Roommate’s Privacy

Right before Ryan went to work, it was a habit to clear out the laundry from his and the tenants’s room into the washing machine. Living alone for the past ten years, he was in his early thirties and it was only recently that he rented a room to ease the utility bills, though he could well afford them. Stepping into Weiwen’s room, he did not expect her to be home and the sight of her body loosely covered under the blanket threw him aback. Her hand was even on her pussy rubbing that trimmed but dense bush that had dew on it, brightly illuminated by the sunlight from her window.

Taking his conversation outside, he was embarrassed by his intrusion without feeling much at fault from his ignorance.

Ryan: ‘对不起,我不知道你没做工。’
Translate: I’m so sorry. I didn’t know you had off.

Translate: I’m at fault for not informing you.

He assured her he would just be doing the chores and would be back later for her laundry, cause he was having his off that day too. Being fed with the dirty scene of his young 25 year old tenant’s naked body, the grown man could not resist taking his shorts off in his room. A handful of Nuru Gel was squeezed into his palm and he started pumping his dick to her sexy figure. Although it had been normal for her to walk around the house braless, her usual outfit of t-shirt and shorts hid her assets well and he did not let him mind wander too far.

After Weiwen was done with satisfying her hormones on her rest day, she took her laundry basket to the kitchen, only to find that Ryan’s clothes weren’t there. Now, it was her turn to visit him, but she did things differently. A slow turn of his doorknob went unnoticed and she nudged the door, thinking that he must have gotten a nap. Instead, she saw the man stroking his dick openly and the lubricant was enhancing the view like water sprayed on fruits.

A loss in balance cause her to push through the door and landed on the wooden flooring, shocking Ryan for the second time. He covered his lower half with the blanket and went to her, picking her up and getting attracted to the downblouse when she stood up. As though he hasn’t got enough for the day, she was unintentionally driving him crazy with all those add-on sightings.

She had sprained her ankle and brought to his bed to sit. He was still naked under the sheets but she just laid down in that white tank top and FBT shorts. There was nothing Ryan could do after he got the ice over her feet and so he joined her on the bed.

Ryan: ‘我想跟你说,你很美。’
Translate: I want to tell you that you look beautiful.

Weiwen: ‘什么?过了那么多个星期你才说啊?’
Translate: What? You told me only now after so many weeks (of moving in)?

They laughed at his poor thoughts-to-words translation and rested side-by-side, glad that they weren’t offended by each others’ intrusion.

Weiwen: ‘我也想告诉你,有你这个户主很幸福。人又好,身材又棒。’
Translate: I want to tell you too, that I’m so fortunate to have you as my tenor. Good personality, stunning body.

Ryan did not know what to make out of her statement and thanked her for the compliment. Lying on his soft bed, she turned to him and moved her hand like a snake towards his unsuspecting body. Her thin fingers landed on his rod and she went forth to grab it, teasing the head with her thumb.

He looked at her when she touched him and did not say a word, processing what she as doing with what she just said. He could tell she had been thinking about him all the time too, from the gentle caressing she was doing in his groin. He placed his arm over her chest and went into her shorts, feeling the forest through his finger before he found her clit. It was actually very arousing for him to come in contact with an unshaven pussy, because it had matched her 1.56m tall and 40kg body well, looking as though she was unopened to the sexual world.

Her curious face watched him as she removed her shorts, kicking it out of the bed and then pulling her top off to show him her bare 34B cups for the first time. Slowly, he leaned to her side and slid downward to cover those nipples with his mouth, sucking and making small circles around the areola. The girl had her hand over his on her groin and was pushing a finger in. Ryan did not just give it to her and remained on her clit, vibrating and circling it.

Weiwen: ‘给我好吗?别逗我了。’
Translate: Can you give it to me already? Stop teasing me.

Ryan: ‘是的公主。’
Translate: Yes my princess.

He brought her hands away to keep her from touching herself, and sat between her opened legs. The blanket was out of the way and there was nothing between them now. She spreaded her pussy lips for him and he pierced his thick meat into the small opening. The petite lady could only moan as his dick stroked along the sides where her sensitive spots were while pointing upwards, brushing across her most sensitive spot.

Bringing her knees to her chest, she held onto them as he began pounding her, moving in swift deep motion that kept her back arching up and down. He was so fascinated by how high she got from just missionary and took his sweet time. They had the whole day and he wasn’t going to ruin anything.

After a few minutes she came hard with her clenched hands at her mouth, biting them as she muffled her moans to no avail. A Mmm sound still came through and Ryan gave her a groan from the contraction going over his dick.

Weiwen: ‘让我翻过去。’
Translate: Let me turn over.

Ryan let her have it her way and shoved his dick back in before she was in position. Ramming mercilessly in his most fantasised position, she was blown away by his strength and vigour. He was going deeper and deeper till she could not think straight. The sex was so intense that the air-conditioning was powerless to cool them down at all.

Panting and heaving, the man was growing tired from her overwhelmingly tightness and her small body just seemed so hard to kill. Weiwen had saw the sweating forehead and held him still between her legs.

Weiwen: ‘先休息吧。让我来。’
Translate: Have a break, let me do it.

Ryan: ‘不好意思吧。应该由我来的。’
Translate: How could I let you? I should be the one.

She flipped him on the bed and they did a change of position, with her riding on top now. Weiwen had started hopping on his sturdy abs and was screaming in ecstasy to his drilling dick.

Weiwen: ‘我受不了了,我我我。。啊!’
Translate: I can’t take it anymore. I.. Ah!

The small frame fell on him and his hands pushed her knees together to lift her pussy higher. He was too at his limit and stabbed continuously upwards, making her crawl away. He bent his elbows to hold her shoulders down and kept pumping until he was about to shoot.

He then let go of her so he could get out under her, before grabbing her waist to pin her in doggie. His cum went all over her back and she turned to give him a tired but satisfied look. She used her butt crack to empty the last spurt onto her ass and then hopped off the crumpled bedsheets.

Weiwen: ‘等等我。我去洗个澡。’
Translate: Wait for me. I’m going to wash up.

Ryan: ‘一起吧。’
Translate: How about together?

Weiwen: ‘不了,我想再来。’
Translate: I think no. I wanna do it again.

With that, she skipped into the shower for a long shower, walking into the dozing man and kneeled on the bed in front of his face.

Weiwen: ‘喂,醒醒,好看吗?’
Translate: Hey wake up. How does it look?

He rubbed his eyes and sparkle at the baby smooth pussy, without any cut or bruise. Immediately, he woke up and grabbed her playfully onto the bed, where the blanket went over them and he got started with that hairless pussy on the sweet, young lady.

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