Seated at the second last row of the bus, her gaze stared into my eyes for at least five seconds, as if telling me something. After most of the passengers alighted, the bubbly, slim figured girl came to my row and gracefully straightened her skirt before sitting down.

Me: ‘He’s your boyfriend?’
Girl: ‘Yupp. And your girl?’
Me: ‘Probably at work.’

She replaced the slipping sling bag onto her shoulders before asking if she could sit on the inside, which I quickly said yes to. Standing up on the speeding bus, I glided my ass to the aisle, while she sat with her bag near the window.

There were no more words between us apart from awkwardness, unsure of how to take the first step to knowing each other better. The both of us knew that this was a bond we could never let our other halves know, and the temptation was something we can’t resist.

I slipped my hand into hers and interlocked our fingers, loosening the tense situation with a squeeze of her palm. The reassuring smile appeared in the cutest manner and I could tell she was totally relaxed and glad at the same time. Still holding her hand, she rubbed the back of my palm on her skirt, that was slowly rising up her skirt. Though it was supposed to be knee-length, it soon turned into a mini skirt with a dangerous hem across her gorgeous fair thighs.

Moments later, her legs uncrossed and I broke free from her grip, caressing her inner thigh deeper and deeper. Gradually, her knees opened to my advances and let me in, hiding most of my hand under the skirt. It was just so comical to see how a lady probably poised for most of her life, giving way to shyness. When my fingertip touched her panties, I could fell the softest material mankind discovered, contouring to the sexy mould of her pussy.

Where we sat, I could not make any obvious moves and only stroked along the slit, until the bus turned into the heartlands.

Girl: ‘Let’s get off the next stop.’

I kept up with my teasing till we alighted, and made our way to one of the stairwells among the blocks of flat. The demure looking lady did not do anything unexpected and remained standing while I placed our bags in a corner, far out of our way. Her hands stayed locked on her groin, blue sleeveless blouse staying in its rightful position.

Knowing that I have to call the shots here, I went to her and dived one hand under the rigid cotton skirt, rubbing on her pussy to a mash so I could gain direct contact on her clit. Moans began to escape through her lips with her eyes closed, both hands clenched tightly by the side.

Using my only free hand, I unclipped my belt and lowered my jeans enough to yank my erection out. Finally, my little head could breath in the same scent of lust that was about to break free between us. Grabbing her hand, I led her to my hard on and she got to work immediately, wrapping those delicate but weathered fingers lightly around my cock, stroking in a tug-O-war grasp.

Girl (whispering): ‘It’s a little dry.. ‘
Me: ‘Do you have anything for it?’

She nodded without eye contact, and went to retrieve a small bottle of hand moisturiser. A tiny blob was smeared over my rod as she resumed her handjob, and I proceeded to remove her panties for her. The emotional part of me could not help but noticed the embarrassment in her face, flushing pink from the daring striptease in public.

Me: ‘Have you ever done this before?’
Girl: ‘No. I have never even touched someone else’s besides his.’

I buried my middle finger into her wet cameltoes and a little tremble opened her eyes wide. Her clit was not too difficult to locate and I quickly made use of it, fondling it till she quickened her pace readying my cock. The sudden grip on my arm told me she was ready but we have not decided how far to take this tryst.

Once I slipped my finger into her past my nail, she pushed against my arm to prevent me from going any further.

Me (whispering): ‘Just the outside?’
Girl (whispering): ‘No.. ‘

The rise of her skirt told me it was something else and after she tucked the front portion into the elastic waistband, the pull on my dick tilted me forward. By then, she had taken a step forward and slouched her back against the wall. I wasted no time in putting my arm under her knee and raised her leg into the air, supported by my forearm that held onto her waist.

A small nudge on my back with her heel urged me further and my cock head forced its way into her love hole. As slow as I went, her grip tightened on my biceps. Mixing gentle thrusts into the entry process, the moisturiser provided the lube required to go inside her, an inch at a time.

After a minute, I was all the way inside her and there was nothing more sexy than a toned body hanging onto my body with a leg around me, and having just a foot on the ground for balance.

Before any guilt kicked in, I started to shove my cock into her, pumping in a steady tempo to get her body accustomed. My hips did not spare any mercy after the full length of my shaft could enter easier, thrusting faster and deeper each time.

She bit her lips to keep herself from moaning and my eyes were on her face all the time, unable to break free from the battle between lust and decency in her. Soon, we were hugging and fucking, dick slamming into her pussy that had the wall behind it.

Girl (whispering loudly): ‘Oh fuck. This is good.’
Me (whispering): ‘shall we change position?’

