Camera-girl Casting

(Amy) ‘Are you sure you won’t mind if I touch him with you around?’

(Kai) ‘No? Just do what you guys want la.’

Speaking in a teasing manner, I was sure Kai didn’t catch what Amy just said when she was so busy typing on her phone. From what was meant to be just a lunch gathering, she was invited up to our room where I had intended to strip naked and sleep. Either way, Kai was such a close friend to Amy that I didn’t mind her presence at all, if not for Amy’s hand roaming over my jeans under the blankets.

The fact that Kai was sitting on the bed that Amy was getting frisky one, it kind of stopped me from letting her get what she was toying with. A few more minutes of mindless ‘drawing’ (on my bulge) later, she gave in to her cravings and dived under the sheets, to undo my pants as loudly as possible, as a hint to Kai.

(Kai) ‘Eh! You are seriously going to do it when I’m around?! WHAT THE HELL! Where’s the camera?’

Since Amy was trapped under with my snake she just fetched, I pointed to the TV where my camera was lying under, for Kai to get started familiarising herself with that gadget.

(Me) ‘Just push the button with a red dot on the right. The video will… arghh! AMY!’

‘Woo! Start liao start liao!’

I tipped onto my back as Amy took a long drag of my cock, making sure to cover every inch of my shaft on the way down. As for Kai, she slowly pulled the sheets away with the camera aimed at me, smiling wider and wider as she saw the action appear.

(Kai) ‘I’m actually learning a lot from this. Amy! Do you actually umm.. suck his balls?’

(Amy) ‘Rike diss?’

I felt her lips sucking on one of my testicle before it popped into her mouth, driving me into a frenzy as she proceeded to tickle it with her tongue till I pushed her away. Resuming the ‘tutorial’ on giving blowjobs, my manhood was worked to such a comfortable state that I spent most of the time with my eyes closed. Or till she stuffed me into her mouth whole.

(Kai) ‘Jhae! How does it feel when she goes deep throat?’

To think that my groans were insufficient to answer her question, Amy took the liberty to push her face harder into my groin, tucking me so deep down her throat that the resulting gags threw me around.

(Amy) ‘So you got your answer?’

(Kai) ‘Yes yes! So what’s next?’

(Me) ‘SHE’S NEXT!’

I dragged her by her arm to sit between my legs, facing the camera while I spread her G-string clad pussy for the camera. After I pushed them to the side, my fingers then took her clit for the ride of its life, through a rapid but gentle vibration of my fingertips, making her squirm in futile especially with Kai’s aid to keep her feet wide apart.

According to Kai, that was the ‘so this is how you look like down there’ moment. All wet and juicy, things took a sinister turn when our camera girl decided to feel Amy between those delicate folds.


Kai had apparently touched Amy in the right spots that got her trembling harder and harder till she came, to all of our fingers exploring her lady bits.

As convenient as it seemed, all Amy had to do was to pick her ass up, and let me hold that swollen pipe upright. In a very eager reverse cowgirl stance, she plopped her pussy over my cock in haste and went on riding me for the camera. Raising and dropping her bum onto my groin repeatedly, I had little onscreen time thrashing around behind her.

Not even five minutes had passed when I felt the familiar sensation of her vagina clenching down on me, clit promptly meeting her fingers that would give them a good massage.

(Amy) ‘I’m coming. I’M COMING!’

Of course I felt it, and even more so after she went dead quiet following the orgasm. For a moment, things became quiet.

(Kai) ‘I think you should doggy her now. You guys do that right?’

(Me) ‘Of course!’

I got up on my knees without disengaging from Amy, and quickly started pounding her from behind as she moaned for the close up shots. Banging her loudly with meat slapping together, her tightness didn’t make it an easy ride for me either.

Within five minutes? No wait, three? I was at my wits end for the moneyshot. Call it lousy or appropriate, there was no way I could last any longer in that petite hole of hers.


I ran over to her face and went down on my knees again, parking my meat right at her mouth before she opened up for me. Holding her head firmly this time, I thrusted into that sensational mouth with occasional choking noises, until I froze abruptly.

(Me) ‘ARGHH! Arghh! Arghhh!’

My cock pumped her full of cum in the alternate entrance and Kai did a great up of catching that finale on tape, right up to the point where cum dribbled out of Amy’s lips. A messed up face, with cum leaking from the mouth, then scooped all the leftovers into her faded lips, even going back to my cock to slurp up the extras.

(Kai) ‘Eeee.. how can you enjoy it so much? Doesn’t it taste weird?’

(Amy) ‘No?! He taste good! You want some? Come on!’

‘Eww.. no no no!’

The girls did a lap around the room before I caught Amy in my arms, to kiss her out of any remaining strenght. It was at that point that Kai began feeling awkward, excusing herself for home shortly after.

Without Kai around, the mood almost took an 180 degree turn when we began fucking again, at the window for the world to see our real, dirty side.

Truly a long day, ahead.

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