Girl’s Adventure

This was meant to be a secret, but oh well, who could guess who this girl was right? Hint? She was a writer too. Anyway, she said I was the first person she knew online, which had gotten her number. Yes, she gave it to me, and we managed to speak on the phone for a while. Sweet voice, a little deep, but mature sounding. Definitely didn’t sound like a seventeen in college. I know camera phones were not allowed in camps, but I was Whatsapping her as I worked and we decided to meet, for just once in our lives.

Maybe she had friends whom she could have fun with, and I have my baby which could satisfy my needs. But there was nothing more exciting than randomly meeting someone for sex right? We weren’t strangers, nor soul mates, so it appeared okay to us about this one night stand. Our messaging soon got kinky and I could tell she was wet even though we haven’t met. My hardness was all in the texts, and every phrase had words like ‘sex’, ‘fuck’, ‘nipples’, ‘dick’ in it.

Carine (SMS): Let’s try it at the Heavy Vehicle Carpark behind my house.

Me (SMS): Outdoor? Haha. Anywhere you say girl. I can’t wait.

It was my first time at such a huge carpark, but it wasn’t too hard to find the entrance she depicted. I went in and searched for a huge truck which carried sand, since she said she would meet me there. Only a quarter of the illuminating lamps by the sides were switched on, the rest disabled for energy conservation. The lorry was found at about three rows behind the entrance and I waited behind the vehicle. Since the back was dark and seemed scary, I hid myself to give her a scare.

Me (SMS): C64.

Carine (SMS): Reaching.

In the shadows, I could see a neck length black-haired girl approaching, in a pink low-cut V neck shirt, with a short black skirt, that was about six inches above from her knees. She searched around the sand truck but was too afraid to venture in. Her back then faced me and began typing on her phone again, probably to find out where I was. I could even catch whiffs of her perfume as the winds blew.

I sneaked up behind her and held my phone close to her ears as it rang. *Ding ding* and I whispered ‘Hey’. She got a shock and gave me a hard slap on the chest, screaming ‘Humph!’ loudly. The cute expression on her face was unforgettable, with the light make up she put on, the mascara complimented her face perfectly, bringing all the attention to her eyes.

Me: ‘Why are we meeting here?’

Carine: ‘Cause I want to try doing in this.’

By ‘this’, she meant the monster machine beside us, emptied of sand, and armoured with reinforced steel for strength to handle the weight. Tapered to absorb impact, and thickened for longevity. I had no idea what to expect inside, no one had. However, the sky was a sight to behold. Maybe it knew what was coming.

Carine: ‘Come.’

She walked to the other side of the vehicle and started climbing on the thin steps of the ladder by the side.

Carine: ‘Quick!’

She hushed to me as I was looking out, urging me to start climbing as well. With me right below her, I had to see where I went right? So, I had no choice but to look up into the full glory of her upskirt. The only light nearby was warm yellow in colour, projecting from a distance onto our two tiny figures in the dark.

Smooth gluteus muscles formed the firm, yet fair butt, and between the tender sheets was the oyster, carrying the pearl of untold pleasure. I had the luxury of time to look at her pussy closely as she was going up the ladder wearing heels, not able to take more than one step a time. Her slit opened a little with each step and was even a moist, if I interpreted it correctly.

Carine: ‘See enough already?’

Taking advantage of my eyes which were glued to her little piece of meat, she caught me red handed and we hastened into the container. As it had these two flaps lowered, it didn’t get into the way I thought it would. We descended a second set of steps and found ourselves stranded. It was clean, free of sand, and dust, and rust, unlike the exterior, which was dirty and rusting. I was in my shorts and shirts then, but I was intending to get her help to remove my clothes.

As Carine silent her phone, I creep up to her and hugged her from the back, fondling her breasts. There was no bra as I caressed them easily, unobstructed, fully bouncing in my hands. I didn’t even noticed her erected nipples as I was watching her legs and face. She pushed me off after giving me a short french kiss and pulled her top off, then undoing the strings that secured her skirt.

