Train Contact

As Alina got pushed towards the other side of the MRT cabin, she had no chance to adjust her bag to cover her chest. Her body was pressed onto a man and the padless white bra she wore that day offered no protection. For a woman with a D cup, there was no need for padding anyway. The man in front had tried to turn back to catch a glimpse, but thankfully, she was standing directly behind him.

The train moved along and the frequent pauses between platforms kept jerking her soft boobs of him. She had been feeling sleepy since the morning, and somehow, the constant movements of her boobs managed to turn her on. Apart from that, the G-strings she wore was barely holding up the liquid that was coating around her pussy. She had to clamp her legs tight while a single droplet rolled down her legs.

Suddenly, the man in front of her became important. His wide shoulders, hairy forearms and fitting muscles in his plain white shirt. What would happen if she reached around him to feel his zip? Would there be a hard on in her hands?

She pulled her bag to her hips and placed her hands over it, to let the man’s butt rub against the back of her hands. It would be possible to see if he had a bulge from the tightness of his pants right? Damn, she desperately need a cock as soon as possible, if not, she would have to waste time in the toilet rubbing herself to an orgasm from this accidental contact.

I hope he felt her erected nipples. :)

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