Drug High

Me: ‘Hey mei. I found this. Wanna tell me what it is?’

The piece of aluminium foil with a burnt spoon on top of a wet tissue couldn’t be any more obvious about what my little sister was addicted to. She ran towards me and snatched the ‘kit’ away, making a rush for the door I stood at. I grabbed her by the arm before she could destroy the evidence and threw her onto the bed, where she curled up into a ball.

Within seconds, she was shivering and tearing up, as if I was going to hit her. After all, I am still her brother and would never hurt her. There was no way I could ignore it though, fully aware that she will need to quit before our parents found out.

Me: ‘Mei. You will need to quit this as soon as possible. I will help you.’
Mei: ‘How?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. If need be, I will accompany you as often as I can.’

As a brother, I knew there was no way she would do drugs on her own. Perhaps it was peer pressure? Or just simply tricked into it. She jumped into my arms while I was deep in thoughts, and wiped her tears with my shirt.

Mei: ‘The drugs help me to relax. That’s why I took it. You are no longer around after you started working, and I am stressed from school.’

Silly girl‘, I whispered to her as I embraced her, patting her back like how I always did when she felt down. I slid down to the bed to let her lie down and asked her where she kept her drugs. Pointing to a drawer above our heads, I pulled it open to see a packet of white powder.

Me: ‘Have you taken any today?’
Mei (whispering): ‘No.. ‘

Beside the zip lock was a new spoon, and a lighter.

Me: ‘Kor will quit with you.’

Sitting upright, I spilled some of the white powder into the spoon and held the lighter under it, flame hissing ferociously to melt the compound. Once it started bubbling, my little sister rolled a blue note into a straw.

Mei: ‘Breath it through your nose.’

She took over the spoon emitting green fumes and I blocked one of my nostrils, inhaling through the two dollar note up my respiratory organ. In an instant, a light-headed sensation lifted me from my bed and I fell backwards onto the pillow. She took a few breaths of her own and after the spoon was set down, a kiss from her filled my cheeks up with the fumes. Breathing through my mouth, a slight burn travelling down my throat and into my lungs, where I believed I was spinning from euphoria.

Mei: ‘Nice right?’
Me: ‘This is the last time you will use it.’
Mei: ‘I understand.. ‘

She continued kissing my weak lips and sat on top of me, slightly excited about the silly pact we made – to quit together. Her cold hands ran up from under my shirt and over my ribs. The chill was felt in its full power from the effects of the drug, amplifying every contact she made.

She rolled down my body after a while and tucked her hand into my shorts, feeling my cock without any protection of my underwear. Surely, I did not expect her to do that in our own house. The erection came swiftly as she caressed my rod, stroking it up and down as my shorts was lowered with her toes.

When she placed my arm over her belly, my fingers scoured under her old t-shirt for her clit and began work immediately. I didn’t even realised there was supposed to be panties or shorts under it. Rubbing that sweet spot made her moan into my ears, stirring up the deadliest sin ever. ‘Keep going kor, it feels good’, her hand moved faster to make me increase my speed. My mind was just filled with moans and groans from both of us, arms locked in a pleasure exchange.

It did not take long before Mei picked herself up and staggered on top of me, pulling her long shirt off and sliding downwards against my weak resistance. For her, it was as simple as holding my hands down. Her wet pussy lips sent a cold shiver up my spine and before it could reach my head, an overwhelming rush of heat soothed the coldness. My dick was sliding into her pussy slowly, and there was no need to go in-and-out to get my full length inside.

Mei: ‘Ahhh Kor.. you are so big.. ‘

Not wanting to let her do all the work, especially after I had regained some of my soberness, I used all of my strength to roll ourselves over, and the smiling surprised look of hers made me felt at ease.

Mei: ‘Kor, are you going to.. arghh.. ‘

Her legs wrapped themselves around my waist as I jerked my hips, forcing my way into her deepest spot. She could not speak and words properly after I started pounding her, merely mumbling with hiccups-like noises as her body was knocked around.

I could feel her pussy contracting as time passed, sealing my cock into a tight spot that I was certain I was stuck in a vacuum. Never did I thought of playing with her boobs in this position fearing that I might just break her ribcage. Panting, the cloudiness of pleasure and excitement was disrupting my sanity.

Mei (panting): ‘Kor.. doggy?’

She said those words with her eyes closed, making me confused about her state of consciousness. We stopped fucking for a while as I closed her legs together, and raised her ass up. Her knees slid into place under her body and her shaking arms couldn’t pick her chest up.

Seeing how much she was enjoying it, I poked my cock slowly and heard her let off a soft moan. ‘Mei, I’m going to start’, a momentarily squeeze on my cock acknowledged my attack. I grabbed her waist in my palms and thrust deep into her, slamming our hips together in a dirty slapping noise.

Mei (shouting): ‘Fuck me hard kor! This feels better than the drugs.’

Well, the same thought was running through my mind. The hypnotic effects had worn off completely and we were moving on our own terms. Energised, horny and unsatisfied, we were head over heels with our new method for rehabilitation.

Unable to hold onto my own load from shooting into the suffocating hole anymore, my muscles were ready for the explosion.

Me (groaning): ‘Mei.. I.. I’m going to cum.’

I abruptly yanked my cock out before the point of no return and she speedily turned onto her back. Her hands on my hips guided me to her chest area and her long, slim fingers went back to my dick massage. Coupled with her mouth, loud slurps blew my mind into smithereens as she worked her tongue around the tip, trying to wriggle into my pee hole.

‘Fuck’, was the last word before she slipped her lips down my cock, going all the way past the zero point. My hips involuntarily thrust a few times into her face as the hot cum squirt non-stop, spilling some out of her lips while trying to contain them.

A full minute was all it took to drain me of my life force and I collapsed on the bed after she licked my cock clean. Mind overworked from the drug and sex, darkness was overcoming my vision quick.

Mei (whispering): ‘Kor.. I love you’

She blurted out her last thought and dozed off before me, naked and looking better than recent days. Sex to replace drugs.. is it really a cure or a new addiction?

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