After she was done, she came over and undid my shorts while I folded my shirt into a neat stack. With the both of us naked under the stars, I held her face and kissed her. Her lips reacted by splitting open, and taking my tongue into her mouth, sucking on it gently. Our tongue action were seriously sexier than sex itself, but we couldn’t just stop there right? We peeled away from each other and laid our clothes on the cold metal sheet.

Carine: ‘Lie down?’

Me: ‘No. You lie down.’

She listened and I continued kissing her, slowing moving to her neck, chest, and took a few moments with the two peaks, sucking them into attention. My tongue wet her breasts, to her belly button, and down between her thighs, sampling the glimmer in the light. It was really her juice, and it shouldn’t go to waste. The tip of my tongue focused on her clit while my fingers carried out the exploration into her. As I ‘searched’ around, her pussy tightened and got even wetter to push my fingers out. The random squeezing was all that I was looking for, to have my dick enjoy.

I went back to kissing her after a while and blindly aimed for her vagina entrance. She stopped and looked at me in the eyes, quite seriously.

Carine: ‘Your turn. Lie down?’

I listened and lay on my back on the warmed clothes, basking in the moonlight and twinkling stars. Her tongue and lips followed the same itinerary and took over my dick, engulfing it in a mix of coldness and warmth. Somehow, she was the first to have incorporated the use of teeth into a blowjob. Her lower set of teeth was scratching along the underside, which was in full swing to feel everything and anything. Her tongue was right behind her teeth, but she did wrapped her upper teeth with her lips, making it soft and comfortable for my shaft. Whatever she did was incredible, a sudden increase in rhythm and my dick was so close to cumming. Again, she knew the effectiveness and could read the signs that I was cumming, so she stopped.

I gave the space back to her and tried penetrating again. This time, with a well lubricated dick, I had no trouble gliding it in. But there was one issue though. I had no condoms.

Me: ‘I have no condoms with me.’

Carine: ‘Don’t worry. Later you pull out and shoot?’

Me: ‘What if I missed and shoot inside?’

Carine: ‘It’s still my safe period.. but I’ll know. I can tell.’

Me: ‘Okay.’

I had no other option but to trust her. My hips fired away and pistoned into her pussy, juicing her like a juicer. Putting in my cucumber and getting juices in return. It was quick, wild and horny. Her soft moans were echoing around the four metal walls, but it wasn’t too loud either. The thought of someone’s clothes would be wet couldn’t be cared less for, she was tight at the right pressure, warm at the right temperature. I had no time lasting long with her.

Carine was grabbing my biceps, holding on for her life as her mind plummet into limbo, drowning in pleasure and probably ecstasy. I soon got tired and asked to switch position. She wearily got on her hands and legs, relaxing as much as she could while I took a breather. Holding her waist firmly, I slammed her butt towards me and my dick went in with one stroke, making her head tilt up in shock. Her attempts to slow me down didn’t work as I could lie on top of her and continue fucking. It wasn’t the first time she did doggie, but it did feel different from the rest, unexplainable difference.

I hammered her with all my might, turning my deprivation into the force, acting on the natural occurrence of the push and pull motion. She loved how each fuck session ended this way. One moment, filling her pussy with thick warm meat, and the next having the juiciness of it all in her mouth, savouring the goodness.

As I felt the energy gathering in my testicles, I sped up and even felt her pussy tightening and convulsing, which was all I was looking forward to.

Me: ‘I’m cumming!’

Carine quickly turned around and blew me while sitting on her calves. Her wonderful mouth got my muscles working in no time to cum into her mouth. Like a routine, she swallowed it and licked up whatever was oozing out of my dick. She was horny and wet, but decided that she had her share of fun. We cleaned up and laid on our clothes for a while before dressing up. There was no more next time, and this session of wild sex was more than enough to last a lifetime.

Carine (SMS): Shhh.. our little secret.

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