Breaking Free

(Distant voices) ‘Eh! You sure his hands are tied ah? Later he.. ..YALA YALA! How many time you want to confirm? I still remember what Girl Guide taught ok?! ..Okok. Just confirming mah.’

The shouting finally woke Christian up from the evening of drinking that he collapsed at, barely recalling anything except that he was helped across some distance and in an elevator. When he gained enough of his vision to make out what was actually happening, he could not move any of his limbs.

Seated, restrainted and his mouth taped, the three girls in the room were wearing very casual clothes meant for bed. A quick glance at his plight showed him a complete state of nudity from his waist down, though that unbuttoned shirt didn’t provide much cover either. He was confused, to why they, the girls he just met at the chalet, would do this to him.

(Girl A) ‘WOO! HE IS AWAKE!’

They emptied a shot glass each and A came up to him, doing a lap dance he had no way to avoid. All that caressing and dirty dancing, stirred up an erection despite his lack of knowledge about them. The other two, began making out on the bed that he was strapped next to, while A did a strip tease for him.

All of them were cheering noisily as A got her last piece of undies, her panties, off. Following that dumbfounding course of event, he finally received some form of relief when A started stroking his rock, hard member. As he was tended to by her, the ones on the bed had whipped out dildos of different shape and sizes, lubricating them up for some girl-on-girl fun.

‘You! Are mine and all mine tonight!’

A spun around and pushed her ass up into Christian’s lap, utilising his cock to give herself a clit rub that made her moan in sync with her two sexed up friends. In that short span of time, rubber dicks had already begun slipping in and out of the girls, while his organic one was sliding between A’s juvenile pussy.

Still a little disoriented, that slippery entry into her vagina took all his doubts away, in place of the dreamy, sexual urges his cock was hungry for. Strap-ons had allowed for the girls to engage in some doggy action, leaving him to be satisfied by A’s eager, erratic riding on his manhood.

In the midst of that crazy sight happening before his eyes, he had been wriggling his arms out of the stockings which restrained his forearms, shocking A when he suddenly grabbed her by her waist.


Christian forcefully humped A to the bed where the two dropped-jaws were watching from, taking control of the whole situation with his dick buried deep in A.


(A) ‘AHHH.. AHHH.. AHHH.. ‘

His violent thrusts sunk his cock so deep that her eyes rolled white, surprising all of them with his unexpected participation. As he fucked A for them to see, it didn’t take them long to resume their activities, letting desperate cries of pleasure echo loudly in the room.

Three minutes of doggy later, Christian flipped A over onto her back and pounded her from the top, leaving enough space for her friends to sit on her face. As close as he could get to a foursome, the two girls had no interest in men, minus their penises which they easily replaced with synthetic ones.

Within another few minutes, A was left to Christian to abuse once they turned their attention to each other. Instead of fucking up Christian, A had her table turned on her as she tried to break free from his clutches, still holding onto her hips tightly.

She had accepted her fate, but not the merciless strokes he was pumping at her pussy. Sore, sensitive and weak, her friends did not help her more than fondling her jiggling breasts.

(A) ‘I’m cOming.. please.. slow down.. I’m.. GOING TO COME!’

The girls’ enthusiasm sharply rose upon hearing that, priming their motion to all orgasm at the same time. For Christian, he was also at his wits’ end as he rammed his cock harder and deeper into A, unleashing his all till his girl went into a fit.

He immediately pulled out of her and stuck his fingers into her hair, guiding her mouth to his dick that plunged down her throat. Almost instanteously, cum erupted to the violent twitchings of his body, filling her up with his man juice.

That was the quietest the room got, when four of them basked in the moment of euphoria, though much shorter for Christian. By the time he let go of her hair, they had no more strength to stop him from taking as much photos of them as he wanted.

After all, he was much stronger than any of them who resisted.

Fucked up it was, thrice over.

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