Mike was a dancer, who had a wonderful girlfriend. Normal looking, caring and thoughtful. She was proud of his interest, as it kept him fit and toned, making her the happiest girl for occasional couple outings with her friends.

Okay, back to Mike. He had always been comfortable among his female dancers, although a few of them were crazy about him, he kept the lines very clear. He’s just a dancer with a decent girlfriend whom he loved a lot. Other than being in his dance company for the most years, his age of 20 also made him the youngest in the school.

Everything was fine until Jessica came along, one of the youngest, and fittest dancer made her famous quickly. At the age of 16, she had won a few prestigious awards and finally decided to join the dance school Mike is in.

From the moment she entered the school, all eyes were on her. You would be thinking she would be a rich man’s daughter, only dressing in well-known clothes. Well, you’re wrong. The air around her was filled with intelligence and humility. Her clothes were simple, but her figure of a well-balanced body of fats to muscles ratio, which was impossible to achieve, filled out whatever she wore nicely. Anyone could tell that her facial features IS the golden ratio, enhanced by the self-applied make up, gentle yet perfect.

Mike too, had a glance at her, and resumed his workouts. But that glance he gave her, met her eyes and got Jessica’s attention. No one would imagine her to be a temptress nor slut, for it was too impossible for her to be.

*He’s mine now.*

Jessica knew she could get any guy she wanted, but she knew Mike would be a good challenge with a nice reward. Mike’s personal room was a few corners from her, but the school isn’t quite huge to begin with. So they had frequent meets, with simple greetings from a nod, progressing to verbal contact within days.

Jessica: ‘Mike, would you be taking part for the upcoming play?’

Mike: ‘Of course I will be. I’ve been training late nights for that. Has been my goal for this semester.’

Lessons ended at eight that night, leaving the rest of the opening hours to the few studious ones, for personal training. Jessica knew when Mike finished and popped into his room as he was removing his top.

Jessica: ‘Mike?’

Mike: ‘Yeah?’

He turned around just in time to catch her light floral gown drop onto the floor. Having seen girls done that a couple of times, he continued with his stripping down.

Mike: ‘I have a girlfriend. And I love her very much. Sorry to disappoint.’

Ready to watch her exit the room, he placed his shorts on the bed and turned around. And Jessica was there, on his bed, masturbating, circling the tip of her fingers at the clit.

Jessica: ‘I know.’

She then slipped her silky finger between the labia, making a squishing sound as she pushed it in, squeezing a drop of translucent liquid out. Spreading her legs wider, her fingers worked hard, going in and out.

Mike: ‘Oh shit!’

He jumped across the bed and locked the door. Jessica then turned her body to face him, clearly illuminating her body with a glow from the overhead fluorescent lights. Spreading her salivating pussy lips apart, she sent a clear message.

Man, you can’t imagine how much was running through Mike’s mind. He was drawn between respect and temptation. His girlfriend will never be this fun, but it was obvious he wouldn’t give up his girl for a moment of pleasure. Summoning all the blood back from his bulge, he turned away, not before she broke his thought.

Jessica: ‘You know? This thing between us? Will only stay in this room. I need it as much as you need her.’

*It? Does she mean sex or a dick? Either way, it meant the same. But her? She knows I have a girlfriend*

Taking his chance, he went on his knees and lapped Jessica’s sweet syrup like a puppy. Drinking her juice in small sips. Quickly removing his Levi’s underwear, he pulled Jessica to the edge, where his hungry dick will go between her legs. He sank into her glistering love hole and felt a brand new sense of tightness, eighth heavens (if there were), unusual amount of wetness to make his dick grow inside of her. He only felt one thing, his mind going numb and blank. The next thing he remembered, was his hips moving, stroking his member along her walls.

Jessica’s tightness was perfect, in fact, better than his girlfriend’s, which was too tight and overwhelming. Mike pounded the daylights out of himself, resisting and controlling his ejaculation. She didn’t just owned him as of then, she also got him addicted to ‘school’. That huge cock pushing in and out of her was mind blowing. She thought her pussy was going to break, since he gets a little rougher whenever he controls.

After fifteen minutes of pumping in missionary and doggy, Jessica’s body couldn’t take the extended period pleasure she had been exposed herself to.

Jessica: ‘Mike, Mike. Can you cum already?’

Mike: ‘Now? Alright. In a while.’

Energizer bunny had just been turned on. He went crazy on her, going at such dangerous TPMs (Thrusts Per Minute), Jess constantly went into a cycle of unconsciousness and orgasms. The patch on the bed was getting bigger, well, not like Mike sleeps there. He gave his final few thrusts and chambered his rounds for delivery.

One swift stroke and he hammered the depth out of her, waiting for two seconds, and the waves of cum flowed into her, pumping his veins-covered-shaft. The warmth of his sperms and the feeling it being channeled into her pussy was unbelievable. It was more soothing than anything she had.

The two got dressed and went home quickly, leaving the stained sheets to the room keepers. A little additional information? Jessica did put on her panties after that, but his cum was too much for her and held in place by the bear-designed undies. The problem was she was still getting wetter with every step she took, lubricating her slit with cum as she opened and closed her legs.

No one saw her dripping right? And I meant dripping, not flowing down her smooth long legs.

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