New Edge

Upon reaching the hotel room I was assigned to, I gave my boss a call to notify her of my arrival. In less than a few seconds’ time, the door opened to a lady in the late 20s, though not looking much older than me. Draped in a bathrobe and holding a glass of red wine, I was just glad that she looked more acceptable than what I had imagined to be using my boss’ ‘service’.

‘Come in. Make yourself comfortable.’

I stepped into a messy room with clothes strewn all over and found a spot to sit on, still awaiting her instructions for me to move. After handing me her glass of wine to drink, I tried to relax as she peeled my blazer off, followed by my leather shoes that were part of my ‘uniform’.

By the time I emptied her glass, I was down to just my shirt and pants, without my belt and socks to ease whatever transition. That ‘companionship’ service, was after all just a glorified gigolo arrangement. I just needed to do as I was told, right?

‘Lie flat on the bed for me. You did get the memo on what to expect right?’

‘Yes I did.’

I obeyed her request and watched in uncertainty as she brought some straps out, one to bind my wrists together, and the other to keep my knees as wide as it stretched (a spreader bar). This particular client, had tried almost every men under every company that offered such service, and was ‘close’ to my boss in that sense.


A pill I recognised as ‘Viagra’ went into my mouth and a gulp of water helped it slid down my throat easily. Aware that it needed at least twenty minutes to take effect, she used the time to arrange some pillows around us to make things more comfortable, at the same time feeling me up everywhere but my dong.

Fifteen minutes later, my erection stayed at an optimal hardness, no matter if she was caressing me. With her dark red lipstick reapplied, she sat between my legs and bent her chest forward, till my cock was right at her cheeks.

At last, I received some form of attention from her hand, stroking up and down while her eyes were fixated on me. At that point, I had no choice but to ask;

‘Would you like me to keep my eyes on you?’

‘No. You are free to express yourself.’

I shut my eyes immediately and let my hips rise and fall, to keep moving my shaft against her smooth complexion. It was so agonising to be wanting so much but given so little, even if we barely got started. I could tell that she was intentionally denying more when my actions told her of my desires, though she wasn’t buying any of it.

‘Do you want me to suck you?’

‘Nghh.. I’m not allowed to make any request.’

My tone, was mixed with desperation and calmness, that I tried my best to maintain. I couldn’t lose sight of my mission no matter how tempting it was. My boss, reiterated it to me enough times about that.

‘Don’t you want to be relieved of this?’

‘I don’t have to be. Ahhh.. you are the star of the night.’


I couldn’t describe how sensational it felt when she put those lips around my tip, taking those pleasurable aches away so slowly. It was better than nothing. Just as my breaths found a sweet spot to meet her teasing, she stopped sucking and merely vibrated her thumb on my pee hole.

Nothing but deep groans and girlish squirming were all that was left of me when she drove me over the edge with lots of fondling at my balls, giving my cock very little attention, or it would be a very loose grip which I thrusted very helplessly into. She had played it in a way that left me in more despair than satisfaction.

My mind was thrown in such a confusion that I couldn’t explain. On one hand, I knew what she was after (edging), yet, my body couldn’t react in that preemptive manner I had no problem with. She had hit every spot that would mess my beliefs up, to the point I had suspicion about my level of self-control.

(She) ‘Are you in pain now? Do you want to cum?’

‘Yes. But no. I don’t, need to. I will only do as told.’


Another wave of peace drowned out the discomfort once she wrapped her fingers around my dick, taking away so much tension with just one motion. As she had planned, I was put in and out of distress with her repetitive cycles of torture my body could never get used to, till I had no more strength to react as violently as we started out.

When she had her fill of fun, I received one last handjob that would bring me so close to ejaculation, only for her to stop (long enough), and go down on me (long enough), and stop, and leave me stranded on the bed.

‘Will you jerk yourself off once I take these off?’

‘No. Not if you want me to.’


She removed the cuffs from my hands and knees, but did not allow me to go anywhere else. It wasn’t that much of an urgency to relief my bladder either.

‘Jerk yourself but stop before you cum.’

‘Now? Here?’

‘Yes. Aim it at the towel.’

She poured some lube into my palm and let me carry out her task, pumping that slippery goodness all over my dong until I felt the urge reaching its peak. As forcefully as it was a mindfuck, I mentally pried my hand away and let it throb for her watchful eyes, until it gave up on the possibility of its happy ending.

‘Wow. You can do that. Just. wow.’

I cleaned the lubricant off myself carefully and let her snap a few pictures, before getting dressed on her command.

‘Are you just waiting to get out of here so you can jerk one off?’

‘No. I’m just glad that you enjoyed yourself.’

‘Ok. Wait.’

She excused herself into the toilet and with the phone she brought in as well, I could have guessed what might happen. Nonetheless, I waited till she appeared, and took the call that was ongoing.

(On phone with boss) ‘Jhae. I have no idea what you did but she is very, very pleased with you. I don’t mind cutting you loose so you can receive the full amount she is going to pay me to have you tonight. You just have to split the payment for your first few hours with her. She’s ready to own you no matter the cost.’

(Me, on phone) ‘So from here on it’s my call. Right?’


The call ended right there and then, and I spent a few minutes on my own to transfer the initial amount to my boss. As for the rest of the night, it was back to that crazy edging shit Kaelyn was so hooked on, for at least another 5 hours until the effects of Viagra wore off.

At 4am, she said.

‘You can cum now.’

And I didn’t. Those five hours were all I needed to formulate a reasoning concept, for the unjustifiable erection that never blew its load for the duration of Kaelyn’s booking.

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