Jolie (whispering): ‘We can’t do it here!’

Me (whispering): ‘We can. There’s no lights here!’

The pool’s light had gone out by 10pm, and surprisingly, the wall lights had gone out as well, probably due to a power trip somewhere. It was a rare occasion and I wasted no time to ask Jolie down for a swim. She was a friend who stayed in the same condominium and we knew each other through simple nods and frequent sighting at the pool.

The jacuzzi tub was a small one, and could be turned on by a switch that had a timer feature. It wasn’t the first time we had close body contact. The gym was where it started, when we finished our workout one night, the toilets seemed so tempting to share, and so we did. This night, something similar was about to happen.

Ignoring her worries, I grabbed her hands and placed it on my bulge, which she did not expect. We had basically the whole compound of spectators if the lights were still on, and there would be no way we can attempt what we could tonight. Her hands slipped into my trunks and had began caressing my warm shaft, stroking it up and down with her fingers. She had a great body, and was proud to show off whenever she swam, in a classy two piece bikini. The waters were up at our necks and the bubbles were concealing our lewd acts from the neighbourhood. I pulled her bottoms down and it stayed at her ankles where she wanted to keep it, in case anyone came about.

Her top was secured by a knot at the neck, and I pulled it when she was still looking around to spot any peeping toms. A strong grip on my dick and I knew she was a little pissed by my dare, but still allowed me to hang on to her top, as her courage slowly regained. I reached for her pussy and the slippery feel was differential although we were in the waters. I pushed my fingers in with ease and she moaned while hugging close to my arms to prevent floating away. Her hand kept stroking and I was just waiting for the heat to build up.

After a good five minutes of teasing her pussy and nipples, she finally could not take it anymore and initiated to start our little fun. She moved in front of me and turned around, I pulled at her nipples playfully to lead her over my legs. Jolie placed her hands on my hips to weigh herself down and I helped to hold my commando while she lowered herself. It took about three tries to get in, but the cold waters were soon out of my mind. Her warmness with the tightness was too much to resist and I shifted my hands to her waist to anchor her. Wrapping her legs around my waist, her hands moved around my neck and I was soon moving my hips upwards, shoving it deep into her.

Jolie began moaning and I had to stop to remind her about the danger. *Piak* A light slap on my cheeks, and she reminded me that I was the one to be blamed for turning her on so much at the wrong place (of fucking in a jacuzzi). She kept her moans down and I hastened my pace. Her body was sensitive, and as she got tighter, I knew she was cumming and I kept going without rest. Because of the buoyancy of the water, we could only go this fast and it was actually delaying our climax to an extremely big one.

She leaned onto my body and I felt her pussy contract and expand, in full momentum of an on-going orgasm. Suddenly, she pushed her hands against my body but I managed to remain inside of her by holding her waist down onto me. A warm gush of liquid hit my stomach and it felt very obvious because of the cold water.

Jolie (whispering): ‘Sorry sorry. I needed to pee.’

The gush gradually died down and she felt awkward immediately, for someone who never peed in the water due to hygiene, she broke her limits and principles as well. I let her go after a while and she took a breath before diving beneath the water to give me a blowjob. As a swimmer, she lasted a really long time under the water as I continuously felt her mouth sucking me hard. About two dives and she was breathless quick.

I stood up and positioned her at one of the edges without the tall steps. She stood still and I went behind her. Lifting her lower body easily, she opened her legs while I waded between them, until I was close enough. Jolie was simply resting her head on her folded arms at the ledge, while experiencing my penetration into her cunt.

As I began moving myself in and out of her, she knew it wasn’t fast enough, so she dipped her hands into the water and held on by the edge, pushing backwards as I rammed as hard as I could against her. We had to occasionally restart the water pumps once the timer went off. I kept going without stop and the build up was just too much for me to handle anymore. Our speed was not going to make it no matter what position we tried.

Jolie: ‘Why don’t you sit by the edge here?’

I think she finally got pissed by the teasing and no orgasms. I got myself out of the pool and sat by the edge as she said. She came between my feet and tugged my trunks lower, exposing my dick to the cold air. Seriously, it was colder out of the water. Her mouth took over the job and she sucked really diligently, slurping and spitting out water initially, but there was no stopping once I opened my legs wider to let the pounding water escape from the sides. My toes had managed to get under her pussy and flicked and fondled her pussy area while she finalised her spot in the pool.

She had used her mouth to warm my dick once again and her saliva was dripping out of her mouth and all over my shaft. Her suction was perfect as she kept her lips tightly sealed around the perimeter. My eyes closed instinctively and my hands found their way to her wet hair, which then took over to force her deeper over my shaft. With the little fats on my butt, I was unknowingly thrusting my hips gently while keeping her head still. I kept going until my load was about to come and Jolie took over. Slurping and gagging her way as deep as she could take it. In no time, my cum sprayed into her mouth and she swallowed as the sperms flooded her.

Nonetheless, a little pool water got mixed in and she swallowed the final mouthful. I jumped back into the pool and pushed her all the way to the other side with the steps and she rested there. My fingers went to work immediately inside her and her hands tried to stop me from going at that high speed. But just as she was about to get violent and go crazy with the sensitivity, an intense round of orgasm hit her hard and she gave up resisting and almost drowned in the water as all her energy went to her pussy.

I had to hold her until she recovered and struggled with my help to get out of the water after wearing whatever pieces of clothes I ripped off her. Luckily or unluckily, the lights came on then and we were sitting at one of the tanning beds.

Jolie: ‘I’m going to just head home and shower.’

Me: ‘Me too.’

We simply had no more strength to risk whatever might happen if we showered at the common bathroom. She wrapped a towel around her body and I placed mine around my waist. We then left for home and I found myself smiling on the journey. I hope she was as satisfied too.

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