Since Samuel started working, insomnia had caught up with him and sleeping at night was impossible. Having no other methods to sleep at night, he went to a doctor and was prescribed sleeping pills, which he relied on heavily to sleep. Of course, he knew about the resistance to the drug and only took half a pill to fall asleep, and his body would remain rested through the night. He only needed to get drowsy and not really get knocked out. There was one thing he disliked though, the taste of pills and so he would normally grind them into powder form and add to his cup of milk before he heads to bed.

His family was aware of his condition and allowed him to be in control of the medicine, as long as he did not overdose himself. Once in a while, his sister or his mum would prepare his glass of milk for him and he would sleep as normal. That night, his sister, Jeanie, was feeling playful, and had managed to acquire a tablet of Viagra. She mixed the sleeping pill and Viagra into his strawberry milk and Samuel drank it with no suspicion, missing the blue powder floating in the glass.

As usual, he went to bed and fell asleep. His hard on did not bother him since it was normal getting hard at random times, despite having no dirty thoughts. His eyes did not close immediately and was barely making out some figure entering his room, taking his glass and turning off the bedside lamp. His vision blacked from the effect of the sleeping pill and he heard the door opened, and close with a click on the lock.

A pair of hands came to his shoulders and flipped him on his back. The soft hands then pulled his pyjamas down and went to his dick, which was warm in contrast to the cold hands. Feebly, he whispered ‘mei’ and realising he was still awake, she went to his ears and whispered ‘shhh.. ‘ in reply. Her voice was unmistakable but whatever she was doing was a mistake. He felt her warm wet mouth going over his dick and was sucking him off as though he was unrelated to her. Unable to resist, he could only lay motionless while his sister gave him head. The pleasure was slowly going away as the drug kicked in. With whatever senses left, he felt her weight on him and was in time to savour the moment she let her pussy devour his dick, leaving no spaces of his shaft uncovered. The act immediately got his attention of his senses but his eyes could barely open, watching the small figure in front of him rocking away, sending waves of pleasure from her tight cunt to his excited manhood, all the way to his brain which was fighting to stay focused on procreating.

Jeanie continued changing her bouncing to grinding and going in circles with her hips, determined to get her relieve before letting him sleep. A moan escaped her mouth and she bounced harder after feeling her pussy squeeze involuntarily. A gush of juices squirted onto his pyjamas and she collapsed over him.

Jeanie (whispering): ‘I can’t just leave you hard and standing right?’

She gathered her last lap of energy and once again, began grinding forth and back with him inside. Samuel was about to cum but could not tell her. As his girth grew wider, Jeanie was felt energised and went even faster, bouncing non-stop and in a constant speed. A second gush of juices came out of her and his cum sprayed into her pussy, flooding her with indescribable pleasure and warmth. She kept going until his body stopped shaking and finally dismounted her ‘cow’.

Milked to an emptiness, she knelt beside his bed and licked her own juice off his body, before going over his dick with her mouth and cleaned whatever cum off him. He felt his pants adjusted back to his waist and a presence beside his face.

Jeanie (whispering): ‘Good boy.’

Two pats on his nerdy hair and she covered him with his blanket after drying whatever she could with the box of tissue she brought in when she entered earlier. Samuel fell into deep sleep and woke up on time, tuned into his body’s biological clock and prepared for work. That day, he felt tired very quickly but could not understand why. And the moist pyjamas he changed out this morning, was covered in a sweet scent as well.

Since that night, Jeanie had decided to stay naughty and would have her night ‘snack’ before she turns in. Leaving Samuel to wonder what happened without any leads.

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