Her hands suddenly squeezed me tight as her body shivered harder, leaking juices down my balls and her legs in an uncontrollable orgasmic expression. It was the frightful, yet beautiful look she gave that delayed my thrusts, until she had recovered a while later.

Girl: ‘Which position?’

I let her leg down and my dick flopped out naturally. I held her waist and turned her around, towards the few steel pipes in the deep corner of the stairwell. Like a knowledgable lady, she knew what was up and spread her legs for me. I stood between her feet and pried her ass apart, letting my cock did the docking on its own.

The first stroke landed me all the way into her depth that forced a loud gasp from her, which she silenced like a ninja. ‘Fuck’, was the last word I heard after I began ramming my cock into her pussy, pounding her against the pipes which she was holding onto for her dear life.

My hips slapped loudly against her fleshy ass for a bit and next was a juicy, slurping sound. Her pussy could not be any tighter in this position she grown to love as I hammered her hard. My firm grip on her waist kept her close to me throughout the rampage, jerking her body like a OSIM iGallop that went out of control.

The rawness of her vagina brushing against my vein-covered shaft, with a cosy but slippery grip that resisted my entries. The fight was still going on in her head, except that I was winning with physical gratification.

Me (whispering): ‘I’m cumming soon.. Where does your man usually unload?’
Girl: ‘Usually in a condom? It’s also my first time doing it without.. ahh.. ‘

Her legs almost closed when an orgasm shocked her senses, causing her to tiptoe as juices flowed freely once again, going all over our genitals that had no shame.

Girl (panting): ‘Stop stop.. I’m too weak.. ‘

I pulled out of her without letting go of my hands and helped her to the steps. She collapsed on my shoulder lifelessly as her body continued to experience the after-quakes, in little cute shocks that shook through her feminine frame.

Seated next to me, her skirt was back in its original position and my underwear had went back over my dick. It was enough for me to know I had pleased this girl and my little brother was more than happy to end ‘work’ for the day.

She grabbed the panties I threw atop her bag and peeled my underwear down, astonished to see how small ‘I’ became.

Girl: ‘You have ED?’
Me: ‘No! I’m just glad you enjoyed yourself. It felt like my work is done here.’
Girl: ‘Almost.’

She used two fingers to jerk me back to full glory, cock head shimmering with a coat of her moisturiser. Her panties went over my dick and she continued with the handjob, lying in my arms like a satisfied girlfriend. The posh fragrant from the perfume she used, mixed into the familiar smell of shampoo from her hair, my hand went into her blouse for a boob massage as she jerked me off diligently.

Me: ‘Yes.. that’s it. Keep going.’

She found the right grip and pressure, combined with wary, short pumps on my shaft, I could feel my senses getting all worked up. A minute or two later, my hand squeezed her breast hard and she increased her speed, all the way till the first load osmosis-ed through the thin material of her panties. She decreased her speed accordingly as more of my cum gathered in her underwear, smearing them around the groin area as she loosened the clothed at the tip.

She was skilled in this, no matter how innocent she thought she was. My life force drifted away from me as she cleaned me up with a few more strokes, squirting blanks with awkward twitching after she left my cock. My mind was in a ‘Zen’ mode after that while she spent the next few minutes making sure I was dry.

My underwear was replaced and I sobered up, wearing my jeans back. She went on to put the soiled undies back and was back to her original ‘good girl’ look in no time.

Me: ‘Aren’t you afraid to get pregnant?’
Girl: ‘I am. That’s why I’m on the pill. In case the condom broke or he forced himself on me.’

She cuddled tighter into my chest after that sentence and sobs came.

Girl (crying): ‘I am so afraid of losing him and all he wanted was to do it raw with me. Actually, today is the last time I am planning to see him anymore.. ‘

I kept my mouth shut in this disheartening state and let her use my shirt to dry her tears. Words of thanks came to me in vain knowing that she was a victim of emotion hostage. Thirty minutes passed in that exact position we sat and after the crying stopped, we were kissing with a passion even I had never experienced before.

Those soft lips portrayed the feminine upbringing she went through, and the light pecks told how much she desired love. The hard presses of our lips showed me her difficulty to trust (which her ex-boyfriend worsened), and the accompanying tongue taps displayed her desired to be guided.

The original idea to just send her to her doorstep was messed up when her father saw me, walking in hand with his daughter. The invitation into their place was undeniable and we ended up in her bed again, this time in full privacy when her parents decided to head out for dinner.

While the damage control was left for later, the few hours of intense, crazy sex around the house certainly helped to take things off her mind.

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