But he held me by my thighs, calming me with his warm hands. The following minutes were the longest in my life, probably moving in nanometers (if there was even doable), my vagina was so hot and dripping wet, and relaxing and tightening, totally lost on how to handle this thick, hot stick, delivering both pleasure and shock at the same time, among the slight pain.

Every moment, the pain would get lesser, but that ‘every moment’ lasts longer as he went deeper. He was as tired as I, and moving my hips up and down to ease the pain simply didn’t work. I know that would be recommended, like sliding in and out, going deeper with every stroke. But do you guys know my body (maybe a few other girls’ too?) would just ‘close’ or tighten back the moment his dick went outwards, and it would be like back to square one. Whose virgin pussy would complain about the relieve of ‘exiting’? On the other hand, it would mean he could live the whole experience of penetrating a virgin over and over again right?

We just kept going until my butt finally touched his hips, about 10 minutes. After I got it in, I couldn’t move, nor felt like getting up. I came so far to put it in, and taking it out is a no-no. I moved my hips up and down to get a feel of sex for the first time, and it felt good. But not as good as when I tried to slide my hips forward and backwards, noticing that it made him crazy too. I went with the latter and the pain got better as my pussy got used to his width and length.

The hour following that, we just fucked our brains out, cumming times after times, addicted to the never-ending waves of orgasms as long as I kept going. He told me he was tired, but I could still feel his stamina and strength in me. Maybe he really was, but I kept going until I was tired as well. By then, he was just a cumshot away from a deep sleep.

Girlfriend: ‘You want to shoot inside me?’

Boyfriend: ‘Crazy ah?’

Girlfriend: ‘Yahh.’

I did the other position which placed me in a squatting position, while I lifted myself up and down on his dick, pumping his rifle for a crazy three minutes before he unloaded in me, thick, warm and filling, right to the brim. I removed myself off him and oh my, his load was hard to hold in, dripping all over his sheets. I lay beside him and closed my legs together, falling into sleep sideways beside him.

Good morning guys, time for us to sleep now.

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