Boys Love Sluts

Yes yes, any around them could tell she was a slut. Hugging like a magnet around her embarrassed boyfriend, she was wearing a semi translucent crop top with a spaghetti strap camisole that left her belly exposed. Her waist length hair was most attractive though, not many girls could keep that under the hot weather of Singapore. I could tell she was still schooling from the books her guy was carrying for her, N levels, ten year series, etc.

Throughout the ride, I sat two rows back and opposite them, hoping to get some peace. But I guess the free show wasn’t too bad either. The guy was mostly keeping still while she was the one having big actions. Finally, she whispering something into his ears and he gave a doubtful look at her. Her hand went motionless while a zip sound was hear, and the fidgeting told me what they were doing.

She was giving him a handjob when I was around. As I was seated before they boarded, I couldn’t recall what she wore under, it was denim material but unsure if it was a pair of shorts or skirt. But it was definitely short from the huge area of thigh I could make out from the side. One of her knees were placed against the seat in front and he turned his body towards her. His further arm stretched across and she was breathing faster from her head movements.

The next ten minutes was just me frowning at the joke happening before my eyes. And suddenly, the guy whispered something sounding like ‘Shoo.. ‘. Of course, we know what was it. The abrupt turn of her body landed two hands over his groin and he shivered as though he was peeing. The girl let slip of her hand to the centre walkway of the bus and I caught the sight of white liquid dripping from her fingers.

A bottle cap was undone and they turned their attention to his groin, shortly after hearing a stream of water and some splashing sounds. From under their seats, the water carried the cum towards the back of the bus and she wiped her hands clean on her bottoms. Next was the guy placing his arm behind her neck and focusing on getting the girl off.

His movements got too obvious and her damp hand held onto his hanging palm while her legs opened into the walkway. Another wave of waterfall sounds hit the deck and her body shook violently. I could only wonder what would the other passengers think when the bus got more crowded. There was no one else around us except for a couple sleeping all the way at the front.

Just as she was cleaning herself, the guy whose head was facing her, noticed my existence and pulled her closer into the cosy corner. They turned to give me a look and then kept their actions small so I wouldn’t notice, probably adjusting their clothes back. The guy kept looking out of the windows while the girl got anxious, unsure why too.

She turned to look at me another time and I raised my phone, flinging forward a few times. More whispers went into the guy who was ignoring her and then she came to the back, sitting opposite me. It was then I realised how short the skirt was, showing that bit of black laced panties above her hips.

Girl: ‘Umm.. can you not report us?’
Me: ‘I’m not going to do that. I’m just keeping it for my own use.’
Girl: ‘Can you tell me what are you going to use it for?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. Share it?’
Girl: ‘Please don’t can? What do you want?’
Me: ‘I don’t want anything. I’m getting off in a few stops.’

She handed me her phone on the dialpad screen and asked me for my number. I gave it to her and alighted after handing her phone back, leaving them a lesson they would never forget. There was nothing caught on my phone though, since I was on my iPad all along.

But the meet up with her was priceless, I showed no interest in her nor anything she offered till she decided to just pounce on me. With a promise she would be mine to do anything to as long as the video was not leaked out. I did not agree or reject her advances, but under the Women’s Charter, I will still be at fault – if she was under 16.

Don’t boys just love sluts?

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